Feeding Your Baby Liquid Gold: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Breast Milk as Healthy as Possible

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Breastfeeding is best. It’s as simple as that. It is hard and in today’s society sometimes excruciatingly so as women become more involved in their careers than in previous generations to the point where taking time off for baby after an initial maternity leave can mean no income from mom, leaving the family in struggle mode. Using a breast pump at work requires drive and patience but certainly pays off for baby. Taking your breast milk up a notch is just another step up from making the decision to breastfeed. Here are a few excellent additions to your diet to heightening your breast milk quality while nutrifying your own body, which in itself is taking from itself if not provided for by you. These 5 choices are the same as those for pregnancy, as our bodies are still requiring much of the same vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and fats.

5 Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet Potatoes are not a ‘supplement’ in the strict sense of the word, but I feel the need to include these here, as during pregnancy and breastfeeding, a lot of us have cravings for denser, sweeter foods. Rather than turn to Cinnabons or Blueberry Bagels, however, I believe we can feed the ‘cravings’ (they are actually necessary signals by the body for slowing down detoxification at this sensitive time) by incorporating sweet potatoes into our snacks and/or dinners. With good amounts of vitamin A, folate, calcium and iron, this root vegetable is seemingly made for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Steam them, boil them, and add a dash of butter or coconut oil and salt for a side to your dinner, or puree them with stevia, vanilla and cacao or carob for a delicious pudding.

4 Cold-Pressed Flaxseed Oil

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Cold-Pressed Flaxseed Oil is an absolute must-have in our diets ladies, particularly when pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Omega-3’s are necessary for baby’s brain development in utero AND as a little human being. They are also necessary for mommy, as we need the fats to keep our hormones stable and to add a little sustenance to our clean diets. Make sure the flaxseed oil is cold-pressed, not refined.

3 Chlorella Tablets/Chlorophyll Liquid

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Chlorella Tablets are simply chlorophyll made into tablets for easy direct ingestion and the liquid is simply chlorophyll in liquid form. If you can’t stomach juices or Vitamineral Greens, try these for easier ingestion – chlorophyll is important for clean blood and breast milk. It is the life force behind plants and directly affects our energy and body’s health. Babies thrive on chlorophyll in any form from any age – just incorporate it slowly if you believe your body has a high toxic load as you don’t want to detoxify so much that your milk carries the toxins dislodged.

2 Vitamineral Greens

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Vitamineral Greens are an excellent addition to your diet. Chock full of dehydrated, powdered greens, probiotics and land and sea vegetables, fruits and algae, it can easily replace your generic vitamin/mineral supplement. By doing so you will replace expensive non-bioavailable nutrients with super alkalizing, nutrient-rich bioavailable green powder that you can add to a smoothie, juice, or just water. It is also available in capsules.

1 Green Juice

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As suggested during pregnancy, Green Juice is an absolute must for nutrifying your body and baby’s body. It is simply juiced lettuce, celery, cucumber, lemon and apple (optional). The juice is liquid sunshine, high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients. It is detoxifying, cleanses the blood and organs, and nourished the organs as well, along with the baby. Cleaning the body out pre-baby is important for an easy, clean pregnancy and healthy baby, but if you’re reading this once you have already given birth and haven’t ‘cleansed’ beforehand, don’t worry. Incorporate a juice here and there just to get used to having juices regularly in your diet. You can build up to daily juices if you have no symptoms of over-cleansing like headaches, fatigue and skin breakouts. Juicing carrots and beets can also keep from cleansing too quickly.

Like during pregnancy, getting everything you need while breastfeeding can seem daunting, as you don’t want to strip your body of bone density or have wild mood swings, but if you incorporate lots of greens, fruits, nuts and nut butters and root vegetables into your diet you should be perfectly fine without having to worry. Listen to cravings and healthify them as much as possible — if you let go and start eating Twinkies, the cravings will only get more intense and consistent, and eating such things will not benefit your breast milk. Supplementing with these 5 foods will help satisfy your worries while benefiting your body and baby.

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