All Grandson Inherits From Wealthy Grandma Is A Note



He honestly felt a little relieved when after many years, his grandmother finally passed on. He loved her, but he no longer had to take care of her 24 hours a day. She was now in heaven resting peacefully where she could be with her husband.

Another by-product of her passing would be his inheritance. He greedily fantasized about all the wealth that would wash over him. But he had no idea what was coming his way.


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After getting to the house, he expected to find something more dramatic. But all he found was a note that she had left for him. He immediately got on the phone but what the other person on the line said made his blood boil.

He felt pure anger coursing through his veins. But the privileged young man had no idea that he was about to learn on of life’s greatest lessons.


New York Hoods

Ray took it upon himself to look after his sick grandmother when she asked him for help. But this wasn’t for selfless reasons. Ray saw an opportunity that only the worst kind of people saw.

Ray lived with his mother in a small flat at the end of the city. But while he grew up, his grandmother was never around. But she had her reasons and they were good ones.



To the people that really knew Sally, she was a good woman. She was a happy-go-lucky character that was surrounded by good people who gave as much love as they received. She would always happy to help anyone in need.

Sally was also a clever woman who could see through tomfoolery. After her wealthy husband had passed, she had cleverly kept his fortune and even grown it from there.

Her Own Daughter


Most assumed that due to Sally’s character, she would also be the best kind of mother. Unfortunately, the relationship between the mom and daughter was anything but perfect.

In fact, her daughter, Alice, felt resentment towards her. But surely she had good reasons for it? She knew things that no one else looking in could know, after all.

Their Differences

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Sally and her daughter had their share of differences and that meant they didn’t always get along so well. They had barely spoken in years even after Sally had gotten ill. Alice could barely afford to keep her head above the water herself.

But something must had sparked the tension between the two. What could have been so dire as to break the bond between a mother and a daughter?


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Alice had always been unpredictable growing up. She never did well in school and seemed to hang out with the wrong crowd of people.

But things only got worse when her wealthy father passed away. Before he died, he told Alice something unbelievable that would change the dynamic between her and her mother forever.

Feeling Resented


Alice’s parents both knew how irresponsible their then 20 year old daughter could be. They decided that it was best of all of her assets stayed in Sally’s name even after her husband’s death.

Alice grew to resent her parents for that. And after her father died, Sally was the only one to bear it on her shoulders. She felt unloved and underappreciated by her daughter.


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After the fallout with her parents, Alice started dating the man who would become Ray’s father – Joey. The two instantly hit it off and fell in love.

Joey was a wild child much like Alice and was always getting himself into trouble. He was even nearly incarcerated for a gambling racket he had an involvement with. But an unlikely person came to save him from going to jail.

The Best Lawyer


Joey didn’t have the money to get himself a good lawyer so he faced the facts. He would end up behind bars and face a lengthy sentence.

But Alice’s own mother, Sally, came to save him. She coughed up the funds for the best lawyer money could buy. She didn’t want her only daughter’s husband in jail even if she thought he deserved to be there. But things would only get worse after that.


Inside the American Mob

Sally could see from a mile away that Joey wasn’t the right man for her daughter to marry and live happily ever after, but she still felt sorry for her.

She hoped the man would appreciate her contribution to his defense, which was the only reason why he had gotten away with his crimes. She hoped that the couple would learn their lesson, clean up their act, and start living like respectable adults. But that didn’t happen.



Shortly after Joey’s trial, Alice got pregnant. This filled Sally with hope; maybe now Joey would finally step up and get a decent job to provide for his family. Maybe now Alice would be more willing to listen to her mother’s advice and follow her guidance.

But she was wrong by a long shot. Joey abandoned them months before Ray was born. And that wasn’t all.


Verywell Family

You would have thought that Alice would recognize her mistake and get closer to her mother after her man abandoned her. But that wasn’t what happened.

Instead, he blamed Sally for scaring Joey away with her judgmental ways and disapproval of their relationship. She started resenting her mother even more and stopped talking to her, rarely letting her see her grandson.


Now, Alice lived with her son Ray in the slums, living off welfare and the occasional odd job. They also received sporadic financial support from Sally, which she sent in hopes of reconciling with her stranded daughter and grandson.

However, all Alice did was take the money and go on with her life. She never reached out to her mother or even replied to one of Sally’s letters.

Life-Changing News


Alice and Ray’s lives weren’t great. Just paying the bills on time was a struggle, and they couldn’t afford anything too fancy.

Alice refused to make peace with her mother. As a matter of fact, she blamed her for her current situation. But one day, out of nowhere, they were hit with some news that would change their lives forever.

