Airline Charges Mom $700 Over Baby, Takes One Look At Dad And Realizes Mistake


The Airport Blues

The tired woman knew that airports were strict about security. How could she have been so stupid? She had a choice and she didn’t take it.

She didn’t think it through and now put herself and her family in a potentially difficult situation.

Her child wouldn’t stop crying. Any second now, the security would pull her aside.

Waiting In Line


Jolie Mayer clutched her baby daughter, Kaley, close to her chest as she stood in the bustling airport terminal.

The harsh reality of the situation weighed heavily on her as she and her husband, Parker, 46, prepared to board a flight from New Jersey to Hawaii for Mark’s father’s funeral.

The somber occasion demanded their presence, and the urgency left them with no choice but to bring their infant daughter along.

The Carrier Rules


Strongbird Airlines, known for its peculiar name but reliable services, offered a rare glimmer of relief in the midst of their grief. A sign at the counter declared a no-fee policy for children under 1-year-old or those able to sit on a parent’s lap during the flight.

Little Kaley, still a few months shy of her second birthday, fit the criteria perfectly.

Jolie, attempting to ease the financial strain of the unexpected trip, decided not to purchase a separate ticket for the baby.

At The Airport


The couple navigated through the maze of travellers, their emotions a turbulent blend of sorrow and anxiety. They approached the Strongbird Airlines check-in counter, hopeful that the journey would be as smooth as possible given the circumstances.

40-year-old Jolie handed over the passports and tickets, trying to focus on the logistics of the trip rather than the emotional weight it carried.

She should have been more cautious.

Checking In


As they sorted out the administrative details, a perceptive flight consultant named Rita observed the scene. Kaley, sensing the tension in the air, began to whimper softly. Rita, ever attentive, couldn’t ignore the distressed baby. “How old is she?” she inquired with a sympathetic smile.

Caught off guard, Jolie hesitated for a moment, pretending not to hear the question.

This was the moment that she was dreading. If only Kaley could keep quiet for a moment.

A Tiresome Toddler


The busy mom faffed about her crying toddler. Rita, undeterred, repeated herself. “Is everything okay with the little one?”

Jolie took a deep breath, her mind racing for a response.

“Oh, she’s just a bit fussy today. Teething, you know?” she said, trying to divert attention from the real issue. Would Rita buy her excuse?

Making Excuses For Her


Rita’s eyes narrowed slightly, sensing something amiss. “Teething, huh? Well, she seems a bit older than a teething baby. Are you sure she’s under a year old?”

Jolie couldn’t face the attendant and looked down at the floor.

Her husband Parker also looked down at his cell phone, pretending that he was busy. They both ignored her questions.

Acting Normal


The scared mother gave a fake laugh. Panic surged through Jolie as she fumbled for words. “Oh, yes, definitely. Just a big baby, you know?”

She tried to take a few steps away from consultant Rita, but she was watching her.

Waiting for her to respond with more information. What were they going to do now?

A Stressed-Out Mom


Jolie continued to see to her crying child, which gave Parker a chance to intervene He started speaking to the consultant, asking her random questions about the flight.

Rita arched an eyebrow, her suspicions lingering.

“Well, make sure you let us know if you need anything during the flight. Babies can be quite unpredictable.” Parker nodded and quickly continued weighing his luggage.

The Secret


Would the couple manage to collect their boarding passes? The tension hung in the air as they wondered how to get past Rita’s watchful gaze.

As they stood at the check-in counter, Jolie whispered to Parker, “We need to be careful. Rita seems onto us. We can’t let her figure out that Kaley is over a year old.”

But Parker was already stressing about it because it was against the law.

Taking A Chance


Parker nodded, his concern mirroring Jolie’s. The consultant took her time checking their luggage in. All the while, she kept eyeing Kaley.

Little did they know, their journey was about to take an unexpected turn, with Rita keeping a keen eye on their every move.

Would they be able to board their flight with ease?

Getting Through It


Jolie and her husband, Parker, found themselves in the chaotic whirlwind of packing and preparations for an unexpected journey from New Jersey to Hawaii. The trip was not off to a good start.

The sudden passing of Parker’s father compelled them to make the arduous trip with their little daughter, Kaley.

They knew that traveling with a toddler was going to bring issues.

Child-Friendly Airline


Strongbird Airlines became their chosen carrier, offering a slight relief with its policy of no fees for children under one or those able to sit on a lap. Given Kaley’s age, Jolie decided against purchasing a separate ticket for her.

But now she was in a sticky situation. The flight consultant was suspicious of her.

If they found out any more information, they might be in serious trouble.

Would They Pass


The couple, laden with emotional baggage and actual luggage, waited at the airport. Navigating through the check-in process, they were met by the inquisitive eyes of Rita, a flight consultant.

She couldn’t help but notice the tears streaming down Kaley’s cherubic face.

Rita, with genuine concern, approached the couple again. Why was she being so persistent?

Prying Words


The sweet consultant tried to make small talk as their luggage went through the conveyor belt.

The sudden noise must have startled the baby because she started crying again.

“Is everything okay with your little one?” she inquired; her tone soft but persistent. She tried talking to Kaley in baby language, but the poor baby just wasn’t interested.

