Best Handheld Video Games – Pre 90s

You may have to be in your late 30s or beyond to appreciate this list, but I think any age would enjoy these classics…They’re not exactly Black Ops or Halo, but there is something about those red colored electronic dots that speaks to your soul…

5 Head to Head baseball by Coleco – 1982

I came super close to uploading the Football version of the Head to Head series, but since I already have Football as number 2, I’m going with this…HEAD TO HEAD, means compete against sibilings or friends…BRING IT!!!! I used to play for baseball cards..

4 Pac Man (A.k.a. Puck Man, Munch Man) by Tomy – 1981

Okay, wasn’t the funnest game to play, but gotta love the design and can’t get much more nostalgic glory than Pac Man! Or in Japan – Puck Man (Lame) or UK (Munch Man) even lamer.

3 Wildfire Pinball by Parker Brothers – 1979

What!!! They put it a tilt on a LED pinball game? How does that make sense? Super fun though with great sound effects that could really bug the crap out of your parents.

2 Football II (Classic Football II) by Mattel – 1978

Okay, first there was Football I, the white one…Then comes Football II where you can actually run backwards and actually pass!!!! It got real…played for hours on road trips or late at night under my covers..

1 Donkey Kong Tabletop Arcade by Coleco- 1982

You were probably a little rich kid if you had one of these because they were pricey…but they sure were fun and super cool looking…GO MARIO! you lil crazy plumber…

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