She Needed Help

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Sally was already 90 years old. Her late husband’s assets were in good hands, as she had relied on a trustworthy team of accountants, lawyers, and investors that made sure the fortune kept growing.

But the lady’s health was starting to decline. Now, more than ever, she needed someone to take care of her. When Ray heard about this in passing, he saw a golden opportunity.

No Direction


Ray was a high school dropout without any sort of direction or future plans. When he heard that his grandma needed someone to care for her as her health declined, the first thing he thought of was her big fortune.

“Seems like it’s my time to step up and get mine,” he thought. “Just a few years of looking after her, and boom, I’ll be a millionaire.” So he set his plan into motion and called his grandma that same day.

He Moved In With Her


Within a few days, Ray was living in a spare room in Sally’s mansion. From then on, he started taking care of his grandma’s each and every need.

He cooked for her, made sure she was alright and took her medication, and took her to the doctor every time she needed it. However, it wasn’t love that moved him to go above and beyond for his grandma.

One Thing On His Mind


For the whole time, there was only one thing on his mind: soon, his big day would come. His grandma would pass away after a long and complete life, and he would inherit all her fortune.

Or that’s what he hoped. Little did he know that he was in for a nasty surprise that would serve as a life lesson he would never forget.

Everything Seemed Swell

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In the beginning, it seemed like a mutually beneficial relationship. Even if it wasn’t a completely sincere one on Ray’s part, whose main motivation was Sally’s inheritance, Sally appreciated having someone to look after her.

And most importantly, she was grateful to have a chance to rekindle the relationship with his grandson.

“I’m Here For You”

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“It’s so nice that we can get along, regardless of what happened between your mom and me. Why do you think she doesn’t even talk to me?” she often asked Ray.

“She just can’t see how great you are, grandma. But I’m here for you,” Ray said, thinking he had her in his pocket. But things changed after a while.

Years Later


Years passed, and Ray’s access to his grandma’s inheritance didn’t seem to get any closer. Despite struggling with some daily tasks, Sally was still healthy as a rhino.

Ray was starting to get tired of living there with her and catering to her every need in exchange for just a bed and a plate of food. One day, his master plan was close to going under.

An Argument

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One day, the two had an argument. Sally had run out of a certain type of pills, and Ray needed to go out in the middle of the night and drive several miles to the only pharmacy that would be open in the area.

But Ray refused to do this. Instead, he had a fit and stormed out of the house. But after a few minutes, he realized his mistake.

Big Mistake


“What are you doing, Ray?” he asked himself. “Are you really gonna throw all the years you’ve spent by this rich lady’s bed by the window? Are you stupid or what?” Immediately, he ran back to the house.

He entered Sally’s bedroom, ready to apologize profusely. But she just found her body lying in bed. She had passed away. Instantly, Ray noticed something else on her bed.

A Note

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It was a handwritten note. It said, “Dear Ray: thank you for taking care of me all these years. As a token of my gratitude, you can get the painting hanging in the living room.”

“All the rest of my assets, including the house, I’m donating to the local church and different charities. Love, Sally”

He Saw Red


Ray saw red when she finished reading it. Immediately, she called his grandma’s notary. They confirmed everything Sally said in her note. All he got from her was that painting.

Ray went down to the living room and stared at the painting in question. It seemed like just a meaningless doodle to him. If only he knew how wrong he was!

He Called Alice


Ray didn’t expect the painting to be worth more than $20. He called his mom and told her about what had happened. She didn’t seem particularly upset about it and just asked him if he was moving back with her and whether Sally had left her anything.

Even Ray was surprised at his mother’s coldness. He told her he would have to move to the slums again and hung up. But certain feelings started creeping into the back of his mind.



For the first time in a very long time, Ray felt guilty and ashamed of his own behavior. Now, his grandma was gone, and he hadn’t been fair to her. He had taken care of her, sure; but he did so with an ulterior motive.

A few days later, Ray went to Sally’s funeral, which Alice didn’t, and all her friends introduced themselves and praised him for taking care of her in her last days. Still, he felt dirty. He felt like he didn’t deserve all the praise.



And there was still the question of the painting. Maybe grandma Sally had seen right through him, understood his true motives, and tried to give him a lesson?

But then, Ray showed the painting to one of his friends, he told him it seemed like the work of one of the most famous abstract expressionist painters. Instantly, Ray called an appraiser.

Millionaire Overnight

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As it turned out, the painting was, in fact, a work of Franz Kline, one of the most prominent members of the American abstract expressionist movement. It was worth 20 million dollars! But now, Ray was faced with a dilemma: would he sell the painting or keep it as a memory of his grandma?

He decided to keep it as a memento of his grandma and the learned lesson: the value of doing good things for others is in not expecting anything in return.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental.