Camera Captures Why Doctor Wants To See Girl Alone


What Was It

In the beginning, she thought it was the weirdest favor she had ever been asked!

Even though she wanted to stay in the waiting room, she knew that the person in the scrubs knew best. While she was stunned by the secret being withheld from her, she wondered what it was.

Hard Times

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Life wasn’t so easy for a woman named Jennifer Harris.

After she divorced her husband she moved to the other coast in California. But life would be unending stress. But she knew that it was only a fraction of what her 5-year-old daughter was going through. She was battling every day.

Sudden Move


Everyone knows and can sympathize when they hear the word Leukemia. It was a nasty fate that no one deserved.

But no one who hadn’t had it could understand truly what they were going through. But Jennifer’s family didn’t understand when she told them she was taking Angela out of the hospital she was being cared for in.

Huge Opportunity


You see, Jennifer had just gotten a dream job that she couldn’t say no to.

After getting this job she would earn enough money to give Angela a better chance at being treated. And there was a so-called “amazing” hospital nearby. Jennifer had hope. But would it last?

The Changeover

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When they first arrived for Angela’s appointment at the new hospital Jennifer could feel a knot form in her chest. She was nervous.

But her mood changed when she saw the tall oncologist walk through the door with a gleaming smile. The appointment went to plan but in the end, something unexpected happened. Jennifer was asked to leave the room so he could talk to Angela.

You Want Me To What?


Never before had a doctor asked her to leave her daughter alone with them.

Why would she go? Was there really a good reason? But after consideration, Jennifer finally agreed. But she felt bad when she saw Angela emerge from the room.

Something Different


Angela normally left their appointments drained of energy and looking sad after speaking of her situation.

But Jennifer noted that she was different. Angela looked down at her feet while her eyes looked around the room intently. It was like she was bursting with energy.

A Simple Plan

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Jennifer demanded to know what was going on.    Jennifer needed to figure out why her daughter was different. What had the doctor done?

The doctor looked at her and smiled, “She’s a strong young lady. You don’t have to worry, mom.” Everyone else accepted what the doctor had to say but Jennifer felt her motherly intuition kick in. She needed to find out what happened. She devised a plan.

Finding The Truth


The next time she decided to hide a camera in the room and then leave when he asked her to. Like clockwork, he asked her to leave them alone when the appointment was almost over.

When she got the footage she was trembling. But what she saw would leave her in disbelief.

Small Talk

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After talking with her daughter for a few minutes he did something unexpected.

He smiled the entire time and then broke into dance right in the middle of the room. She couldn’t believe it, but the way Angela reacted would have her in tears.

Wild Moves

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The movements were small but clear.

Jennifer was trying to move like the doctor. She flicked her hands as he did and slid her feet back and forth as he did a perfect moon walk. The smile that grew across her face made Jennifer want to break down and cry. Suddenly, a nurse came up and patted her on the shoulder.

The Dancing Doctor

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Jennifer wanted nothing more than her daughter to be happy and healthy.

She did everything she could to raise their spirits, but in truth, she was just as burnt out as Angela. The nurse smiled as she watched the video. “Oh, I love that one,” she said, pointing as he did an impressive spin. It turns out, the doctor had secret weapon.

Bringing Joy

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He knew firsthand how parents couldn’t always muster the strength to be bubbly and cheerful every single moment of every day.

He knew appointments were tough. So, he would, without fail, block out a little time at the end of each visit to have a moment of levity – just him and the patient. Jennifer burst into tears as he appeared in the waiting room.

Small Things, Big Differences

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It might not seem like much to outside eyes. But his actions meant the world.

It was no secret that a positive attitude, including laughter, was vital to recovery. Jennifer felt a swell of gratitude as she saw a tiny smile on Angel’s face. She thanked him over and over again. But once again, his actions surprised her.

So Humble

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“No worries, mom,” he said with such humility.

They talked for a while, about his attitudes toward recovery and the fight against cancer. All the while, Angela slowly tried to mimic that day’s dance. The life seemed to pour out of her like never before. There was no doubt they would win this battle!