Bride Had One Wedding Request & Cousin Ignored It



She felt like all of her efforts were for nothing.

She had lost all control of the situation. Nothing was working as it was supposed to. She asked her cousin, her maid of honor, to keep her updated should anything change. However, an unwelcome guest arrived and she knew that her cousin was not doing what was expected of her.

Love At First Sight

Samantha Carisch

Samantha remembered the first time she had seen Taylor.

He was so handsome and had such a beautiful smile – even though he was covered in layers of sweat and dirt from the baseball game. She blushed as soon as their eyes met and sparks exploded between them.

Beach Memories

Samantha Carisch

From there it was a beautiful, storybook romance.

They dated for a couple of years and moved in together. And, during a summer trip to Cancun, Taylor made her burst into happy tears as he got down on one knee and pulled out an engagement ring. Their happiness, however, would be short-lived.

First Plan Folded

Samantha Carisch

More than anything, Samantha wanted a destination wedding on the very beach they got engaged on.

The idea made her heart flutter and happy tears built in her eyes. And while everyone was ready to jump on an airplane, her mother had suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for years, and the doctor said it would be impossible for her to fly.

Devastating News


A tiny part of her was disappointed, but the moment was fleeting. Taylor held her close, kissed her forehead, and said a local wedding would be just as beautiful. The only thing that mattered was they were together with friends and family.

However, one phone call would bring her world crashing down around her.

Running Out Of Time


Hospital visits were normal for her family. But this new call made her burst into tears.

Her mother had been rushed to the hospital. The new diagnosis … stage 5 colon cancer. She held her mom’s hands and cried that she would fix it. She would find a way to make her mother better again.

Calling It Off

Samantha Carisch

There was no question of which steps should be taken next.

Both Samantha and Taylor agreed they would postpone the wedding plans. After all, she had moved across the state to take care of her mom and any planning would be impossible. But there was one painful reality that she couldn’t shake out of her head.

Saved By A Contest

Via The Knot

More than anything, she wanted her mom to see her get married. And she knew her mom wanted the same thing. But how would any of it be possible?

That’s when Taylor stepped up and did something that reminded her of just how much she loved him. It turned out he had entered them into a wedding contest and only revealed the plan after he was sure they had won!

Giving Up Control

The Knot

The plan was simple … but hard at the same time.

The entire package was worth $60,000. But The Knot (the company that was sponsoring the event) would have total control over the outcome – from dress to venue. This is where things got a bit complicated.

Two Requests

Samantha Carisch

Samantha wanted only two things – things that were so important to her. First, she just wanted to choose the song for the first dance.

But, more than anything, she wanted her mother there. Every week that slipped by was bringing her closer to the inevitable, heart-crushing end.

Where’s Mom?

Samantha Carisch

The big day came around faster than she could keep up with. She slipped into her wedding dress, trying to fight off the tears. Her mom should have been there, tying up the back of her dress and putting the veil on her head.

It was then, her maid of honor and one of the organizers came in with a laptop. Samantha burst into tears.

There Digitally, And In Spirit

The Knot

Her mom couldn’t be there – she was just too sick.

But with modern technology, she watched her mom through the monitor. The Knot had set up an impressive system of computers, cameras, and even drones to make sure her mom save every single moment – it was even recorded so she could watch it again and again! But that wasn’t all.

More Surprises

The Knot

Through the entire ceremony, Samantha glanced at the camera and smiled, knowing her mom was smiling on the other end.

She let her heart finally embrace the love and excitement of the day. By the time she and Taylor took to the dance floor, they were both floating on cloud 9. Then, her maid of honor came out with a shocking announcement.

Special Guest

The Knot

“Sam and Taylor, we have a special guest for you…”

Out from behind the curtain a tall man came out holding a guitar. Samantha’s jaw fell to the floor. Taylor shared the same reaction. It was none other than Canaan Smith – the singer of the song they had chosen for their first dance1

The Perfect Wedding

The Knot

As the music started and Smith started to sing, Samantha melted into her husband’s arms as he held her close.

She glanced at the laptop and saw her mother’s happy tears. This day had been more than she could have ever hoped for.