Cat Won’t Stop Scratching Husband, Vet Tells Mom He’s Not A Cat


A Rough Patch

Katrina and her husband of five years, Brody Welch, had been going through a rough patch of late. He had always gone out on weekends without her and kept his phone glued to his side.

By then, Katrina had become not only paranoid about her marriage but very suspicious about her husband’s activities. But she didn’t know that she had another set of watchful eyes helping her.



Katrina and Brody met at a very inconvenient time six years ago. She had stopped to grab a quick burger and chips lunch at Wendy’s, and there Brody was, standing in the queue behind her.

He noticed her long brown hair and immediately struck up a conversation. At first, Katrina wasn’t interested at all. She just wanted to get lunch and go. But Brody was the persistent type.

He Was Interested


Every time she would get lunch around where her office was located, he would be there, and at times, it made her very uncomfortable.

But as soon as Brody explained to her that he was interested, she gave him her number. From there, everything happened very fast, and before Katrina knew it, she was engaged.

Small Wedding


They got married at the courthouse, but it was not what Katrina had wanted. But in the end, she made a compromise because Brody was not working at the time.

He subsequently moved into her apartment until they could afford to buy a house. However, things didn’t always go as planned in the Welch household because there was someone who didn’t like Brody.



Katrina didn’t really live alone in her apartment. She had a furry companion in the form of Morris, the cat. Morris, a beautiful ginger-colored cat, became very attached to Katrina ever since she adopted him from the local animal shelter.

He slept on the bed with her and waited patiently every evening for her to arrive from work. But now that Brody moved into the apartment, Morris was not happy, and he had a very good reason why.



Katrina and Brody’s relationship started hitting a rough patch when Katrina noticed that Brody wasn’t really making any effort to find a job.

She worked every day and still had to come home to cook and clean. She became frustrated because it was something that he could’ve done since he was home all day. Or so she thought.

Not Home


Even though Katrina thought Brody was home all day, scouring the internet in search of a job, he was actually spending his time somewhere else.

Each day, as soon as Katrina would leave the house for work, Brody would make sure her car was around the corner before he, too, went out. But where was he going?

The Great Pretender


Then, an hour before Katrina would arrive back from work, Brody would secretly sneak back home and pretend to still be searching for a job.

Katrina immediately noticed a change in her fur baby, Morris. He would become more hostile when Brody would come to sit on the couch next to Katrina. It would even result in some scratching and hissing.

Not Stopping


When Katrina would tell Morris to stop, he would just keep trying to scratch Brody. Why did Morris dislike Brody so much?

Then when it was time to settle into bed, Morris would wedge himself between Katrina and Brody. “Why must this cat always sleep on the bed with us?” Brody would ask. But Morris would always win in the end.

Always On His Phone


But most evenings, Katrina noticed that Brody was constantly on his phone and not really present in their conversations.

When she asked him about it, he would just say that he was going through his contacts and asking people he knew if they could help him with a job. But was he telling the truth?

Getting Worse


What’s more, the attacks from Morris toward Brody didn’t stop either. They just got worse. Morris used every opportunity to scratch or even bite Brody whenever he could.

“There’s something wrong with this cat. He keeps attacking me for no reason, and I’m tired of it. He needs to go!” Brody shouted. But Katrina knew that Morris wasn’t going anywhere, but she was worried about him.

A Vet’s Revelation


Katrina decided to take Morris to her veterinarian and friend, Dr. Lawson and asked about Morris’ odd behavior around Brody. She wondered if there was a reason for the sudden hostility. To her surprise, Dr. Lawson had a revelation.

“Sometimes, animals can sense things that we humans might not pick up on,” Dr. Lawson said gently. “It’s possible that Morris is reacting to something he perceives in Brody’s behavior. Cats are highly intuitive creatures.”

Never Let Her Down


Katrina took this to heart. What was Morris trying to tell her? She trusted him with her whole heart, and he never let her down.

She needed to look into what he was trying to tell her and warn her about. Something could be seriously wrong, and she needed to find out what it was before it was too late.

Very Distant


She knew it had something to do with Brody, and he was being very distant toward her of late. Was this where she needed to look?

Was Brody up to something that she didn’t know about? Katrina didn’t know, but now her mind was swirling around with all kinds of thoughts and questions. Was she on the right track?



After returning from the vet, Katrina couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was something she needed to uncover about Brody. She decided to confront him about his behavior and Morris’ reactions. As they sat down to talk, Katrina tried to approach the subject gently.

“Brody, as you know, Morris has been acting strangely around you. Dr. Lawson thinks he might be picking up on something. Is there something you want to tell me?” she asked, trying to sound calm despite the turmoil inside her.

Jealous Cat


Brody looked surprised and defensive. “I don’t know what you’re talking about! Morris is just a jealous cat, that’s all. He can’t stand sharing you with anyone, even me,” he replied with a hint of annoyance.

Katrina didn’t buy his explanation. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that Brody had become increasingly distant, secretive, and now defensive. There was definitely something he was hiding, and she was determined to find out.