Kids Are Such


Jolie, caught off guard, feigned ignorance, pretending not to hear. Parker nervously muttered, “She’s just a bit tired. It’s been a tough day for all of us.”

The anxious father knew that there was a chance that they could get caught. He was getting nervous.

He looked around and saw that there were a few security cameras around them.

A Call From Higher Up


Just then, Rita received a telephone call. It was on the landline desk phone so it must have been business. Jolie knew that she was talking about them.

But Rita wasn’t easily deterred. She leaned in, closer to Kaley, trying to assess the situation. The baby’s cries escalated, making it harder for the couple to keep up the pretence.

Rita repeated her question, her brows furrowing in genuine worry. Would she find out the truth?

18. Did They Know


Jolie’s heart raced as she stared at the determined flight consultant, Rita. The airport buzzed with the sounds of hurried travellers, but at that moment, everything seemed to freeze.

She exchanged a desperate glance with her husband, Parker, who was growing increasingly frustrated. Kaley sensing the problem, was hysterical, her little face blushed red from screaming her lungs out.

A tense mother couldn’t control herself and blurt out a word for the consultant to hear. She instantly regretted it.

She Knows


Then, the worst thing happened. The consultant ended her call and pointed to the notice on the wall. “Are you aware of this? Do you perhaps have a birth certificate as proof?

Rita, her eyes fixed on Kaley, insisted on proof of the baby’s age.

Jolie fumbled through her purse, hoping against hope that some magical document would materialize. But she was unprepared.

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag


Parker, a mix of frustration and helplessness, tried to argue their case. “Look, she’s small, she won’t take up much space. She’s practically still a baby,” he pleaded. He tried to defend his wife.

Jolie, with a forced smile, finally responded, “Oh, she’s just upset about the change in routine. You know how babies are.”

Jolie smiled widely at Rita, hoping her appeal to womanhood would win her over.

Not Forgotten


Rita nodded, though not entirely convinced. “Well, if there’s anything else I can do to help, just let me know. We want all our passengers to have a comfortable flight.”

Jolie nodded and started gathering her belongings, but Rita interrupted her, “You will still have to pay for your child ma’am, it’s company policy.”

Jolie was astounded, she still had to pay extra.

Looking For Fake Proof


As the tension in the air thickened, Jolie and Parker exchanged worried glances. The thought of missing the flight to attend Parker’s father’s funeral was unbearable. Rita, the unyielding flight consultant, stood firm, awaiting proof of Kaley’s age.

Panic gripped Jolie as she fumbled through her bag, desperately searching for any document that might satisfy Rita’s demand.

She was just wasting time, there was nothing there.

It Just Slipped Out


Jolie was beside herself because of her sudden outburst. Just one word ruined everything. “I can’t believe I said she was two,” Jolie whispered to Parker, beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

Parker, frustrated and anxious, tried to reason with Rita once more.

“Can’t you make an exception? We’re flying for a funeral. We can’t afford to miss this flight,” he pleaded. Would Rita oblige?

Next Please


Rita, unfazed by their predicament, insisted on the payment. The line behind them grew longer, and the impatience of fellow passengers became palpable.

Jolie, feeling the weight of the situation, pleaded with Rita.

“Please, there must be another way. We can hold her tight, and she won’t take up an extra seat.” Would the strict consultant give them a chance?

You Don’t Have Another Choice


Rita’s stern expression softened for a moment, but she shook her head. “Rules are rules. We can’t compromise the safety regulations,” she said, unmoved by the emotional plea.

With a heavy sigh, Parker reluctantly handed over his credit card to cover the unexpected expense.

This was coming from his savings, and he was already regretting it.

Going Through With It


As Rita processed the payment, Jolie cradled Kaley in her arms, whispering soothing words to the distressed baby.

The atmosphere was tense, but the couple knew they had no other option if they wanted to make it to Hawaii.

Once the transaction was complete, Rita handed them the boarding passes, her expression unapologetic. Her job was done.

A Money-Making Scheme


With Kaley now officially ticketed, the couple hurried through security, their minds racing with the unexpected turn of events. They dodged passed other travellers and even knocked down a pot plant in their rush.

They barely had time to talk about what had just happened as they ran towards their gate.

Would they be able to board their flight in time?

A Long Run


At last boarding gate 37 was in sight. As they approached the boarding gate, Jolie and Parker shared a weary smile, grateful that they could continue their journey.

They sat in their prescribed seats, little Kaley between them. Finally, she stopped crying and was wide awake, watching the planes.

Little did they know, the challenges of the flight were just beginning.

Never Flying Again


As the couple moved away, they could feel Rita’s watchful eyes lingering on them. Boarding the plane, they found their seats and settled in, with Kaley’s cries still echoing in their ears.

It was a harrowing ordeal that left them shaken and scarred. But Jolie learned her lesson. The embarrassment was not worth a few hundred bucks.

She should have just bought the ticket in the first place.

Can’t Wait To Return


As they settled in for their flight, they discussed their return flight and looking for a cheaper ticket for Kaley. They promised to always do the right thing when it came to their child.

The challenge now was to keep her calm during the flight, especially with Jolie seemingly concerned about the well-being of the little one.

Would Kaley get through the flight, okay?