Top 5 Types of Alternative Yoga You’ll Want To Stretch Into Now

Nowadays there are so many types of ways to say namaste. Check out these 5 alternative yoga movements and spice up your practice!

1.) Trap Yoga

Trap music and yoga seem like polar opposites. One of the intrinsic qualities of traditional yoga is the peace and quiet nature, which is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of trap. Trap yoga is a newer type of alternative yoga that is taking the quiet nature of yoga and completely flipping it, changing how you view yoga.

Brandon Copeland of Washington D.C. is credited with starting the first trap yoga classes. Copeland created the classes after videos of him doing traditional yoga poses to trap songs began circulating on the internet. Trap yoga was created to open the door to promoting wellness by merging nontraditional and traditional practices of yoga, and caters to trap music fans who want to find namaste their own way. It combines techniques of Ashtanga yoga, or a faster-paced, physically based yoga, with elements of trap music. Trap yoga was designed to be for all types of yogis. Whether you’re new to the practice or a seasoned yogi looking to spice things up, trap yoga was made for people who want to explore what it’s like to remove the quiet aspect of yoga.

Have you tried any of-the-moment nontraditional yoga classes? Comment with your favorite class below!

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