Top 5 Amazing Tech Items For Your Workspace

If you’re working for any company in the 21st century, you probably know first-hand how awesome workspaces can be. It seems like every up-and-coming, too-cool-for-school startup or tech company has revamped the age-old idea of the typical dreary office. Office spaces are no longer limited to water coolers, cubicles, and eggshell-white walls. Instead, the mundane office your parents had to endure has evolved from dull and cramped to brilliant, unconventional spaces.

Office walls have been torn down and replaced by glass to feel open and collaborative, rooms have been personally designed according to each one’s “purpose” and updated with the latest, greatest technology. These gadgets range from quirky to incredibly useful to who would buy that? This is good news, because we can’t all work at places like Google Headquarters.

Let’s face it. You or someone you know may be in desperate need of renovation at work. So, here are 5 amazing tech items that will take the boring out of your snoozefest workspace.


5.) Exerpeutic WorkFit Desk Treadmill 


amazing tech items

Photo by Exerpeutic 

This may look a little ridiculous, but don’t worry, there’s no need to beg your boss to install a treadmill at the office. Instead, the Exerpeutic 2000 model can be used by telecommuters or on the days you want to work from home. Start your day with the release of endorphins! Just set up this amazing tech item in place of your usual workstation. You can watch webinars, finish your PowerPoint or respond to emails all while working on getting that beach body. Talk about winning at multitasking.

Exerpeutic’s desk treadmill comes with an adjustable table with extra padding to avoid exhausted arms, two holders for stationery or a big glass of water (you’ll need it), and a tablet stand. When the clock strikes 5, fold away the entire set and be at peace knowing your cardio for the day is done! So if you’re a health junkie, why not take your usual workday up a notch? It beats working in your jammies … although you could totally work out in your jammies.