Adopted Girl Acts Strange, Mom Plants Camera


Compassion’s Consequences

There is one thing to remember about compassion – it cannot be practiced with the expectation of receiving something positive in return. Compassion means to do good without expecting reciprocation for your actions. Helping someone can sometimes lead to negative consequences.

Some people, however, forget about this. It’s difficult to picture someone’s good deeds being rewarded with pain, misery, and stress. It does, however, happen. This is what the couple in this story went through. Would they be prepared to deal with the ramifications?

Meet The Davies


The Davies were your average couple who lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. They were perfect for each other. Since high school, they had been dating and got married soon after graduating from university, and they both had very successful careers.

They loved each other profoundly and shared their life with a cat. However, things were not as they appeared.

Their Problem


For years, the Davies had been battling a particular issue. They had tried everything they could think of to solve it but to no avail. It had gotten to the point that it was affecting their marriage.

They wanted a child more than anything in the world, but they were not successful. They could not help but wonder what the problem was, and they tried almost everything they could to solve it, but their attempts were futile. They eventually figured out what was causing their issue.

Devastating News

Natural Womanhood

After extensive testing, the results revealed that Jason was sterile. The results broke their hearts; they wanted nothing more than to bring a child into the world.

They were left with one option, and they were willing to do everything necessary to make it happen.

The Best Alternative


They considered their options for a while and finally decided to adopt a child. It seemed like the best possible alternative for them, and they would also help a child in need. It was a win-win for them.

They reached out to a foster care facility and eagerly waited for their response. However, sometimes it is wiser to let dreams remain dreams.

Meet Njoud

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The facility responded to their request within a few weeks and shared information about a 5-year-old named Njoud. The girl’s parents tragically died in the war between the Polisario Front and the Moroccan government.

The Davies were touched by the young girl’s story and instantly knew that they wanted to welcome her into their home. Only if they were fully aware of the risks, they were taking!

Off To A Great Start


Njoud made a great impression on the couple, and they were filled with excitement. The idea of them taking care of her warmed their heart.

Initially, Njoud seemed welcoming of her new foster parents. She was a kind, warm girl, but the foster care center warned the couple about one thing.



The center informed the couple that Njoud had been previously adopted by seven families, all of who had brought her back. The center did not provide them with any more details regarding this.

However, this made the Davies fall in love with Njoud even more. They were confident that they could make a difference and show Njoud the affection she deserved by working together. They would not behave the same way as the other egotistical foster parents.

Not Into Cats


Things were perfect in the first weeks, and the Davies truly enjoyed getting to know Njoud.

However, the couple noticed that Njoud did not like their cat. Was she scared of cats, perhaps? They firmly believed that she just needed more time to get used to the furry friend. Boy, were they wrong.

Worsening Situation

The Dodo

Njoud’s apprehension towards their cat grew increasingly worse. It was clear that the cat also did not like Njoud. She would hiss every time she would come near. In return, she would throw the cat with whatever item was near her.

The couple was perplexed. They decided to set up a monitor in the middle of the night to observe if anything was going on as they slept. And what they saw terrified them to death.

She Was Trying To Kill The Cat


Some nights, Njoud woke up from her bed and silently walked to the kitchen. There, she picked one big knife from one of the drawers. After that, she looked for the cat around the house and, after finding it sleeping, she would attack it with the knife!

It was an alarming scene that repeated itself every other night. It seemed like Njoud was trying to kill the cat! Now they knew the reason for the animosity between them. Alarmed, the Davies questioned the foster care center about it and waited for a response.

What Was The Matter?


Finally, the adoption center disclosed why Njoud had been returned by seven different families.

The girl didn’t get along well with pets. All the other foster parents had similar experiences. Either she had attacked their pets or neighbors’ and friends’ pets. But what could be the reason for this? Well, the foster care center had a theory about it.

Why Did She Do That?

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Njoud came from a poor village where animals weren’t well received. Wild dogs and cats would sometimes wander around the village and steal food, spoil crops and such.

It was a usual practice for the people in Njoud’s village to just attack or even kill any dog or cat they saw around town. And children had picked up on that practice.

What Should They Do?


Now one question remained. What would the Davies do with Njoud? They loved the girl and they wanted the best for her, but they also loved their cat. And it was really stressful to think that it might get hurt or even killed during the night.

Finally, they took a decision.

They Kept Njoud

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They decided to keep Njoud with them, take care of her and show them that there was no need to be afraid of or attack pets. It might take a while, and they would have to take measures to protect the cat in the meantime, but it was the least they could do. They had decided to adopt Njoud, and it wouldn’t be right to back out now.

And indeed, with love, compassion, care, and kindness, they would create a happy environment for all the family members, including their cat.