Bride Told To Work On Honeymoon Turns Tables On Boss


A Honeymoon Like No Other

She’d sent in her vacation request eight months prior. Confident that her honeymoon would be one-of-a-kind, she pushed the thought of her work colliding with her plans from her mind.

Everything was going well, with the big day looming closer. As was her routine, she decided to check her emails that morning. What she found made her eyes water.

Hard Work Pays

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Makayla Wright always believed hard work pays. Growing up, she did everything in her power to make sure she’d lead a comfortable life as an adult.

For Makayla, nothing good ever came easy. By twenty-nine, she’d crossed everything off her bucket list. Well, everything except her honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia. She didn’t know how much this honeymoon would affect her entire life.

Meeting The One

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Makayla met her fiance Henry at a dinner party with a partner from her firm. He was one of the chefs her boss hired for the event. After a few years of dating, he popped the big question, and she said yes.

But what was supposed to be a happy and monumental experience for these two would soon end with lawyers and court dates.


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The problems began at Makayla’s company. At only twenty-nine, Makayla was the assistant manager at her firm. Although this was a feat she cherished, she had some issues with how her boss ran the place.

Makayla’s boss was rarely in the office. He also never checked, let alone replied to office emails. This would form the foundation of Makayla’s nightmare.

It Starts

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Soon after Henry proposed to Makayla, she set everything up for the wedding. Among these preparations, she requested three weeks off work for her honeymoon.

Makayla had accumulated over eight weeks in vacation pay throughout the years. She knew her request wouldn’t be a problem. Something else also made her confident about the matter.

A Great Plan

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Makayla’s firm knew about her engagement to Henry. Her boss had even congratulated her. Makayla’s colleagues also knew her vacation request was for her honeymoon.

To make her request even more foolproof, Makayla sent in her notice eight weeks prior. There was no way anything could go wrong. Or was there?

A Day At The Job

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As part of her job description, Makayla usually took over the office whenever her boss wasn’t around. Since this happened often, Makayla’s colleagues would send her documents meant for their boss.

She would grant approvals for expense reports and lead the team in projects. These were all duties her boss was supposed to take care of.

He Responds To Her Request

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That morning Makayla sat down at the computer to catch up with her correspondences. She’d been so busy planning the wedding that other facets of her life had seemingly gotten away from her.

She opened the email with a smile, seeing it was from her boss. The smile on her face faded as she looked closely.

Reading The Email

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“Vacation request denied,” Makayla read. She said the phrase repeatedly, first in her mind, then with actual words. Her entire body stung with a charring pain. How could her boss do this to her?

Makayla emailed him, calling his phone when she remembered he never checked his email. The answer he gave her made her heart pause.

A One-sided Discussion

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“Look, we need dedicated people,” Makayla’s boss said. “If you think you can take three weeks off for a vacation, you need to reconsider your position here.”

Makayla’s boss cut the call, leaving her dumbfounded. After everything she had done for their firm, for him, how could he do this to her? She would have her revenge.

She Retaliates

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“No consideration needed,” Makayla wrote as a response to the email. “My last day will be in three weeks. Let me know about transitioning duties.”

She forwarded the email to HR. She’d given her life to the firm and taken on her boss’s responsibilities while he was out playing golf with clients. If he wanted to ruin her life, she would go down swinging.

The Dominos Begin Falling

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The three weeks came in, and Makayla stepped away from the firm as promised. Her boss didn’t contact her or HR regarding transitioning duties. He didn’t even show up for Makayla’s exit interview.

But a week later, he called her, asking why she was not in the office. Confused, Makayla asked why she would be in the office. Her boss told her they needed to clear correctly, saying Makayla did not send in a resignation notice.

Everything Starts Falling

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“Please check your email,” Makayla said smoothly, using everything in her body not to scream at her phone. But soon enough, she found out that everything was falling apart at her old job.

It turns out that since Makayla was doing all her boss’s duties, he had to stay in the office and work. Makayla thought that was everything when something even bigger cropped up.

The End For Him

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Makayla’s boss was neck-deep in legal issues over embezzling company resources. The golf outings he used to take with the firm’s clients were for him and not for the company’s interest. He was also in trouble for not working at all while being paid by the firm.

When the truth came out, Makayla’s boss got fired from his position with no severance package.

An Unexpected Ending

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Makayla ended up in a new firm before her wedding day. The company offered her substantive pay for the skills she was bringing to the table.

The firm also included paid vacation for the three weeks she needed for her honeymoon. With everything all but set, Makayla closed her eyes and leaped into the next phase of her life.