Boy Comes To Store To Use Tablet Every Day, Then Looks What’s On The Screen


The Jig Was Up

Carlos was taken aback by what was unfolding in front of him. He was in the store with his mom right behind him. The man in front of him explained that he was a Samsung representative who had been informed about Carlos’s tablet activities.

A bead of sweat appeared on his brow as his hands started to tremble. He knew everything was on the line and he would have to deal with the consequences. When the representative opened his mouth, he had no idea what would follow.

Meet The Cardoso Family


Two and a half million people live in Salvador, Brazil. However, one family of four from their city was unaware that their lives would be turned upside down at a moment’s notice. They were the Cardoso family.

Manuel and Sofia had two beautiful children, Juan and Carlos. The only thing that mattered to them was that their children were happy and healthy, and they worked very hard to ensure that.

He Wanted More

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Carlos was the youngest son and felt like life was especially hard for him. His family wasn’t the wealthiest, but he wanted all of the nice things his fellow students at school had.

His school was within walking distance of his house, and he would often realize what nice clothes his classmates were wearing, and what fancy phones they would carry around. Carlos could only dream of such luxuries. He had no idea, though, what his desires would drive him to.

Coming Home Late


Sofia noticed that Carlos was getting home later and later after school. He would arrive home one or perhaps two hours after the school day was supposed to conclude.

She asked him why this was happening, but he simply shrugged and said he was catching up on homework. She tried her best to take his word for it, but she knew that something else was going on.

Where Was He Going?


Her instincts were right, Carlos was hiding something from her. He would greet his friends when the school day ended and began walking.

However, he wasn’t walking to his house. He would walk to the nearest shopping center. His mother was clueless about what he was doing after school, but his activities would be noticed by more than just her.

Browsing Around


Everyday Carlos would walk down the street to the closest shopping center. He would visit the exact same tech store and make his way inside.

He always said hello to all the employees before looking at all their products. He did not have the money to buy any of the products, but he always browsed around. One tablet in particular grabbed his intention. The employees had no idea what he was getting up to.

Interested In One Particular Product

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Carlos played with the tablet every single day. From the moment he would enter the store, he would walk straight to the tablet. The employees always asked if he needed help with anything, but he always responded with, “No thank you.”

When Carlos returned day in and day out the employees realized that something was going on. And they were determined to find out what.

He Had To Act


The following day when Carlos returned to the store, the employee told him that if he wanted to play with the tablet, he needed to create an account with the store. Carlos happily returned to the tablet after adding his mother’s contact information to the account.

In the end, when the employee saw what Carlos was doing on the tablet, he no longer had a choice, he needed to act. A number that Carlos was very familiar with would be dialed from the store phone.

The Phonecall


Sofia was busy making breakfast one morning when she heard her phone rang. Carlos could hear every single thing she said on the phone call, and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. “He’s been doing what!” he heard her say and he knew that his jig was up.

She walked inside the room after hanging up the phone. He was expecting her to start yelling. But it got much worse. She motioned for him to enter the car. They were on their way to the store he went to every day.

Tensions Were High


Carlos walked with heavy feet out of his room. This was a side of his mother that he had never seen before. She wasn’t angry, but the silence was deafening. He had never seen his mother this quiet. He had no idea what kind of punishment he would get.

They arrived at the store and he climbed out of the car. As he walked into the store, his mother stood behind him. When he saw what was waiting for him, his whole life changed.


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Carlos couldn’t believe what was happening. He was standing in the store with his mom behind him. The man in front of him told him that he was a Samsung representative and that he was told about what Carlos was doing with their tablets.

He felt his hands start to shake as sweat beaded on his brow. He knew that the jig was up and that he would face repercussions for his actions. But when the representative opened his mouth, he could never have imagined what he would say.

The Truth


The man told Carlos’ mother what he had been getting up to at the store. That he had been spending two hours every day glued to one of their tablets. But when he explained what her son had been doing while on them, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

For two hours every day after school, Carlos had walked 30 minutes to the tech store to use their tablet. But he had been writing his homework. He needed a tablet for his homework.



Carlos had been writing his homework on the tablet because it had Microsoft Word. He liked to submit his assignments as typed-up documents that he’d print at an adjacent store.

He found it a necessity because he hated his handwriting but loved technology. Knowing that he could type rather than write meant that he was happy to use the tablet every day, as long as the employee didn’t mind.


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The sales representative had a smile on his face when he told Carlos’ mother about what he had been doing. Carlos was worried he would be in trouble. But it seemed like quite the opposite was about to happen.

The man picked something up from the counter and handed it to him. Carlos scrutinized the box. Then it dawned on him. He was holding a tablet that looked a lot like the one he had been using.

A Tablet

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The representative told Carlos that the company had heard about his dedication to his school work and decided to reward him. They wanted to give him his very own tablet that he could use at home.

He wouldn’t have to go to the store anymore, and he could do his homework wherever he wanted with his own device. Something he sorely lacked. Carlos couldn’t believe it. His life had changed for the better.