Bride Demands Friends ‘Donate’ $1500 To Wedding, It Doesn’t End Well


Utter Disbelief

Upon opening the wedding invitation, she had to read it twice. She knew her cousin had always been arrogant and entitled, but this…

The sheer, unbelievable audacity that the bridezilla had written in ink left her reeling, but then she started to giggle. She knew she probably shouldn’t share the story online, but she just couldn’t help herself. Of course, none of it ended well.

Canadian Susan

Liverpool Echo

While planning your dream wedding is an incredibly stressful time in any woman’s life, one bride took the term “bridezilla” to the next level.

The woman, who is simply known by the name “Canadian Susan,” made global headlines with her jaw-dropping demands when her long, angry post-wedding rant went viral. Her story seems to begin innocently enough…

A Fairytale


Susan describes herself as a woman of “modest means,” whose fairytale love story began at a young age. She met the love of her life while working on her parents’ farm, and the pair of youths quickly fell in love.

With a ring worth “nearly $5K”, as Susan gleefully pointed out, they got engaged, went to college, and had a child together at the age of 20. But this hapless Romeo had no idea what he was getting into.

Saving Up


While Susan and her fiance raised their child and paid off their college debt, they also managed to save up $15,000 for their wedding. Like all brides-to-be, Susan wanted everything to be perfect on her big day.

She had found two possible venues for her destination wedding – so, she (naturally) consulted a psychic to help her make a decision. Simple, right? Well, strap in. This is where Susan’s post gets wild.

Destination: Aruba


Susan wrote that the psychic told her to choose the most expensive wedding venue in Aruba – which brought the cost of the wedding up to $60,000. Ironically, the psychic didn’t foresee what would happen next.

Now, Susan had a problem. But she wasn’t going to let a little thing like money get in the way of her dreams. No, Susan deserved better than that.

A Lavish Affair

The Mirror

Susan had planned every aspect of her wedding down to the letter. Inspired by the Kardashians, it was going to be a lavish and “exclusive” affair – a destination wedding for the ages.

She didn’t think twice about the cost – after all, she was entitled to it, and she was the bride. Surely no one would deny her that. So, what was the solution?

Entry Fees


Susan sent out the invites with a request for cash gifts from the guests – not an unusual request for a wedding.

However, when her guests saw that she was demanding $1,500 from each of them just to attend, they began to drop off the attendance list like flies. By the end of the RSVP period, Susan only had eight guests. She was livid.

A Suggestion


Seeing that their guests couldn’t afford to spring $1,500 each for their wedding, Susan’s fiance made a fatal suggestion.

Did they really need to have their wedding in Aruba? Couldn’t they have a cheaper wedding in Vegas that everyone could attend? Surely, their love was all that mattered? Wrong. The bridezilla had surfaced, and there was no calming her now.

The Unbelievable Post

Facebook – Wedding Shaming

Like any bridezilla, Susan took to social media to vent her shock and dismay at the fact that her guests were unwilling to pay for the honor of attending her “exclusive” wedding of the century.

She called all her friends a bunch of toxic c-words and lashed out at her maid of honour for not paying thousands of dollars to give her the wedding of her dreams. But the entitlement didn’t end there. Oh no.

A Spectacular Display

Facebook – Wedding Shaming

Susan set up a GoFundMe account to try and get the money for her wedding, but it failed spectacularly.

In an unbelievable display, she announces that the wedding is cancelled and breaks off her engagement with her fiance – just because he had the nerve to suggest a cheaper ceremony in Vegas, like she was some piece of “trash.” But there’s more.

Cutting Them All Out Of Her Life

Facebook – Wedding Shaming

In her mini-novel of a post, Susan wrote: “For once, let me take the stage and let me voice the most painful few months of my life.”

Of course, Susan blames her guests for destroying her marriage, her wedding, and her life. Then, she vows to delete her Facebook account and leave her friends and family behind. The story was so horrendous it was perfect. But was it real?

Going Viral

Irish Mirror

The story went insanely viral. “Canadian Susan” made headlines around the world. Readers couldn’t get enough of the drama, the schadenfreude, and the unbelievable ending. But, was any of it true?

Although Susan deleted her posts and her Facebook account, the post was shared on a Facebook group called “Wedding Shaming” and quickly spread. Now, it lives on multiple websites in all its terrible glory. But was it true?

100% Real

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Although terrible bridezilla stories are like modern tales of folklore, this one is 100% real. The notorious ex-bride’s story was verified by Tina, her cousin and ex-wedding guest. Tina came forward and confirmed that Susan is a “living, breathing, human being.”

Tina also confirmed that the bridezilla came from humble beginnings, working on a rural farm in Canada and shared some other valuable insights.

Craving A Life of Luxury


Tina believes that Susan’s humble beginnings and obsession with the Kardashians fueled “her craving for luxury and MAKING OTHERS PAY FOR IT.”

“When I try to analyse her entitled behaviour, I believe deep down she’s very insecure about her status and how she stacks up to others,” she added. But, apparently, this wasn’t the first time Susan turned into an entitled monster.

Just Plain Entitled

Facebook – Wedding Shaming

Tina revealed that Susan threw a tantrum at her own baby shower when her friends and family members wouldn’t cave in to her unreal demands. She had asked everyone to pool money into a $2,000 royal baby carriage.

As for Susan, she vowed to go backpacking in South America after her “wedding ordeal” to “get away from it all.”