Some Healthy Ideas Over Coffee

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Coffee is an interesting drink. None of us like it when we’re kids (although that may be changing with 5 years olds and their vanilla steamers, no foam please), butas we get older and realize we can get super productive in high school accounting class, or finish a painting in art class in 3 minutes, we begin to explore the coffee shop menu, often looking more for a dessert with caffeine in it than simply a coffee like Grandma makes, strong and black, while she complains about how coffee should just be coffee, not double this, and chocolate that (“It’s called mochagrandmaaa.”).She does have a point however, and that is that coffee drinks are often very far from simply being a little jolt in your morning as they used to be, for 5 cents of course. With lots of added sugars, fats and chemicals to bring forth a certain consistency for the buyer, many of the iced blended drinks are a health catastrophe, and even some of the ‘skinny’ drinks pose health risks in the form of chemicals unabsorbable by the body.

Full fat milk would have been the better choice in all of these drinks if it was unpasteurized and if our cows weren’t eating genetically modified corn and given hormones (both of those pass on through their milk by the way).Here are some of the healthified coffee drinks that we have found to be satisfying for all tastes, and you can impress grandma by the simplicity of your choices – better yet, make here one of these at home, and if you like, try using oat, almond, or hazelnut milk for variety or tastes and textures (slight differences there).Soy is not healthy in any form but its whole pod or fermented form.Don’t consume it – even organic soymilk is very mucus forming.

5 Nonfat Mocha

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Okay I saved this one for last for all of you who are sighing with disappointment in the lack of frappucino-esque drinks.Mocha is not healthy, so simmer down.It is healthier, as specified in the title of this article. If you’re going to do a dessert-y coffee, do mocha, as it is less chemicalized than the syrups and the cocoa does bring a few benefits.It’s also not too high in calories – but think small size people, not the new big gulp-sized coffee drinks they’re introducing. So whether you’re a coffee fanatic and just want to healthify your choices, or just drink whatever sounds good, there’s you select choices that won’t flood your body with sugars, saturated fats and chemicals. If you can, make sure you drink water to offset the diuretic effect of caffeine and to rehydrate your cells.Coffee is acidic, so offset the acid by eating more greens and other alkaline foods like fruit and vegetables.

4 CaféAu Lait

A café au lait, or as Starbucks people call it, a ‘misto,’ is simply half coffee, half milk. Don’t listen to the Netherlandians when they call it “koffie verkeerd” or ‘incorrect coffee.They are incorrect.Coffee is excellent with milk, especially with a drop of agave or a square of raw sugar.

3 Macchiato

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Originally meaning ‘marked,’ or ‘stained,’ a macchiato is a simply an espresso with a ‘mark’ of milk foam, generally a tablespoon unless specified otherwise.Very low-calorie, and great for those of us who love the taste of coffee for what it is, and don’t try to hide it among other flavors.

2 Nonfat Cappuccino

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Another no-brainer.Espresso, and generally half milk, half foam, but if you’re picky, ask for a dry cap for more foam and less milk, and a wet cap for more milk and less foam.Or just ask for a latte with foam…

1 Nonfat Latte

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So this is a no-brainer.Espresso, nonfat milk, and a sweetener of your choosing.Just make sure you don’t use chemical sweeteners, as they lodge in fat cells when your organs can’t pass them through quickly enough. Don’t add flavor, even ‘skinny’ flavors – their full of chemicals that will contribute to the inefficiency of your organs, eventually destroying your flawless looks anyway.

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