A Rocker’s Journey to the World’s Most Romantic Cities


In the throbbing ambiance of a greasy rock club in Baltimore, Brian Ritchie, the bassist of Violent Femmes, found himself entangled in an unexpected love story. Little did he know that the captivating woman in the crowd, Varuni, would become the melody to his life.

When Fate Takes the Lead


Post-performance, Varuni found her way backstage not for an autograph but to meet the man who had captured her attention. The exchange of words and phone numbers that followed set the stage for a romance that would unfold over the next three decades.

A Rocker’s Leap of Faith


Varuni’s career opportunity in 1995 beckoned in New York, presenting a crossroads for the couple. In a daring move, Brian packed up his life in Milwaukee to join Varuni in the pulsating heart of the world, embarking on a journey that defied conventions and expectations.

Uniting Music and Science


As a rock musician navigating the world of science, Brian faced skepticism from Varuni’s colleagues. The unconventional match stirred whispers, but little did they know that this uncharted territory would become the foundation for a lasting love.

Varuni’s Lesson in Love


Varuni’s commitment to their relationship became the cornerstone of their enduring love. In a world where the spotlight often shone on Brian’s music, Varuni’s steadfast devotion taught him the importance of cherishing their bond above all else.

From Backstage to the World’s Most Romantic Cities


Their journey, from the backstage of a rock club to the bustling streets of New York, reflects the essence of true love – transcending boundaries and expectations. For Brian Ritchie and Varuni Kulasekera, the most romantic city isn’t just a place on the map; it’s wherever they are together, hand in hand, facing the world.

The Sweetest Tune in the Loudest Concert


In a world filled with melodies and harmonies, their love story remains the sweetest tune, a reminder that love can blossom in the most unexpected places, even in the midst of a rock concert’s raucous chords. Varuni and Brian’s love journey teaches us that love isn’t just an emotion but a commitment to stand by each other through thick and thin, creating a melody that echoes through time.