At 191 Years Old, Mama Esifiho Has One Last Warning About Earth’s Future



Most people would agree that wisdom is tied to age. Well, according to that logic, there’s one woman who may be the wisest person alive.

She’s earned the title of the oldest living woman, and she feels that every day is a blessing.

In her private circles, they call her Mama Esifiho. She has knowledge about the world that was never recorded in books or just lost to time.

Humble Beginnings


Although not much is known about Mama Esifiho’s origins, she remembers everything. She had humble beginnings in Abuja, Nigeria, where she was born in 1832. 

This meant that she saw the world when it was a completely different place.

She saw the evolution that mankind would take over two centuries.



She moved to a quieter village called Brass and has since lived there her whole life despite frequent traveling in her youth. She wanted to find out more about the world she lived in.

So as a young lady, she started traveling. But that was easier said than done.

People these days take modern travel for granted. She had to do it the hard way.



Mama Esifiho traveled the continent she was born on before the luxuries of modern tourism. She had no idea what a plane or a zeppelin was.

These were some of the earliest forms of air travel that wouldn’t exist until around 1900.

She couldn’t just hop on a plane like we can today. But that wasn’t everything.

What God Gave Her


Even more staggering was that the car wasn’t invented until 1886. The locomotive was invented just eight years prior to her birth, but there wouldn’t be trains in Nigeria for decades. 

Because ships were also out of the question, this meant that Mama Esifiho had only one choice when it came to traveling the continent.

She had to use what god gave her.

Going The Hard Way


Mama Esifiho traveled the old-fashioned way. She walked and lived quite early life because of it. 

In her lifetime, she’s traveled all the way to the Pyramids of Egypt and the Southern Tip of Africa, searching for her calling.

She learned many things in her travel that not many people alive know today.

Coming Back Home


At the age of 35, she decided to come back home and live the rest of her days in the country she was born in.

She was satisfied with a decade of traveling and finally put her ambitions to rest.

But that doesn’t mean she was blind to what was going on with the rest of the world and what consequences it would have. She knew it all too well.

World Evolving


Before her eyes, the world evolved around her. Certain changes were welcome, like modern health care and long-distance phone calls. But not everything was a good change in her mind. (  

The obvious ones were the many wars she had to live through. The African campaign in World War II and countless civil wars since then.

But she has a message for people today.

Other Change


Other, more nuanced changes that she doesn’t think benefit humanity are things like social media, fast food, and addictions. She grew up in a world where nearly none of those existed.

Her great-great-grandson tries to keep up with modern trends and technology, so she sees it all, some better than others.

But with all of her wisdom, she’s a respected elder in her circles.



Her name alone should give the impression that she is highly respected in her community. People all over Nigeria come to visit her and see what advice she can give them.

But she doesn’t do it on a whim. She knows that wisdom imparted in large doses can actually lead someone astray.

But she does wish she could reach out to more young people and tell them what she thinks.

Walking Wonder


She knows she’s a walking wonder of science but doesn’t just trust anyone. She has known for many years that only foolish people trust easily. 

This is why she doesn’t take on any interviewers.

She prefers the solitude of the world and the peace she is afforded by having a close-knit community that understands her way of life.

Imparting A Bit Of Knowledge


But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to try and give a little bit of knowledge to the world around her.

At 191, she’s seen so many things that it would only make sense that she can help give people perspective.

She has a great deal on her mind with how long she has lived on this planet. She has a lot to say.

Things She Would Change


Mama Esifiho wishes her wisdom could reach more than just her community.

She wants youths everywhere to know that life is worth living to the fullest. Social media and digital things are only make-believe.

She’s watched people devolve into their devices, be it phones, computers, or TVs. She wishes they would go out more.



Another thing that she wishes for is for people to be more peaceful. Violence and hate only breed chaos in her mind.

If the world could be at peace and everyone looked after each other like a community, then it would be a better place.

But that’s not everything. She also has a message for the future. She’s lived long enough to be able to make a prediction.

A Prediction


Mama Esifiho has seen how the world shapes and changes, and she feels she’s one of the only people with the right knowledge to make a prediction about the future.

But she knows that not many people will be willing to accept it. It’s a dooming message that foreshadows the worst event in history. But will people even listen if she tells them? Or will she be ignored?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.