Bride And Groom’s Mom Face-Off At Wedding


Everything She Ever Wanted

Brooke had been dreaming of this day ever since she was a young girl. As the wedding day approached, she was so close to turning her dreams into reality. As she stared at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but feel like a princess.

Everything went smoothly; however, things took a turn for the worst when she spotted her future mother-in-law. Within seconds, her dream day turned into her worst nightmare.

She Had A Dream

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Brooke Johnson had the same dream as many other young girls. She dreamt of the perfect wedding day all her life. The moment she received her first doll house with a bride and groom doll to live in it, she started fantasizing about the day she would meet her prince charming.

She was determined to give herself the best chance at life. She had worked hard in high school and college, and eventually, she began a successful career when she opened her very own catering business. Everything was great in her life, but she was very aware that one thing was missing.

She Wasn’t Going To Settle

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She was a gorgeous young woman, which meant that there were always suitors after her. During high school, she had dated a few guys, but none of her relationships ever seemed to go anywhere.

She had always had an idea of what her perfect man was like, and she wasn’t prepared to settle for the sake of it. By the time she was in her mid-twenties, she began wondering if she would ever find the right guy.

Corporate Event

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She decided to place her search for the perfect man on hold while she continued to work hard. But one day, she secured a large catering order for a corporate event, which she was beyond excited about. 

This was an amazing opportunity, she had the chance to expand her business! She knew that with a large corporate client, other doors would open for her business, so she decided to pull out all the stops. But what she didn’t know was that the job came with an added benefit.

Business Seminar

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The event was a two-day long business seminar and many of the top companies had sent delegations from their marketing and strategy departments. It was clear that Brooke had outdone herself.

She worked hard with her team, and they decided that it was best to put together a vast buffet-style lunch menu for all of the attendees. Everyone seemed to love her food, they would complement her about it every time she made them a meal. But one businessman stood out from the rest.

Meeting Jenson

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Since the first time Brooke laid eyes on Jenson, she knew she liked him. She thought that he was handsome and charming, and he looked extremely smart and professional in the suits he wore at the seminar. He stood out to her.

They began speaking after he complimented her food. And after that, they would meet up and chat after every workshop. By the time the second day of the seminar rolled around, Brooke was beyond smitten with him. But there was one problem.

Packing Up

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When the next day rolled around, Brooke had a few more fun conversations with Jenson, but the seminar was due to end that day. She wondered if she would ever see his handsome face again. She knew that he enjoyed their conversations too, he made sure to return to her spot throughout the day.

By the end of the seminar, Brooke was packing up her thing, sad that she wouldn’t be able to see Jenson again. But just then, he walked up to her and asked for her number.

They Started Dating

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Some time passed and eventually, Brooke and Jenson began dating steadily. She knew how lucky she was. He was her dream man through and through. Over the next eight months, they grew closer and closer before deciding to move in together.

Everything was going perfectly for them. Brooke would often find herself rekindling her childhood fantasies. That is until she met his parents.

His Mother 

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Jenson was a humble man who happened to come from a wealthy family. He was successful in his own right as the VP of a significant Manhattan-based marketing firm. But from the first time Brooke met his mother, she immediately got a bad vibe from the woman. 

Evelyn Johnson was an austere woman of refined taste. Brooke felt uncomfortable around her because she was just a simple girl. She could tell that Evelyn disliked her on sight. 

Not Good Enough

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Jenson was an only child, which meant that he was the apple of his mother’s eye. His cousins had told Brooke how picky Evelyn was, telling her that she believed no woman was good enough for her son.

But Brooke did her absolute best to navigate her tricky relationship with Evelyn. But soon enough, this was all out of her mind. She was beside herself with joy when Jenson decided to propose.

The Engagement 


Jenson got down on one knee and created a magical evening for Brooke. She was ecstatic as her lifelong dream was finally coming true. A date was chosen, and the exciting planning began. 

While Evelyn, who didn’t seem too pleased about the wedding, did her best to try and control every aspect of the preparations, Brooke put her foot down. This was her big day, and nothing was going to spoil that. At least, that’s what she thought.  


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Brooke wasn’t close to her future mother-in-law. And now, more than ever, she got an intense feeling that  Evelyn didn’t like her. 

Because of this and the way Evelyn had tried to control other aspects of the wedding planning, Brooke didn’t invite her wedding dress shopping. Instead, she sent her a picture of her chosen dress to make her feel included. It was a decision she’d later regret.

Unexpected Reply


The dress Brooke sent her future mother-in-law was a beautiful flowy beachy-looking dress that had an embroidered corset detail on the waist. 

She bought it from a local small boutique that both she and Jenson loved. After sending the photo to her mother-in-law, Brooke expected to receive a nice text back. Instead, all hell broke loose.

An Aggressive Answer

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Evelyn immediately wrote back and demanded that Brooke find another dress. Brooke thought she was joking until she followed up with a stream of hysterical texts. 

Brooke flicked through the aggressive texts in disbelief. She made it obvious that she didn’t approve. She wrote back utterly confused and asked her why but her response left her reeling. 


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When Brooke asked her why she thought she couldn’t wear that dress, Evelyn replied: “I don’t need to give you a reason. You should do what I say without questioning me. That dress is inappropriate.” 

