Bridesmaid Gets Revenge After Bride Asks Her Not To Wear Makeup To Wedding


Her Requests

It was absurd. First, she asked her bridesmaid to wear an ugly dress, then she asked the same girl not to get her hair and makeup done with the rest of the wedding party.

The bridesmaid could handle it, but she went a step too far when she told her not to wear any makeup at all for the big day.

Special Day


Your wedding day is usually one of the most significant days of your life. When asking women about their most beloved memories, weddings will be up there with birthdays, graduation, and the birth of their children.

These weddings don’t even have to be their wedding, it can even be the beloved memory of being a guest or a bridesmaid. The woman in this story was the latter at her very best friend’s wedding, a wedding she would never forget.

Lonely Start


Amanda Hemmingway was just another normal twenty-three-year-old woman living in Colorado. She was determined to live her best life. Growing up a single child, Amanda had always felt lonely, especially after the divorce of her parents when she was just five years old.

Growing up was challenging after her mom moved to a different city for work. But soon, this would all change.

Life Changing


At the age of ten, her mother assured her that their next move would be the last one. They finally settled in Manitou Springs, Colorado and this is where Amanda met Jill, the girl that would change her life for good.

Jill was also raised by a single parent and because of this shared experience, the two girls bonded immediately, and soon, they became inseparable.

Growing Up


But for the girl, growing up brought a slew of changes, physically and mentally. Soon enough, puberty hit, and the girls were quick to notice.

After this, their interest changed from carebears, barbie dolls, and toy houses to finding the perfect dresses for prom. As years passed, they only got closer and closer. But little did they know that eventually, it would all come crashing down.

College Days


After graduating from high school, the two girls attended the same college where they pursued the same major. They did everything together, just like they used to, growing up. But one day, it would all change.

Amanda was spending time in their room when she got a call from Jill. She informed her that her high school sweetheart, who she had been with for years, asked her to marry him. But what was Jill’s answer?

She Said Yes


Jill said yes, it was everything she had always wanted. But by saying yes, she set off the events of that fateful day. It all started while Jill and Amanda were at the bridal shop, getting their dresses fitted.

Jill had ordered a dress for Amanda, saying that she would look great in it, despite the fact that it was the wrong size and looked like a potato sack on Amanda. But things were about to get even worse.

She Didn’t Object


Amanda didn’t object to the dress. Jill was under a lot of pressure as a soon-to-be bride and she wanted everything to be perfect.

But by the following week, Amanda had learned that Jill cut off more than three-thirds of the wedding party, from flower girls to bridesmaids. What she was left with scared Amanda more than anything.

Sized Down


The only two people remaining on Jill’s list were Amanda and her maid of honor, but sadly, it didn’t stop there. Jill decided to size down the guest list as well, meaning she had only invited a handful of friends and family members.

But while Amanda was trying to figure out what was going on, Jill called her, asking if she would be okay with doing her own hair and makeup for the wedding. What was going on?

Explaining Herself


When Amanda asked why, Jill explained that because the wedding party was small, it would be more economical if everybody did their own hair and makeup.

But that was when she told Amanda that she and her maid of honor would be getting their hair done at a salon and that a makeup artist would do their makeup on the day.

Looking On The Bright Side

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Amanda didn’t object, although this news hurt her. She decided to look on the bright side, knowing she hated other people touching her face and was pretty great at doing her makeup.

Looking to please her best friend, Amanda spent the night searching for hair and makeup ideas for the wedding. She shared them with Jill the following day, but her best friend’s answer left her with her brows raised.

Jill’s Answer


“Well, if it’s okay with you,” began Jill. “I’d rather you not wear makeup to the wedding since you will look way better than me if you do.”

Amanda’s mouth fell open. She laughed, thinking Jill was joking, but the bride said she was serious and added that Amanda could only wear mascara. This hurt a lot. But it also put a lot into perspective.

Thinking Back

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For the longest while, even when they were kids, Jill had always been trying to put down Amanda. She’d put her in countless embarrassing situations to make herself look good. Back at the bridal shop, she’d insisted that Amanda’s dress was great when in reality, it was a mess.

She also left Amanda out of getting her hair and makeup done. And now she was asking her to go to a wedding without makeup? Amanda knew she had to get her revenge.

The Wedding Day


As the wedding day loomed closer, Amanda assured Jill that everything would be fine. She already knew she couldn’t be Jill’s friend anymore. Still, she picked up her potato sack of a dress and agreed not to wear makeup as Jill instructed.

The day finally came, and Amanda did everything accordingly. With her hair in a bun and no makeup, she hurried over to her best friend’s wedding.

You Get What You Deserve


Amanda showed up a second before the wedding started. Everyone was there, no doubt wondering where she was. They gasped as she ran down the aisle. Not only was she not wearing her makeup, but she wasn’t wearing her dress either.

Instead, she’d thrown on grew sweatpants and a sweater. With a bright smile, she approached the altar. Jill glared at her, making Amanda’s smile widen. She’d wanted to make Amanda look bad. She got what she wished for.