Man Rejects Girlfriend On Kiss-Cam, Learns Costly Lesson


On The Big Screen

It was supposed to show him how much he meant to her. She’d always been shy, with years of social anxiety disorder she was still working through.

But he was her everything. She leaned in for a kiss when they appeared on that jumbotron. She should have known it would end in a disaster.

Amber Kotick


But sadly for New York native Amber Kotick, this was only the latest event in a string of bad luck that had overrun her life that week. She’d been elated when her boyfriend Theo called her with the tickets to the next Knicks game.

Nothing seemed to go her way, and Amber needed just one win. She never thought the game would be what would push her over the edge.

The Kiss


For Amber, public shows of affection had always been a big no. She’d been scarred enough by them and had promised never to indulge.

But when she saw herself on the big screen, with thousands of spectators cheering her on, she knew she had to overcome her fear.

She went in for the kiss, receiving the biggest rejection of her life. The only thing she had now was her revenge.

Her Upbringing


Amber had never been a vengeful person. Growing up on the sunny side of Manhattan, her parents had taught her the importance of having a good heart.

They’d hoped she’d become a respectful and excellent addition to society. What they didn’t know was that this would hurt her adult life, resulting in one of the biggest disasters of her life.

A Difficult Childhood


Amber had always had issues fitting in with her peers as a child. Her need to impress her parents morphed her into a people pleaser, a fact that many around her loved exploiting.

By the time she was an adult, she’d learned not to trust the people around her. Additionally, her doctor diagnosed her with social anxiety disorder, which would seemingly be the final straw in her life.

A Quiet Life


Amber decided she didn’t need a social life. By age twenty-seven, she had a handful of friends she’d only see once a month and her mom, who she visited every Sunday.

She’d divided her time between work and herself, living an introverted life she was content with. But everything seemingly changed when she met Theo.

Theo Holloway


Theo was unlike anyone Amber had ever met. A cover model working with some of the biggest names in the city, he came from Brooklyn and had snared her attention since day one.

The two had met at Amber’s favorite coffee shop, where she picked her monthly supply of Americano every first Monday of the month. She had no clue he would more than ruin her life.

A Chance Meeting


Their first encounter felt like a chance meeting, with Theo appearing next to Amber as she waited for her bag of coffee. He said “Hi,” and complimented her dress, his thick Brooklyn accent coaxing a smile from her.

But given her past of wanting to please everyone, she decided not to engage him. Something inside her warned that he was bad news, but she didn’t listen.

Where It Started


The next time he spoke, Amber fired back with a witty comment, birthing an afternoon of laughter between him and her.

She hoped she’d see him again as they parted ways that evening. There had been a spark between them she couldn’t explain. Although she didn’t want to jinx it, she knew she’d found the one.

Fated Mates


Amber was hardly one to believe in fated mates. But that afternoon more than convinced her that she and Theo had something special.

The way he talked warmed her inside, his thoughts and theories sending her mind flying. He made her laugh and question the things she thought she knew about life.

But more than anything, he made her feel special. She should have known he was nothing but trouble.

Breaking The Rules


After spending half a decade alone, Amber was blinded by the mystery that was Theo Holloway. She didn’t give him her number on their first meet-up at the coffee shop, so the only way to see him again would be to go back there.

For the first time in years, she broke her once per month only visit to the shop, showing up even three times a day. She needed to see Theo again.

He’s Gone


But unfortunately for her, Theo never came to the coffee shop again, and Amber was left wondering if their encounter had been a fluke.

She wondered if she’d spooked him away with her words and beliefs. She sighed in disappointment as she realized she’d never see him again. But just as she was about to throw in the towel, he showed up at the counter as he had on the first day.

Searching For Each Other


With his accent leading the way, he greeted her, offering to buy her a latte. Her smile couldn’t be broader as she accepted his offer, glad she didn’t give up on them.

Theo shared how he’d been coming to the shop every afternoon to see if she was around, which was hilarious because Amber had been coming in the mornings hoping to see him. It seems even fate wanted them to stay apart.

Catching Up


The two had another lovely afternoon together, but Amber was sure to give Theo her number this time. He promised her he’d call, and sure enough, he did that same night.

The two had a long conversation that lasted well into the night. They talked about everything, from childhood stories to their favorite foods and movies. Amber thought she’d found her soulmate.

Finally Together


The two spent the next week under the same light, talking for hours over the phone. The conversations led to walks in the bustling Manhattan streets and, soon enough, dates in the park and some of the city’s best diners.

Amber and Theo were dating by their third month of knowing each other. Even Amber’s mom was shocked by the development, although she couldn’t be prouder. But disaster was about to strike.