But there was a secret reason – and it was wild! “Sorry, but I’m still wearing this dress,” Kelly replied, adding fuel to the fire. 


Brooke’s mother-in-law was a very judgemental woman who cared deeply about keeping up appearances. She grew up surrounded by wealth and always seemed to get everything she wanted. 

Brooke’s defiance felt like a hard slap to her face – and one that would send her spiraling out of control and into the arms of security. 

Tensions Rise


Brooke got a call later that day. It was from her father-in-law. If she didn’t change the dress, the whole family would withdraw from attending their wedding. 

Their wedding was a small group of 40 people. 15 of those people were Jenson’s family – uncles, aunts, and cousins mostly – who were all acting completely unreasonable. Tensions rose between the engaged couple. 

Giving In

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Jenson begged his future wife to be accommodating. His reaction brought Brooke to boiling point. How could he side with his family? They were acting utterly out of line. 

But her whole wedding was at stake. She didn’t want her future husband to have a wedding without his family there, but she also felt like she needed to stand her ground. Eventually, she made a decision that would come back to haunt her. 

The Wedding Stunt

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Brooke surrendered and picked a different wedding dress. Even though she had won, Evelyn still became a lot moodier in the weeks leading up to the wedding. 

The day finally arrived. Everything was perfect, from the location to the weather, food, and decor. Brooke glanced outside as she sat in her antechamber, awaiting her cue to walk down the aisle. The in-laws came to her wedding, and everyone was playing nice – until Kelly saw what her mother-in-law was wearing. 

Complete Shock

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Evelyn had found a cruel way to take revenge for not being allowed to control the wedding arrangements. Brooke’s eyes filled with tears when she saw that Evelyn had worn a wedding dress to the ceremony. 

To make matters even worse, her mother-in-law had decided to attend her wedding in the same dress she had planned on wearing! Malice was written all over her face as she strutted around in what should have been her wedding dress. Now, it was personal.

She Was Livid 

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Brooke could not believe how insensitive Evelyn had been. It was clearly a stunt designed to take the spotlight off her as the bride. Word got to Jenson that his bride was in tears. The ceremony was placed on hold while Brooke and Jenson confronted Evelyn. 

Brooke marched up to her mother-in-law with a rage so consuming she felt like she could spew hot lava from her pores. 



“How dare you! This is why you didn’t want me to have my dream wedding dress? Because YOU wanted to wear it to my big day?!” Brooke spat. A crowd began to form. 

Evelyn was belligerent as ever and refused to apologize or change her dress. Then, the spiteful woman accused Brooke of being after her son’s money. 

No Choice

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Brooke’s soon-to-be husband now had no choice but to acknowledge the disrespect his own mother showed to his wife. Even he could no longer excuse her childish behavior. 

Brooke stepped away and tried to ignore her for the rest of the day, but she couldn’t deny it – she was ruining her wedding day. She had to do something. 

Taking Action

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The entire fiasco had made Brooke’s day a nightmare. Jenson was just as disgusted at his mom’s behavior. Brooke was devastated, more than anything, because of what she was accused of. 

Brooke should have been surrounded by people who loved her and Jenson equally and who wanted to celebrate their union in a joyous and unselfish manner. But her mom-in-law was making her feel small. After dinner, Brooke pulled Jenson aside and confided in him. What they did next astonished everyone. 

Kicked Out

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Jenson understood where Brooke was coming from and couldn’t help but agree with her on her point of view and how his mom was acting. 

They agreed to approach his mom and ask her to leave now that the meal was over. However, she didn’t go quietly and made a scene – even smashing a piece of cake in the bride’s face!

Second Thoughts

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When Evelyn eventually left, she took most of Jenson’s family with her. Although Jenson was devastated to have to ask his family to leave, he couldn’t condone their behavior any longer.

He felt he did the right thing. Brooke also felt like she did the right thing, but the drama put a horrible damper on her big day. And she became unsure if she had acted correctly. She posted the story to Reddit and asked for help. 

Looking For Advice


Brooke explained the story online and asked Reddit users if she was wrong for what she’d done. After all, if she was being small-minded about the whole situation, she wanted to be able to address her wrongdoing and apologize. 

These people were now her family, and there was no getting away from them now. But here’s what Reddit users said. 

Online Opinions


One comment said: “You can wear whatever you want. But at some point, you might need to think if this dress is more important than your wedding and your relationship with your in-laws.”

Another concurred but emphasized that Brooke hadn’t deserved that kind of treatment:  “I agree with this, but mom-in-law and her family are ridiculously overreacting.” 

A Warning


However, another user had words of warning to say to Brooke. “With how crazy all these people are, she should rethink even marrying into this family. These people are nuts and will make her life a living hell.”

Despite the warning to run away from the crazy family, Brooke and Jenson were determined to let love win – and set the mother-in-law from hell straight on one thing…

A New Start 

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Jenson confronted his mother alone. For the first time, Evelyn learned that the couple had been keeping a secret from her. Months before the wedding, Jenson’s company had suffered a substantial financial loss, and he had lost his job. 

Brooke insisted that he let her support him till he got back on his feet. Only then did Evelyn realize the kind of person Brooke was. She made a considerable effort to reconcile with Brooke and begged her forgiveness. 

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.