Massive Sinkhole Discovered In Chile Has Authorities Puzzled


How And Why?

The expert couldn’t believe his eyes when he arrived at the site. He had never seen anything like this before, and the man was left stunned.

The authorities were puzzled when they found a massive sinkhole in a field in Chile. They had no idea how it had formed and why it had formed in that specific location. But they couldn’t leave it; they had to do something about it.

A Scientist


As an excellent environmental scientist, Javier Martinez has dealt with various challenging cases throughout his career. He had a lot of work packed on his plate due to the recent droughts and deforestation.

What he was about to see on this Chilean field was nothing close to what he expected. It was a rare sight, something very few could anticipate.

Scientific Education

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Javier had been interested in science ever since he was a young boy. He had a knack for building things and enjoyed paging through nature books.

He had decided to go to a science-based high school and chose environmental science when he went to university. His ambition was to make a difference in the local ecosystem, but as much as he had learned through his education, he’d still be unprepared for what came decades later.

A Difficult Childhood


Javier didn’t have the easiest life, having grown up in a low-income family. His parents struggled to provide their children with all they wanted.

Javier only wanted a book, whether it was a birthday or a holiday gift. He was fascinated with nature, and it was like he had spent his entire life preparing to become an environmental scientist.

Tricky Scenarios

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His job meant that he often had to deal with tricky scenarios and the environmental science cases Javier took on were no easy feat.

He found himself dealing with scenarios like trying to get an entire forest to recover or to restore other large areas. It became tough when people’s lives were on the line. When Chile had a drought problem, finding a solution was up to him.

Taking A Stand

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Javier was never one to back down from a task, and he still wasn’t despite the threats he received. He pushed hard to protect certain areas of water, but due to the corruption in Chile, he often had some backlash.

For Javier, it was all part of the job description. He was no stranger to taking a stand and keeping his ground, and there were no exceptions when corruption started getting in the way.

Call For Help

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A Chilean government agency, The National Service of Geology and Mining, got a hold of Javier’s organization with an urgent call. They were asking for help.

Something had developed on top of the mine but what disturbed them most was that no one could explain how it had occurred. They had never seen anything like this in their lives before.

Upon Their Arrival

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Javier headed to the site with his equipment after assembling a team to see what was so disturbing. He was concerned, but the scientist inside him couldn’t help but feel excited.

The Chilean government was already there upon their arrival and warned them to be cautious. Television companies had also arrived. Javier was used to dealing with dangerous situations and thought he had been prepared for anything. He was wrong.

Massive Sinkhole

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Javier and his crew felt their hearts drop when they saw what they were dealing with. It was a massive sinkhole, which neither of them had ever encountered. Especially not on this scale.

Despite trying to do an inspection from a safer distance, Javier knew that the only way figure out what happened was to get closer.

A Dangerous Situation

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Throughout his entire career as an environmental scientist, Javier had never encountered anything like this. His crew was just as lost as he was, and so was the government’s crew.

The experts had to take charge of the situation before anyone got hurt. But what was there to be done? The sinkhole was dangerously big in diameter.

Massive Size

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The sinkhole was massive. It was estimated to be about 105 feet wide which was about as long as a basketball court. It was quite big, and it was located in a tricky place.

The massive sinkhole was located near a mining site in northern Chile and appeared out of nowhere. No one knew of any seismic activity or something that could trigger such an event.

Taking Measures

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After learning of its detection, authorities immediately went to the site for safety response and to investigate the sinkhole. The action time was fantastic. Soon after, Javier’s crew was deployed to the site as well.

Both Lundin Mining, the company in charge of the nearby mine, and the experts on site confirmed that the sinkhole did not impact the people, equipment, or facilities that were both inside and near the surface of the Alcaparrosa mine.

What Was Inside

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But the big question on Javier’s mind was what was inside the hole and how deep it was. And he wasn’t the only one who wondered the same thing.

After investigating it more, they relayed that there was a considerable distance of approximately 656 feet to the bottom. They hadn’t detected any material down there, but they had seen the presence of a lot of water for some reason.

Not The Only One

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This was not the only massive sinkhole to suddenly appear. In another part of the world, another sinkhole emerged.

One man was pulled inside a sinkhole at a party in Karmei Yosef, a town about 25 miles outside Tel Aviv, when it opened under a swimming pool. The couple who owned the property was arrested for not inspecting the plot enough before building their pool.

Making The News

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While investigators were still working to determine the cause of the sinkhole, some folks on Twitter had chimed in with their own theories.

Afterward, it didn’t take long for the event to make the news, and suddenly the story was all over social media. The entire world knew about it, and everyone wondered why it had appeared.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.