It all started with a Monday meeting for Amber. Working as a software developer for an online security firm in the city, her team had been tasked with presenting a new feature to one of their firm’s biggest clients.

Amber was not the project leader, but she’d done a lot to ensure everything went well. She hoped the presentation would run smoothly when out of nowhere, things started going sideways.

You’re Up, Kid


Her team leader, who was supposed to make the presentation failed to show up, dropping the entire project in Amber’s lap. Although she was a great developer, she didn’t have the slightest clue of what to do when standing before a panel of wealthy investors.

Her social anxiety kicked in as if on cue, freezing her in place just as the general manager called her to make the presentation.

The Aftermath


Two hours of yelling from the general manager followed, who blamed Amber even though she’d made the entire system by herself.

Her manager put her on probation, assuring her she’d lose her job if anything like this happened. Amber thought this was the end of her issues, but it was only the beginning.

Going Home


She left work that evening dejected, hating that despite everything she’d done, the manager had put all the blame on her. She unlocked her apartment and stepped in, eager to relax for a minute before starting dinner.

But walking through the corridor, her socks turned cold and wet, squelching as she hopped away. “No,” she screamed. “This can’t be happening!”

Check Those Pipes


It turns out a pipe had burst in her toilet, flooding the entire house with water. It damaged her rugs and short-circuited her apartment’s power.

Calling the caretaker yielded no result as the man promised he’d show up the next day only to do two days later. But these events were only the lead-up to what would throw Amber off the rails.



It was Friday when it happened, and her project lead called to tell her that he’d gone and presented what she’d been working on all year without her in the room.

To make everything worse, he was getting a promotion because of the system she’d built, a position Amber had been eyeing for months. She almost flung her phone at the wall.

A Bad Week


Amber’s week was officially ruined. She’d usually been a ray of sunshine, but today, she couldn’t do it. She’d been updating Theo on the events as they happened.

He couldn’t come over because of work but had promised to show up first thing on Saturday. He had no clue that it wouldn’t end well for him.

The Day It Happened


Amber sat in silence as she waited for Theo to show up on Saturday. They’d been spending their weekends cuddled up with a good romantic comedy on Netflix, with food and drinks littering the table before them.

Amber expected more of the same and was actually looking forward to it. But to her shock, Theo fished two tickets to the day’s Knicks game.

The Tickets


Amber had never been an outdoorsy person. She rarely left her house, unless while going to work or to see her friends or mom.

But with Theo, this was quickly changing. Despite her social anxiety, she was visiting restaurants and movie theaters with him, taking walks, and enjoying the outdoors. When she saw the tickets, she knew her night would be one of a kind.

Her First Game


Although Amber hated admitting it, she’d never been to a Knicks game. Still, she knew all the ins and outs of attending such spectacles, including traditions like kissing your partner whenever you appeared on the stadium’s jumbotron.

After a lousy week, Amber was ready to sink into the chaos and adrenaline of basketball. She wanted to scream and shout, to cheer whatever team Theo was supporting, and enjoy the night. If only she knew what awaited her at that stadium.

A Beautiful game


The two left Amber’s apartment in the afternoon and hurried to the game. The adrenaline and positive energy bubbling through the place were enough to make Amber smile.

She squeezed Theo’s hand, thanking him for bringing her here. She found the game exciting and started asking questions that Theo eagerly answered. But the terrible end was already looming above them.

On The Jumbotron


Amber and Theo were deeply conversing when people around them started cheering them on. One of them pointed at the massive screen above the court.

Amber froze as she realized she was on the screen, with thousands of spectators staring at her. She leaned onto Theo’s shoulder, and the crowd roared in applause. What they wanted was clear.

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!


Anxiety burned through Amber as she turned to Theo. Red lights went off in her mind, warning her against what she was about to do. But her heart was egging her on.

She held Theo’s jaw and went in, her eyelids fluttering shut. If these people wanted a show, she’d give them one to remember. But Theo leaned away.



Amber’s eyes blinked open, and she caught Theo recoiling away from her as if she were a repulsive sewer rat. The crowds burst into laughter, their reaction falling over Amber like ice-cold water.

She shook herself, staring around. Theo was laughing, too, inching away from her as if he wasn’t the one who’d brought her here. Something hot flared inside Amber’s heart, and she lunged forward.

His Best Feature


Her fingers caught the first thing in sight: Theo’s thick, long curly hair. He’d always bragged about how much he adored his hair, claiming it was his best feature. Amber couldn’t deny that he was right. But something was about to happen that would change her perspective forever.

Theo usually claimed that his hair was natural. But the entire thing came off as soon as Amber yanked on it. She didn’t mean to. All she saw on the jumbotron was a bald Theo clutching his shiny head while she held onto his best feature.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.