The Hidden Secret


As days went by, Katrina’s suspicion grew, and she began to notice even more peculiar behaviors from Brody. He would receive late-night calls and abruptly end them when she entered the room. He also started staying out even longer on weekends, claiming he was spending time with friends.

One day, while Brody was out, Katrina decided to search his belongings for any clues. What would she find?

Unraveling the Truth


She knew it wasn’t the most ethical thing to do, but her trust had been shaken, and she couldn’t bear living in uncertainty any longer.

In one of Brody’s drawers, Katrina found a bundle of old letters tied together with a ribbon. Curiosity got the better of her, and she began reading them. As she scanned through the pages, her heart sank.

The Ultimate Betrayal


The letters were from another woman—someone named Esther. It was evident from the letters that Brody had been seeing her for quite some time. The letters were filled with expressions of love and plans for a future together.

Tears streamed down Katrina’s face as the truth hit her like a tidal wave. Her husband was having an affair. The pain she felt was indescribable, and she couldn’t believe that the man she had loved and trusted had betrayed her so deeply.

The Confrontation


When Brody returned home that evening, Katrina confronted him with the letters she had found. At first, he tried to deny it, but the evidence was irrefutable. He finally admitted to the affair, claiming that he had never meant to hurt her.

But Katrina couldn’t find it in her heart to forgive him so easily. The foundation of their marriage had crumbled, and the trust she once had was shattered beyond repair. She asked him to leave, unable to bear his presence any longer.

Seeking Support


Katrina confided in her best friend, Jenna, who had been there for her through thick and thin. Jenna offered a listening ear and a comforting shoulder to cry on. She suggested that Katrina seek legal advice and consider filing for divorce.

Katrina felt torn. On one hand, she didn’t want to let go of the love they once shared and the life they had built together. On the other hand, she couldn’t fathom staying with someone who had betrayed her so callously.

Dr. Lawson’s Advice


In the midst of her turmoil, Katrina remembered the conversation with Dr. Lawson about Morris’ behavior. She decided to reach out to the vet again, hoping for some clarity and guidance.

Dr. Lawson listened compassionately and understood Katrina’s dilemma. “Sometimes, the signs are right in front of us, but we choose not to see them,” he said. “Trust your instincts and do what’s best for you and Morris.”

Decisions and Divorce


After much contemplation and heartache, Katrina made the difficult decision to file for divorce. She deserved better than to be with someone who didn’t value her and their marriage.

During the divorce proceedings, Brody’s true colors surfaced. He fought bitterly for a portion of Katrina’s assets, displaying a side of him she had never witnessed before.

Morris’ Loyalty


Through it all, Morris remained fiercely loyal to Katrina. He provided comfort during her loneliest moments and seemed to understand her pain. It was as if he knew that his initial hostility towards Brody had been a warning all along.

Katrina cried herself to sleep every night, regretting the day she first laid eyes on Brody in Wendy’s. She should have seen through his charms.

Fighting Tooth And Nail


Brody even tried to get her apartment, citing spousal support. But Katrina’s lawyer fought tooth and nail to make sure that Brody only got what he came into her apartment with.

Katrina couldn’t believe the audacity of Brody, trying to take the roof over her head. He showed a whole new side to him, and Katrina was only too happy to be divorcing him.

New Beginnings


As time passed, Katrina began to heal. With the support of Jenna and her family, she moved on from the painful chapter in her life. Morris continued to be her constant companion, reminding her that love and loyalty were still present in her life.

Katrina focused on rebuilding her life and finding happiness on her terms. She immersed herself in her work, found new hobbies, and even started volunteering at the local animal shelter.

A New Friendship


During one of her visits to the shelter, Katrina met a kind and gentle soul named Alex. He was a fellow volunteer who shared her passion for animals. As they spent more time together, a deep connection formed between them.

Their friendship grew into something more, and Katrina found herself opening up to the possibility of love once again. Alex showed her what true care and respect looked like, and together, they created a beautiful bond.

Moving Forward


Though Katrina’s heart still carried scars from her past, she was grateful for the lessons she had learned. Morris continued to be her confidant and source of comfort, reminding her that love came in various forms.

In time, Katrina found the strength to forgive Brody, not for his sake but for her own peace of mind. Forgiveness released her from the burden of anger and allowed her to move forward with grace and dignity.

A Fresh Start


With the divorce finalized and her past firmly behind her, Katrina embraced her newfound love with Alex and the beautiful connection they shared. They decided to take things slowly, cherishing every moment they spent together.

Alex also had a furry companion of his own, a friendly Golden Retriever named Max. Max and Morris got along surprisingly well, and their furry friendship brought even more joy to Katrina’s life.

Creating New Memories


Katrina and Alex decided to move in together and found a lovely house with a big backyard for Max and Morris to roam freely. It was a place they could call their own, a sanctuary of love and acceptance.

As the years went by, Katrina and Alex created countless memories together, filled with laughter, love, and a shared passion for animals. They volunteered at the shelter, adopted more pets, and even started a small animal rescue initiative to help stray animals find forever homes.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.