Six-Year-Old Boy Found Safe After 22 Hours, But He Wasn’t Alone

Every Parent’s Nightmare

Every parent’s nightmare is somehow losing their child. Kaydon’s parents allowed him to play alone outside as long as he didn’t wander too far off without permission.

However, on the evening of Monday, April 23, 2018, Kaydon’s parents grew concerned.



When their son wasn’t back home by 6 p.m, they started to worry.

They had no doubt he had enjoyed himself playing outside as he usually did, but by the time evening came round, it was no longer fun and games for them.

Mischievous Boy


Kaydon Leach, a good and happy young boy, always enjoyed being outdoors and getting up to mischief like any other six years old.

He especially loved to play with his pets, in particular, his beloved black and white terrier named Chula.

Cold Outside


At first, they thought Kaydon was somewhere around the house, but as the minutes ticked by, they decided to alert Blount County Sheriff, James Lee Berrong.

They weren’t going to take any chances, as it was growing cold and dark and they knew their son didn’t have a coat.

No Time To Wait


Knowing there was no time to waste in getting the word out about the missing boy, the County Sheriff enlisted help right away.

Usually one has to wait 24 hours before filing a missing person alert, but in this close-knit community that didn’t have to be the case for missing Kaydon.

Search And Rescue


The local Sheriff launched a search and rescue mission with the help of a military Blackhawk helicopter from the nearby McGhee Tyson Airbase.

The search began very quickly after James Lee Berrong received the phone call from Kaydon Leach’s parents.

Nowhere To Be Seen


Despite all the efforts by the search and rescue teams, along with the assistance of local volunteers, the search seemed to be fruitless.

Kaydon was nowhere to be found and it had grown dark and cold already. Time was running short.

Safe And Sound


Kaydon Leach was found around 3:30 p.m. About 22 hours since he was first noticed to be missing the evening before.

When he was found, the growling turned out to be that of his faithful black-and-white terrier dog, Chula.

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