Boy Who Vowed To Marry Girl In Preschool Gets Last Laugh


Young Love

He had made the promise so many years ago, but now, the day had arrived, and he was extremely nervous.

Most people don’t believe in love at first sight, but he knew since the day he’d met her that they would get married some day. He met her when they were very young, and he loved her since that first day in class. Everyone laughed at him, they had no idea that he would stick by his word so many years later.

Young Love

Facebook/Laura Scheel

Love works in mysterious ways, and it can be both magical and beautiful. Everyone deserves to fall in love once in their lives. Matt Grodsky met his true love when he was just three years old.

Her name was Laura Scheel, and Matt always did everything he could to try and impress her. They were best friends, but everyone around them could see that they were so much more than that.

Best Friends

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Matt and Laura went to the same preschool in Phoenix, Arizona. It wasn’t long before the tiny tots were inseparable. By the time they were four, they were spending all their time together.

Nobody had ever seen anything like it – the pair had a unique and special bond right from the beginning. Unfortunately, their parents knew it couldn’t last. And sadly, they were right.

Playground Buddies

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The two little lovebirds spent long, happy days on the playground. Laura loved Matt’s goofball antics – they were always laughing and exploring together.

The teachers and parents who saw their friendship develop thought they were adorable but didn’t think it would extend into the future. To everyone’s surprise, they were both right and wrong.

Peas In A Pod

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Laura and Matt were like two peas in a pod. They didn’t just spend their time together at school, they planned their weekends ahead of time to spend even more time together.

They created so many happy memories together – Laura taught Matt how to use the swing and how to eat string cheese the “right” way, and he entertained her by re-enacting scenes from their favorite movie, The Lion King. But, one day, Matt did something so surprising that the whole classroom would mock him for it.

“Just You Wait!”

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That fateful day, Matt couldn’t contain himself. He was only four years old at the time, but he had to tell the whole world how he felt. He stood up in front of the entire class and professed his love for Laura.

“Just you wait!” he exclaimed as the whole class laughed at him. He vowed to marry Laura one day. Of course, nobody took him seriously. But, as the lovebirds grew up, their journeys took them on separate roads.

Separate Paths

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When it was time for Laura and Matt to start kindergarten, they ended up going to different schools.

Although they tried to remain good friends throughout the years, they inevitably drifted apart. They were now growing up and living separate lives. By the time they both started elementary school, the two best friends had become complete strangers. Then, something changed.

Moving On

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As Laura and Matt grew up, made new friends, and had new experiences, it was easy for them to forget about their past. For a moment, it seemed like the pair had grown up and moved on.

Seven years passed. Then, one day, Laura saw something that made all those old feelings come rushing back.

High School

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Matt and Laura were now attending high school, and they were further apart than ever. Until the day when Laura saw something that made her feel strange.

It was the fall of her freshman year. Laura was scrolling through her close friends’ phone when she saw Matt’s name come up in her contact list. Her reaction to seeing her old friend’s name came out of the blue and completely surprised her.

A Plan

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Just the sight of Matt’s name had made Laura flush, and her friend immediately asked her what was going on.

Laura told her friend about her childhood sweetheart Matt, but as she did this, her friend already had a plan up her sleeve. Laura’s friend was determined to get these preschool sweethearts back together. But would her plan work?

Setting Them Up

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Laura’s friend wanted to set her up with Matt again, but Laura had a different idea – “I was a freshman in high school, so I was like, ‘I don’t think so!’” Laura told People.

Despite having shown no interest in contacting Matt again, her friend gave Matt her number anyway. Laura was very nervous about the whole situation, but then Matt surprised her in such an incredible way that all her nerves seemed to have just flown away.


Facebook/Laura Scheel

Not long after, Laura received a text from Matt, and they both agreed to meet up. Both of them had no idea what to expect as so many years had passed, but clearly, the chemistry was still there.

They met up at a movie theatre and hit it off right away, it felt like they had never stopped being friends, or sweethearts for that matter. After just two weeks from the initial text from Matt, these two were officially dating. Even so, these two weren’t in the clear. They had a lot more to overcome.

Different Lives

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Matt and Laura spent all the time they could together and saw each other weekly. But soon, it was time for both to go on to college and they both knew how difficult this was going to be.

“Right after we graduated from high school, we were pretty hesitant,” said Laura in an interview with People. “We were like, ‘Do we stay together? Do we try to make it work.’”


Facebook/Laura Scheel

Once again, the paths of these two were destined to split, but they knew they had to fight for what they wanted, and they did. Laura enrolled at Northern Arizona University, and Matt moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College.

Even though these two were miles apart, they ensured nothing would separate them again as it had after preschool. Little did Laura know, a vow Matt once made in a packed classroom was as real as it was the first day he announced it.

Where It All Began

Facebook/Laura Scheel

Senior year of College came for these two lovebirds. Matt wanted to surprise Laura in the most incredible way he thought possible. “I convinced Laura that we were going to a picnic at the preschool. We had just finished up our junior year of college, so I framed it as a nice relaxing date,” Matt told Huffington Post.

