Cat Refuses Food Unless She Can Carry It, Gut Tells Woman To Follow Her


Getting Answers

The cat showed up again. Just like before, it didn’t touch any of the dry food in any of the bowls, unlike its counterparts. It ignored everyone and everything as it ran up to the wrapped food and started biting at the plastic bag, trying to rip it open.

Now was her chance to get some answers. She removed her apron slowly and handed it over to one of the other volunteers before following after the cat. But what she was about to discover would break her heart into tiny pieces.

Big Move

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When Amanda Kim was ten years older, she and her mother moved to Philadelphia. She had spent the first ten years of her life in Lijiang, China, but now Philadelphia’s wild and endless concrete jungle surprised Kim.

She loved how different America was compared to China. It was amazing, she loved the change of pace. But although Amanda was having the time of her life, there was a big problem.

Shaping Her Future

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Amanda loved everything about her new life in America. But she was having a had time acclimating to everything. There was a massive language barrier and it was making the experience hard for her. It almost ruined her childhood.

For the first few months, Amanda was struggling without any friends. She was also an only child, so she only ever got to hang out and speak to her mom to pass time. But little did she know how much these moments spent with her mother would shape her future.

Biology And Cats

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Amanda’s mother worked as a biology lecturer at a nearby university. Her mom loved cats, her love for cats was passed down to Amanda.

By the time Amanda had grown into a teenager, she loved biology and cats as much as her mom did. It came as no surprise that she decided to major in biology when she started college. Her future was coming together nicely!

Volunteer Work

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During her sophomore year, Amanda had some fieldwork to do. For this work, she had to volunteer at a local animal sanctuary, zoo, or home of her choice, during her summer break. This was heaven for Amanda.

As a child, she spent a lot of her time volunteering at animal shelters with her mom. Now she could finally venture out on her own. But she had no idea that a kitty was about to change her outlook on life forever.


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Amanda started her first day at the animal shelter enthusiastically. She was among five other students from her class and she was excited to take care of the animals.

The experience was everything she had hoped it would be. She had done this many times before with her mom, but none of it could compare to what she was experiencing now. But when the shelter made her move to a different spot, everything changed.

Change Of Pace

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Before they had moved her, Amanda was focused on cleaning, feeding, and giving medicine to the animals.

But now her supervisor wanted her to move to the vanguard of the operation. She now had to feed feral animals that weren’t staying at the shelter. But Amanda was still optimistic about it and she was determined to conquer the challenge, but she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Ginger Cat

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Feeding the new set of animals was challenging but fulfilling. Amanda was handing out bowls of dry food to the cats and dogs that came there to eat. She took note of all of the animals that looked sickly so that the shelter could take them in.

One usual afternoon, she was busy with her duties when noticed something. One furry, ginger cat wasn’t eating its food. What was wrong?

She Had To Do Something

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Amanda was well aware of how hard life was for these stray animals. If they were ever lucky to find food in the city, they wouldn’t waste the opportunity to eat it. But why was this cat staring at its bow’ and meowing at Amanda. It seemed to be in distress.

Amanda didn’t know what to make of the situation, but she had to do something. She mentioned it to her mom that night. As she always did, her mom offered her a way out.

She Tried Everything

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Her mom suggested that she try to feed the cat some wet food in a new container. Amanda took her mother’s advice and spent the new few days doing just that. But the kitty still wasn’t budging.

She tried everything, from canned food to homemade food, as well as different varieties of dried food. She tried different bowls in different shapes and colors, but still nothing. Amanda had no idea what was going on.

Stepping It Up

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There was one thing she hadn’t tried, and although the idea seemed stupid at first, she knew she had to try it at least. Amanda wrapped some dry food in a plastic bag and offered it to the cat the next day.

The kitty meowed in delight and bit into the bag, to her surprise. But instead of tearing it open and digging in, it bounded away with the whole package.

It Works

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Amanda was stunned at first, but she knew something remarkable was happening. She took off her apron, tied back her hair, and rushed after the cat.

Amanda snuck after the cat into an alley near the shelter. She watched from afar as the cat placed the food bag down and began meowing, looking more distressed than Amanda had ever seen her. And then it happened.

She Finds Out

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Out of one of the alley’s garbage cans came a smaller cat, its fur the same as the one Amanda had followed. It purred up at the larger cat and scratched at the bag.

Amanda’s heart broke as she realized what was happening. The cat had been coming over to the shelter looking for food for its kitten. That’s why she never touched the food in bowls but chose the plastic bag at first glance. Amanda hatched a plan as the kitten dug into the bag’s contents.

Doing More

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Amanda spent the next few days ensuring she packed a variety of nutritious food in a plastic bag for the two cats. The mom started coming directly to her in the second week, and soon enough, she allowed Amanda to follow her into the alley openly.

When Amanda first saw the kitten, it’d been malnourished. But now that two weeks had passed, the tiny cat looked stronger. Although the food had been helping, Amanda knew she needed to bring the two cats in so the shelter could properly take care of them.

No One Like Mom

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Amanda reported the incident to her supervisor, filling him in on everything she’d done and the bond she’d formed with the cat. The shelter immediately stepped in, taking the two cats in and caring for them.

But it didn’t stop there. Amanda, who’d formed an unbreakable bond with the mommy cat, adopted her and her kitten. She was so touched by the cat, reminded of her mom and everything she did for her as a child. Truly, there is no one like a mom.