Bug Bites On Dog Is Worse Than Mom Thinks


Bug Bites

Jane didn’t know what was going on. The vet had a prominent frown on his face as he shook his head and looked up at her. She was aware of all of the bites, but she did everything in her power to help him.

The vet looked sick to his stomach at the sight of her pet. What on earth was wrong? After what felt like an eternity, he finally stood up straight and cleared his voice. That was when he informed her that the marks were not caused by bug bites.

Perfect Life


Jane Augustine lived in a beautiful home in Ohio with her loving husband and their gorgeous children. She was happy with her life. She was on cloud nine and it didn’t feel like anything could ever change that. Jane loved animals, that was why her husband agreed to let her get a dog.

Her dog was an English Mastiff and she named him Pancakes. He was the most loving and gentle animal she had ever seen, she insisted on adopting him when they went to visit an animal shelter.

She Found Him


But Pancakes hadn’t lived an easy life. When he was just a puppy, he was found on the side of the road and taken to the shelter. Thankfully, the shelter had a ‘no-kill’ policy and he stayed there for a year before Jane adopted him.

He was malnourished and lonely, but when he saw Jane for the first time, he seemed to love her as much as she loved him. Jane wanted nothing but to give him a warm, loving home.

Spoiling Him

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Jane knew that she was going to adopt him the second she saw him. She felt a connection to him, much like the connection she shared with her childhood dog. Her husband was happy for her, and together, they adopted Pancakes and agreed to give him the life he deserved.

They got him plenty of toys and food, and even a massive, comfortable dog bed! They wanted to spoil him after he lived through years of neglect.

New Home


Over the next few months, Pancakes managed to settle into his new home. He seemed to love his new family and enjoyed playing with the children outside. In the evening, he would sit on the edge of Jane’s bed while she read a book.

Everyone loved him, but he was definitely Jane’s dog. He followed her wherever she went and sat in her office while she worked from home. He felt comfortable by her side.

Strange Marks


Jane had had him for a few months when she started noticing something strange. He had marks on his skin, ones she had never noticed before. What could they be? Jane was worried.

She inspected them closely and came to the conclusion that they were flea bites. After all, he did play in the bushes outside their home. Who knew what kinds of insects were in there.

Helping Him


She couldn’t stand to imagine the pain these marks had caused. She was worried about Pancakes. She decided to go to a local pet shop and ask for their advice. Whatever they suggested, she would do.

At the pet shop, they recommended a dewormer, a flea tablet, and some treats. Jane was happy to buy all these things, as long as they made him feel better.


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Jane used the deworming and flea medication on him for three weeks before she decided to check the progress. She used the treats to hide his medication, because of this, he was taking the recommended dose every single day.

But when Jane inspected his bites, they didn’t look much better than before. If anything, they were worse. There were even more marks on his skin. The medication wasn’t working!

Taking Action

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Nothing seemed to be working, she had to do more! She needed to figure out what was really going on. She loved him, she would do anything to solve this problem.

Enough was enough. It was only getting worse and she needed to get some help from a professional. She decided to take him to a vet to see what was really going on. But she wasn’t ready for the harrowing news.

Vet Visit

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Getting Pancake to the vet was a hassle, he did not want to get into the car. It was like he knew that he was about to go to the vet. Eventually, she managed to get him into the back of her car and take him to the vet.

It didn’t take long for them to get to the vet. For the entire journey, Pancakes would not stop moping and moaning. It was like he would rather deal with the pain than go to the vet. But once the vet saw the bites, his eyes grew wide in shock and disbelief.

The Truth

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The vet shook his head and looked at her with a scowl. Jane had no idea what was going on. She knew there were lots of bites, but she had done everything that she could to help her boy.

It seemed that it didn’t matter to the vet. It looked as if he had been punched in the gut. What was wrong with her dog? Then he finally opened his mouth to speak and told her that the marks on the canine weren’t bug bites at all.



The vet further explained that the bug bites on Pancakes weren’t caused by any animal at all. They were caused by a human. The cruel reality of the situation washed over Jane as she realized what the vet was saying.

It was cruelty, but Jane couldn’t understand what was going on. She never had and would never lay a hand on her special boy, and she knew her, nor would her husband. Even her children were raised better than that. So who was the culprit?


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Jane couldn’t believe what had happened to her poor boy. The doctor informed her that the marks were, in fact, marks. And that the marks were caused by BB pellets. Someone had been intentionally shooting her dog with a BB gun.

Thankfully, the doctor said that none of the BBs had hit anywhere vital. He was especially worried about his eyes, but they were fine. Jane breathed a sigh of relief.

Road To Recovery

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The vet put Pancakes on an anti-biotic course and told Jane that he would be fine provided the shooting stopped. Jane assured him that she would make sure that the tragedy wouldn’t continue.

Pancakes started his road to recovery, and Jane stayed home to watch him 24 hours a day. She soon learned where the origin of all his pain came from when she looked over the neighbor’s fence.

Where The Problem Started

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Jane peered over her neighbor’s fence to find out bb pellets all over their garden. Furthermore, she saw a BB gun on their outside table. She decided to go talk to the owners of the house.

She found out that it was their son using the BB gun, and once his parents found out, he was severely punished, and it was taken away. Jane could finally sleep easy, knowing that no further harm would come to her animal and that he could recover.