The Top 5 Best Wine Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine gifts are some of the best gifts to give and receive, and nowadays there are plenty of creative wines and accessories to gift to your favorite vinos.

The wine world is a large, abundant world filled with an assortment of grapes, wine regions and plenty of delicious wines to try. This may be one of the many reasons why wine gifts are one of the top choices when it comes to giving gifts to adults. From gifting a new fresh wine that will surprise the recipient to giving them a limited edition of their favorite type of wine, there are plenty of ways to go about gifting wine.

The truth of the matter is, most of the time we don’t know what type of wine to give exactly. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out what type of wine to get, why not try a new way to give wine gifts? With tons of new wine subscriptions and cool wine accessories, the options are endless.

We’ve come up with five creative ways to gift everyone’s favorite drink:

5.) For the Ultimate Wine Lover

four wine bottles in wincs wine gifts set


So maybe you know that the person likes wine, but deciding on the perfect bottle or bottles is a bit too much to think about. What with the thousands of types of wines and regions to choose from, things can be a bit overwhelming. Well why not let a luxury wine subscription service do the work for you? Get the lucky gift recipient a special delivery straight to their door.

Wine Subscription

Why waste time trying to guess what kind of wine your person likes? With wine subscription services like Winc and Bright Cellars, they can choose directly what kind of wines they like to drink and have them delivered straight to their door. Most companies like Bright Cellars and Winc let you take a personalized quiz on their website. Think a match quiz, but with wine. The quizzes are designed to be catered to you by asking about how, when and where you like to consume your wine.

After you take their simple quizzes, they pair you with their selection of delicious top-shelf wines that can be delivered right to your door. Bright Cellars and Winc send the special person a gift card in the mail and a personalized message. The gift card is in the amount that you choose, plus shipping to their home. The recipient takes the code, goes online and takes the quiz for themselves, and in days they’ll have their delicious personalized boxes on their front door. What better way to give the best wine gifts than this?


4.) For a Taste of Everything

a hand holding a Vinebox wine gifts sampler


If your recipient isn’t so picky and will enjoy a good glass of wine without worrying about where it’s from and whether it’s white or red, then gifting them an assortment gift set is a great option. Instead of picking them out yourself, try VineBox’s personal wine flight.

A personal wine flight is a personally curated box of nine different wines delivered straight to their door. You can choose between one box of nine wines or four boxes. The boxes consist of uniquely packaged wine flights, or enough wine for one glass of nine different wines so they can have their very own at-home wine tasting. This makes an exciting and fun gift for anyone, but especially for wine enthusiasts. If they find their brand new favorite bottle, they can head online to VineBox and purchase their own set.

3.) For the One Who Knows Exactly What They Like

three bottles of winc wine in a wine gifts set

Winc California Trio

Some wine lovers are a little picky, or in better terms, they know exactly what they like. These types of wine lovers have no interest in being enticed by a new bottle or a new region. They know quality wine when they see it, and they want exactly that every time they drink a glass.

The best choice for these wine connoisseurs is to give them a set of their favorite type of wine. Are they a Malbec fan? Do they love a good Spanish Rioja? Or maybe you never see them without a glass of Chardonnay in their hand. Maybe they are quirky and would like a wine set with a fun theme, like The Walking Dead or the The Lord of the Rings. With the Tasting Room’s customized gift sets, you choose your customized set for that particular wine lover.

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2.) For a Little Extra Something Special

wincs wine gifts set with caramel popcorn

Winc The Art of Caramel

Every wine lover has a favorite snack to go with their favorite bottle, whether it’s chocolate or something more savory. Drinking wine and having something to munch on is a part of wine culture, and we’re always looking for a new way to enjoy our favorite glass. So the next time you’re thinking of the perfect wine gift, why not buy your person a great bottle of wine and a treat to enjoy it with?

The wine experts at Winc have perfectly curated wine gifts for any type of wine lover. Choose from their Art of Caramel gift set, which pairs four artisan-flavored caramel popcorn varieties with a Sonoma County DIME Red Blend. Or if they prefer chocolate with the perfect balance of sweet and salty, opt for the Compartes x DIME set. Pair the red blend wine with two decadent dark chocolate and vanilla sea salt bars. This gift will truly make the indulgent wine lover smile.

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1.)  For the Wine Pro

white wine pouring into a wine gifts set of aerating glasses

The Apollo Box

Some wine lovers are so into wine that they have everything you could ever think of. So how do we get them the best wine gift to make their heart smile? True wine lovers are always looking for great gadgets to accompany their endless wine collections. It could be a brand new set of wine glasses, a sleek decanter or even an eclectic wine rack.

Wine enthusiasts know the ins and outs of enjoying a glass of wine. They don’t scrunch their eyebrows at the words decant or aerate.So if you have one of these people in your life, there is no need to play around with the predictable wine gifts. Why not gift them the ultimate wine pro gift, like a glass that aerates as you pour? Apollo Box’s Stemless Aerating Wine Glass Set is sure to impress any wine enthusiast with its sleek design and technology. Watch their face as they pour their wine into the center and it self-aerates as it cascades into the sides of the glass. The set comes with two glasses so you can enjoy a glass with them. Wine party, anyone?

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Are you a wine lover? What’s your favorite wine gift to receive?