Husband Sneaks Off At Night, So Wife Plants Camera


All Alone

She found herself alone in their bed when she awoke that night. Her heart began to hammer against the inside of her chest. This was not the first time that she woke up without him being next to her.

She climbed into her wheelchair to explore the weird, robotic sound coming from the garage. She went down to the garage, and once she noticed what he was doing, tears filled her eyes.

Where They Met

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Lucy met the love of her life in college. She was a political science major, and he was a grad student visiting his sister.

He was also an army vet who had served a tour of duty and had the most tender heart Lucy had ever met. Life was beautiful when he was around. All of this, however, would change in the future.

A Dream Come True

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Derrick was everything Lucy had ever wanted. They shared similar hobbies and interests, and he also pushed her to be the best version of herself. He challenged her, and she was smitten.

The couple loved camping, hiking, and running together. These all became yearly activities for their family. Little did they know that things would soon turn sour.

Where It All Began

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For the Burress family, the day things altered forever was unexpected. Lucy, Derrick, and their three sons were on their way up the mountain to their usual weekend camping spot.

Although the family didn’t stop on the slick road, they drove slowly to avoid swerving into steep terrain since it had snowed all day. It happened right then.

Small Road

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Lucy was driving when she noticed a huge truck heading straight for them. She recognized right away that the driver had lost control and was desperately fighting to keep the vehicle from tipping over.

In response, Lucy’s foot slammed on the brake pedal as Derrick grabbed the wheel. While attempting to maintain control on the narrow road, she gritted her teeth. By that time, it was too late.


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Their car was thrown into the snow after the truck struck it. Lucy squeezed her eyes shut as her car’s chassis smashed through the bushes. Keeping their safety in mind, she prayed.

The following day, she woke up in the hospital. She felt a sense of relief when she grabbed Derrick and their boys, but something wasn’t right.

Painful Experience

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Lucy was incapable of moving her legs. She was surprised to discover that she couldn’t feel anything below her waistline. A sob escaped her, and she wiped her tears from her eyes.

She faced a lot of challenges in the days following. She went trekking, climbing, and hiking with her family only a month prior. The pain was so severe she could barely get out of bed. Even though the pain was excruciating, she realized that she could not give up on her family.

Finding Answers

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Lucy and Derrick visited various doctors in an attempt to overcome Lucy’s paralysis. After a year, every intriguing lead turned out to be a dud.

Knowing that this would be her life now, Lucy promised her husband that everything would stay the same. Even though he agreed with her, he began to conduct himself differently around her.

Strange Behavior

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Lucy remembered the exact day when Derreck’s personality changed completely. They had planned to take their first camping trip since the accident. In the end, Lucy did not want to be a bother and backed out last minute.

Derrick’s heart had shattered before her eyes. As though he intended to say something, he parted his lips, but he said nothing. Soon after, he began leaving the house late at night and arriving home late. Lucy was determined to figure out why.

What Was He Doing?

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Lucy pushed open the garage door to discover her husband leaned over a table, a soldering iron in his fingers. A rusty stench filled the room, and a strange machine stood alongside Derrick.

“Honey,” Lucy shouted out, her eyes welling up with tears despite her uncertainty about what she was witnessing. Derrick leaped from his seat. He pulled a sheet over the machine and added, “You’re meant to be in bed.” What was he trying to hide?

A Smoothie

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“Do you need something?” Derrick said, hurrying over with his brows drawn up. “What do you have there?” Lucy jutted her chin at the covered contraption.

“A smoothie?” Derrick said, offering a cup that smelled like strawberries. At Lucy’s frown, he rubbed the back of his neck with an awkward chuckle. What he said made her tears double.

The Truth

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“When you saved us from that truck, you gave up a piece of yourself, so we could all live,” Derrick said. “I know I say this every day, but you’re the bravest person I’ve ever known.”

Lucy wiped her eyes, asking, “Then why do I spend my nights alone?” She couldn’t understand why her husband would rather sit here, amid cold metal, instead of with her in the warmth of their bedroom. Then Derrick pulled the cover from his machine.

The Truth On Wheels

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Lucy gasped, her breath hitching at what her husband was hiding. A massive wheelchair stood before her. It had tank treads and electric configurations.

“I couldn’t bear to leave you behind when we went camping,” Derrick said. “So, I put my applied science degree to work and built this. It’s not yet done, but all the essentials are functional. Wanna take it for a spin?”

True Joy

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Although it was dark out, Lucy and Derrick moved the chair to their backyard. Lucy took a seat, loving how comfortable everything felt. She turned the chair on, surprised at how quiet it was.

“Move around, see how you like it,” Derrick said, enthusiastically jumping up and down. Lucy pushed the steering lever and the seat hummed before surging forward. She let out a hysterical laugh, keeping quiet when she saw the look on her husband’s face.

A Happy Ever After

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“What?” Lucy asked, brushing back stray curls from her face. “That’s the first time you’ve genuinely laughed since,” he trailed off, but Lucy knew what he meant.

She steered her way back to him, cupping his face gently. “You’re awesome, and I appreciate you.” She placed a kiss on his forehead, then his lips. She wondered what she’d do without him.