When they arrived at the surprise destination, Matt got down on one knee and proposed to Laura. “YES” Laura exclaimed, “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, is this happening?’. But indeed it was, and Matt had everything sweetly planned. “I proposed to her at the place it all began … our preschool classroom.”

Love From The Beginning

Facebook/Laura Scheel

“When you like someone, you just kind of stand up and say it,” Matt said in an interview. He had known from the very beginning he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Laura.

As soon as she saw the ring, she couldn’t hold back her emotion. ‘This is gorgeous. I’m so happy with it.’ I had no idea,” she exclaimed. Little did these two know, they were about to make headlines.

Tying The Knot

Facebook/Laura Scheel

In December 2016, Matt and Laura tied the knot after almost 20 years of having vowed they would.

Matt’s uncle officiated the wedding and went on to describe their relationship as: “For most kids in preschool, it’s about finding your snacks and your sleeping mats, but for them, it was about finding their soulmates.” But still, the couple would wake up one morning and find that their faces were all over social media.

Viral Post

Facebook/Laura Scheel

Soon after these two became official husband and wife, Laura posted the story of how they met on social media. It became an instant hit and got caught by a social media account called “The Way We Met” which recounts amazing stories of how couples met.

The post became an instant hit, and the caption started off with Matt explaining how these lovebirds began: “I was enamoured with Laura as a child, and I still am to this day,” he declared. But his story is only one of several heart warming ones.

Vivid Memories


Across the pond, a similar incident occurred where two unexpecting lovers found their history ran deeper than they could’ve ever imagined.

After years of vivid memories of a small town, they both took a trip that would result in their chance of meeting. They would stumble onto an eye-opening discovery that showed them they were meant to be together.

Chase And Erica


Chase and Erica had met on a backpacking trip across Europe in their mid-twenties. One look at Chase and Erica knew she was in trouble.

Chase was not only good-looking but had the kindness of a monk. He always smiled and engaged Erica on topics that charged her mind with curiosity. The two didn’t know what fate had in store for them.

Destined To Meet


The trip only lasted two months, yet Erica and Chase felt like they had known each other more than that. In Erica’s words, “I felt like we’d spent decades together.”

She described her first month talking to Chase as otherworldly. There was a familiarity to him that she couldn’t understand. But the reason why is what makes everything even more special.

A Strong Pull


For the longest time, Erica, a lady born and raised in Italy, had always felt a pull to a small town near Bucharest, Romania. Though she’d never visited the place, it always felt like she’d led a life there.

She couldn’t explain the feeling, but most of the nights she slept, she would have dreams of the place. She could smell the local cuisine and hear the local music. She had no idea what was going on.

Hidden Secrets


Erica got accustomed to these feelings through puberty and her teenage years. But as she turned twenty-five, it became difficult to suppress the feelings bubbling within her.

If Erica had felt a connection to Bucharest when she was younger, now she felt a powerful pull to the place. She had no clue what awaited her there.

Meet Chase


Unknown to her, something similar was happening in America, where a twenty-eight-year-old Chase was undergoing the same thing. He couldn’t explain his connection to Bucharest but felt strongly that he’d lived there once.

To make matters even more mind-boggling, Chase felt he’d once had a lovely wife with whom he’d professed his undying love. He didn’t know what to make of these feelings.

A Farm, A Dog, And A Wife


For Chase, some of the ‘memories’ felt too real to ignore. He’d dream of tilling the land as his dog followed him across the field or spending time with his wife after the day’s hard work.

But seeing as he came from a city with little to no farms, Chase couldn’t explain where these ‘memories’ were coming from. He knew he needed to get to the root of the matter.

The Farm


After months of planning, Chase, alongside a few friends, took a trip to Europe. Although the trip was meant to take them all over the continent, his mind was only set on one country: Romania.

Imagine his surprise when he toured the outskirts of Bucharest to find the same farm he’d always thought of. Although the place was rundown, with the locals saying the last people to own the farm were an old couple about a century past, Chase knew what he was looking for was there.

They Finally Meet


He spent a few days exploring the area, from the field that felt so familiar to the local food, drink, and stories. He didn’t know he wasn’t the only one overwhelmed with the need to find answers that week.

Chase was walking in the derelict compound when he saw her. Although she was dressed for the Romanian cold, he could tell she was gorgeous. Even without talking to her, he knew he’d found her.

We Belong Together


Erica was stunned as she stared at the man. She couldn’t explain it but knew he was the answer to her questions. He seemed surprised to see her as well and couldn’t find his words for the next five minutes.

The two got down to talking. “The connection was instant. It’s like we’d done this a million times over,” Erica told her local news. But that was only the beginning.

A Reincarnation


The two formed a duo for the rest of their backpacking trip. With each conversation they had, more similarities seemed to come to the fore.

They both could remember sheltering from storms in their hut, or feeding their poultry during the summer. “Erica thinks we might be a reincarnation of the couple who lived in that farm,” Chase said.

