Best Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas Anyone Will Love

We've put together the best Christmas gift wrap ideas. From colorful pom poms to chalkboard wrapping, find your new favorite way to wrap presents.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so it’s about time to get your Christmas presents wrapped and sorted. These Christmas gift wrap ideas will make up your presents look a million dollars. Your gifts will be the prettiest under the tree, and no one will want to open them. From hand-stamped letters to beautiful embellishments, there’s a Christmas gift wrap idea to suit everyone.

Check Out This Collection of Best Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas That Anyone Would Love to Receive:

20. Gift Wrap for the Fun and Playful

colorful pom pom Christmas gift wrap


Colorful Pom-Poms and Tassels

Turn plain, boring, simple gift wrap into a fun, playful and colorful design by adding mini pom-poms and tassels.

This colorful Christmas gift wrap will look beautiful under the Christmas tree.

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19. Gift Wrap for the World Traveler

christmas wrap road map

Miki Duisterhof

Maps Wrapped With Ribbons

The travel bug has gotten the best of some of us.

Turn a boring road map or world map into an epic gift wrap! Style it up a bit by adding red string and a button to make it festive.

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18. Gift Wrap for the Nature Lover

christmas gift wrap, pinecone and string


Pinecones and Brown Twine

Add a rustic touch to your gifts with pinecones and twine. The green of the pine needles stands out against the natural gift wrap.

If you use real pine needles, they will smell amazing.

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17. Gift Wrap for the Glamorous

glittery letters are cute when added to your Christmas gift wrap


Glittery Letters and Pretty Ribbons

The sparkly letters are a glittery and glamorous way to embellish your presents.

A charming, personalized gift wrap idea anyone will love.

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16. Gift Wrap for the Traditional

red christmas gift wrap with white ribbon and berries


White Berries and Bright Red Gift Wrap

Simple ribbon and white berries can be added to any gift wrap, box or bag to a give it extra holiday feels.

This is a beautifully styled gift wrap theme that would be a pleasure to open on Christmas morning while sitting in your matching family Christmas pajamas.

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15. Gift Wrap for the Green-Fingered

Mini Wreaths and Foliage

Bring the outdoors inside this Christmas with this gorgeous gift wrap idea.

Use foliage, mini holiday wreaths and twine to create a natural look for your gift wrap design.

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14. Gift Wrap to Jingle all the Way

beautiful copper chirstmas gift wrap with bell


Copper Gift Wrap and Jingle Bells

There’s nothing more Christmasy than the sound of jingling bells. You instantly imagine Santa being pulled in his sleigh by his reindeer. Ho, ho, ho!

Who needs brown paper packages tied up with string when you can wrap it in copper gift wrap? This truly looks stunning.

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13. Christmas Gift Wrap With a Difference

linen and pinecone christmas gift wrap idea


Linen Fabric and Pinecone

Sometimes it’s nice to use an alternative to paper gift wrap.

This is an easy way to wrap gifts and doesn’t require any sewing. The Furoshiki technique can be used all year round, not just for Christmas.

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12. Gift Wrap for the Creative Minded

christmas gift wrap ideas, chalkboard wrap

David Giles

Chalkboard Gift Wrap With Hand-Drawn Designs

Get all creative with this chalkboard gift wrap.

Doodle to your heart’s content, and add a personal message to your gifts in a cute chalkboard style.

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11. Gift Wrap for the Dotty

red polka dot and red ribbon Christmas wrap

Urban Comfort

Big Red Bow and Holiday Berries

This striking gift wrap idea will certainly wow all.

The sprig of leaves and berries stands out against the polka dot paper, and the big red bow looks divine.

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10. Gift Wrap for the Believer

cute reindeer christmas gift wrap


Brown Paper and Reindeer Face

This Christmas gift wrap idea will certainly put smiles on faces on Christmas morning.

Create this super cute gift wrap by simply using googly eyes and craft paper or felt. The kids will LOVE it!

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9. Gift Wrap for the Book Enthusiast

book pages tied up with string for wrapping presents


Old Book Pages and Twine

If you have some old, unwanted books lying around, use them to wrap smaller gifts.

This is an eco-friendly and Instagram-worthy gift wrap idea.

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8. Gift Wrap for the Joyful

Wooden Letters and Tartan Fabric

Spread some holiday cheer by adding some wooden letters and decorative fabric to your gifts.

This Christmas gift wrap idea is super easy to recreate and looks luxurious.

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7. Gift Wrap for That Awkward Present

snowflake paper bag ties with ribbon; Christmas gift wrap idea


Brown Paper Bags and Laser-Cut Snowflakes

If wrapping gifts aren’t your thing, have you thought about bagging them? By placing your gifts into a simple brown bag and adding some beautiful finishing touches, you will eliminate the stress of wrapping awkward shaped presents.

These laser-cut wooden snowflakes are just adorable and are super easy to add to the bag by just tying them on with a ribbon.

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6. Gift Wrap That’s Been Woven

woven ribbon Christmas gift wrap idea

The Sweetest Occasion

Brown Gift Wrap and Woven Glittery Ribbon

Instead of using a traditional Christmas bow, try getting more creative and embellish your gifts with this clever woven technique.

Use glittery ribbons as a contrast to plain gift wrap to make your gifts stand out and sparkle.

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5. Gift Wrap for the Craft Addict

brown paper andpaper straws are an easy Christmas gift wrap idea

Splash of Something

Brown Gift Wrap and Paper Straw Decorations

With some scissors and some imagination, you can turn simple paper straws into a gift wrap masterpiece.

You could even make it a family project by getting the kids involved.

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4. Gift Wrap for Those Who Love Shiny Things

metallic gift wrap with holiday decorations

Older And Wiser

Organza Ribbons and Mini Holiday Decorations

When wrapping presents, it’s always best to choose a color theme and stick to that palette when wrapping all of your gifts. Not only will they look fabulous, but also everyone will know which gifts are from you.

Mini decorations and pretty colorful organza are a simple way to embellish your presents without breaking the bank.

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3. Gift Wrap for the Bead Buff

use perler beads to pimp up your Chrsitmas gift wrap

Craft and Creativity

Handmade Perler Bead Decorations

This creative gift wrap decoration will give you the perfect opportunity to get the kids involved.

Use Perler beads to create unique handmade decorations to adorn your gifts. The decorations can even be used as an ornament and hung on the Christmas tree afterward.

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2. Gift Wrap for the Stamp Fanatic

letter stamp your gift wrap to make it more personalized

Andrew McCaul

Hand Stamped Letters and Ribbon

This is such a simple, yet effective idea that will add a personal touch to any gift.

By stamping some plain white paper with the initial of the giftee, you will create your own design. Your giftee will also appreciate that you have gone that extra mile to do so and make them feel special.

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1. Gift Wrap for Those With a Sweet Tooth

candy canes used look amazing under the tree

Micael Partenio

Candy Canes With Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas gift tags are a fantastic way to add a special touch to your gift.

Pair the tags with a candy cane to take your gift wrapping game to the next level.

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Which is your favorite of these best Christmas gift wrap ideas? 

best christmas gift wrap ideas anyone will love