10 Grilling Tips from Master Chef Bobby Flay

Is there anything more delicious than the smokey flavor that comes from grilling? Delicious browning on vegetables, the perfect marbling on a grilled steak and even grilled cheese! A grill adds serious flavor to your food. You know summer’s arrived when the BBQ comes out!

Fire up your grill with these ten grilling tips from the grill guru, Chef Bobby Flay. You’ll learn how to sear the perfect steak with great marbling and check for doneness with the touch test. Touch test? Marbling? If you’re a grilling beginner these grilling tips will turn you into a pro in no time.

You’ve probably grilled a steak before but have you learned to grill the PERFECT steak? Read on for all of Bobby Flay’s grilling tips and his simple recipe for the perfectly grilled steak. It only uses three ingredients!

1.) Befriend Your Butcher

Grilling Tips Befriend Your Butcher

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One of Bobby Flay’s most important grilling tips is to buy from a good butcher shop or from the butcher at your supermarket’s meat counter. Why? Your local butcher usually has better quality meats and a larger selection than your average grocery store. You’ll also get expert advice on what cuts are bestfor certain recipes and always know where your meat was sourced.

If you can’t make it to a butcher make sure to at least avoid prepackaged steaks. Plastic wrap traps in moisture which doesn’t make for the best flavor.