Seeing The Future


Erica and Chase started dating, which felt like a continuation of something that had always been there. They still can’t explain what brought them together or their pull toward that piece of land in Romania.

Now happily married, they are working on a plan to go back and buy the land in Romania. In their own words. “We hope to rebuild it so we can find each other there again when the end comes.”

Designing A Dream


They spent several months saving up and sorting out all the paperwork, and finally, they were ready to begin their construction project. They wanted a piece of land in a picturesque village and set to work on designing their dream home. They began planning their trip to Romania and started looking for the perfect land to build their dream home.

They searched high and low and finally found a beautiful piece of land in a remote part of the country. The land was surrounded by lush green forests and had a small stream. They knew that this was the perfect spot to build their home.

Full Steam Ahead


At first, everything seemed to be going smoothly. The contractor they hired was experienced and reliable, and the work progressed quickly. But as the construction progressed, strange things began to happen.

The contractor’s equipment would suddenly stop working, and they would have to spend hours trying to fix it. They would hear strange noises at night, and sometimes they would see strange shadows moving in the darkness.

Obstacles On Course


Despite these strange occurrences, Erica and Chase were determined to continue building their dream home. They were convinced that their imagination was playing tricks on them, and they refused to let the strange happenings scare them away.

But one night, an old Romanian couple approached them as they were sitting in a local pub. The couple seemed to recognize them and told Erica and Chase that they thought they were dead. Erica was shocked by this revelation, and she couldn’t understand how this couple could possibly think that they were dead.

A Scary Memory


As they began to work on the house construction, the old couple told them about a friend of theirs who had lived on the land many years ago.

They said that their friend had always dreamed of building a new home on the land, but he had passed away before he could make it happen.

Dreams Forgotten


Erica was touched by the couple’s story and knew they had to build the home for their friend’s spirit. They decided to build the house with love and intention, knowing that their friend’s spirit was with them every step of the way.

Chase, however, knew that there was more to this than met the eye. He suspected that the spirits of their deceased friends were following them and that they were somehow connected to the strange happenings on the land.

No Backing Down


Despite this, Chase was determined to continue building his dream home. He was not scared of ghosts, and he knew that this was his chance to finally make his dream a reality. He knew that with hard work and determination, they could overcome any obstacle that came their way.

As they began to build, Chase could feel a presence around him. He knew that it was their friend’s spirit, and he was not scared. He knew that their friend was happy that they were fulfilling his dream.

Balancing Forces


The construction went on smoothly, and the couple was amazed at how everything seemed to fall into place. They worked hard and were grateful for the help and guidance of the old couple.

And so, they continued to work on their dream home, despite the strange happenings and eerie occurrences. They were determined to see their project through to the end, no matter what.

Prayer Vigil


As the house began to take shape, the couple decided to say a prayer to release their friend’s spirit from this world. They knew that their friend’s spirit could finally rest in peace now that his dream had been fulfilled.

And finally, after months of hard work and dedication, their dream home was complete. It was a beautiful, traditional Romanian home with all the modern amenities they needed. They were finally able to move in and begin their new life in Romania.

One With The Elements


The house was finally completed, and it was beautiful. The couple used natural materials and incorporated local cultural and historical elements into the design.

They also incorporated aspects of nature into the design, such as a small garden and a pond. They planted a special oak tree in honor of the old farm couple. It was precisely how they had pictured it; it felt like home.

Dream Come True


The couple was happy with how their home turned out and knew their friend’s spirit was also happy. They kept their respect as they built their house.

They knew that they had fulfilled his dream and were grateful to have been able to do so. They were learning so much about Romanian culture, and they loved it.

Feels Like Home


As they settled into their new home, they realized that the strange happenings had finally stopped. The spirits were appeased with them and stopped interfering in their work.

They knew that the spirits of their deceased friends had finally found peace and that they had been able to build their dream home without any further interference.

Its Our Time


Erica and Chase were happy and knew they had made the right decision. They were glad that they had followed their hearts and pursued their dream, no matter what obstacles they had to overcome.

And they knew that they would always remember this journey and the valuable lessons they learned along the way.

Resting In Peace


They were grateful for the strange happenings that had occurred during the construction of their dream home. They knew their deceased friends’ spirits were watching over them and guiding them along the way.

And they knew they would always be with them, in spirit, as they lived in their beautiful new home in Romania.

Part of The Scenery

Public Domain

The happy couple spent their days exploring the surrounding forest and taking in the beauty of the natural world. They also spent time with the old couple, who had become like family to them.

The adventurous couple knew they had found a new home in Romania and were happy to be a part of the local community. They knew they would always be connected to the land and the people who had helped them build their dream homes.

We Will Remain Here

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Chase and Erica felt a sense of connection to the land and the spirit of the friend who had once dreamed of building a home on the ground. They knew that they were fulfilling his dream and that he was with them every step of the way.

They also knew that they were fulfilling their dream and were grateful for the opportunity to do so. They knew they had found their true home in Romania and would be happy there for the rest of their lives.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.