After Little Girl Gets Bullied, Bikers Show Up To Even The Score


She Couldn’t Do Anything

She was taken aback and watched in horror as the bikers surrounded her child through the window. They roared their engines before coming to a halt. They stepped off their bikes one by one and approached her.

As the men neared her daughter, her eyes began filling with tears. The biggest biker got down on his knees and handed her a helmet. Then it became evident to her what their intentions were.

School Problem’s


She and her mother lived in Ohio. Every single morning she would sit and wait for the bus to take her to school. She was meant to be a normal 7-year-old girl.

However, things weren’t as simple as that, she had some problems at school. Things got a lot more complex for her, just as she believed she had found the answer to her difficulty.

Her Passion

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Seven-year-old Jennifer Miller loved anything to do with bikes. She enjoyed going around on her bicycle, and she even expressed an interest in motorcycles.

There was a neighborhood motorcycle club that rode around the area, and few people who weren’t members of the club were known. Jennifer, on the other hand, would make the error of coming too near to them one day.

What Was Going On?


Jennifer’s mother would soon realize that her daughter was encountering issues at school. Every day after school, her daughter would come home in a foul mood. As soon as she arrived home, she would run to her room.

It was not normal behavior for her usually energetic daughter. It broke her heart to see her daughter so sad. She was filled with concern, but once she received the answer to her question, she was stunned.



Jennifer’s mother was so concerned that she asked her daughter what was going on, and she just responded with, “Kids are picking on me.” She couldn’t believe her ears when she heard what she was going through. She knew she needed to help her daughter, but she didn’t know how.

But then it dawned on her that she could try helping her daughter by reaching out to the community. But she’d discover she’d gathered inappropriate people to assist her daughter, and the results would cause her to end up in tears.

The Plan


She hated to see her daughter in such agony, and she knew the only thing she could do was ask for help. Given her daughter’s interest in biking, she knew of the perfect number to contact.

She dialed the number on her phone and patiently waited for them to answer. She had no clue what can of worms she was busy opening. 

Contacting The Gang

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Jennifer’s mother managed to talk with the neighborhood’s infamous biker gang. She’d heard a lot about current biker gangs being generous and wonderful people. She reasoned that they might be able to help her daughter.

She had no clue who she was really dealing with. And that the group she had just contacted was not at all what she had anticipated. After she made the call, nothing would be the same again.



The bikers told her mother that they were more than happy to help. But after getting her address, they hung up the phone without planning anything else. She didn’t think too much about it, but she should have.

The following morning, Jennifer was busy riding around on her bicycle. Her mother enjoyed seeing her daughter have fun through the window. It warmed her heart. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of engines roaring.

Her Favorite Sound


Jennifer was enjoying herself before the school bus came. Today, though, was somewhat different. She continued to play while hearing the booming thunder of motorcycles.

She enjoyed the deep roar they created, and she would wave and smile whenever a motorcycle passed by. But she had no clue what was in store for her today, or that she wouldn’t be able to catch the bus that day.

They Arrived

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The sound grew louder, and Jennifer knew it wasn’t something she’d ever heard in the peaceful suburbs where she lived. Jennifer noticed a handful of motorcycles enter as the booming roar of engines neared its height.

Without notice, they circled her. She got off her bicycle and looked about in astonishment. They came to a halt to examine her; they were certain they had the correct address, but nobody had any idea what was about to happen next.

Unexpected Arrival

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She was stunned, she watched helplessly through the window as the bikers circled her daughter. They revved their engines and stopped. One-by-one, they got off of their motorcycles and walked toward her.

Tears streamed down her mother’s face as the men got close to her. The largest of the bikers bent down and took a helmet out for her to wear. Then it was clear what they were about to do to her.

A Twist

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Jennifer’s mother ran out to confront the men, but she had no idea what was about to happen. The bikers greeted her and explained themselves. They came to surprise Jennifer before school.

They wanted to not only show her their motorcycles but also wanted to make sure she was never bullied again, so they had a special surprise for her. They even had a small motorcycle jacket that would fit her perfectly. But that didn’t explain the helmet, what plans did they have for her daughter?

A Ride To School


They further explained that they wanted to make sure that Jennifer made an entrance that would make sure no one would ever bully her again. They wanted to give her a lift to school.

With an entire convoy of bikers, they were sure that the bullies would think twice about picking on Jennifer, knowing she had friends in high places.

Getting To School


With a helmet placed on her head and her jacket on, they lifted Jennifer on the back of one of the motorcycles, and with the permission of her mother, they rode off towards her school.

Jennifer had no idea that she wouldn’t be taking the bus that morning, but she was ecstatic. They were extremely friendly to her and assured her that she would never be bullied again.

Arriving In Style


Ten minutes later, the revs of the bikes were heard at the school playground. All of the faculty turned their attention to see what was going on. Jennifer was not only dropped off by the bikers, but they decided to visit her during recess too.

They stuck around to keep Jennifer company and even pushed her on the playground swing. With all of her old bullies watching, they knew that she had friends in high places.