A Guide To The Best Swimsuit for Every Body Type

Swimsuit season is officially here! Whether you’re heading to a tropical island or catching some rays in your backyard, many of you are probably anxious to pick out a new swimsuit. When it comes to shopping for clothing, nothing makes women more critical of their body than picking out a new bathing suit.

Pear-shaped. Hourglass. Athletic. Triangle. Finding a swimsuit that flatters your unique body type can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be!

Want to know how to flatter your figure this summer? We saved you the time and frustration of swimsuit shopping and put together a guide to the best swimsuits for your body type. Whether you’re searching for a suit to enhance a small chest or one that gives you extra support, we’ve got you covered with more than one option.

Embrace your body with these flattering swimsuits and make a splash with confidence this summer.

We’ll see you on the beach!

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1.) Small Bust

best swimsuit small bust

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There are advantages to having a smaller chest. You can skip the back pain, don’t have to worry about sagging as you age, and it’s less uncomfortable to work out (think bouncing). It’s also often easier to find a swimsuit that fits. But just because a swimsuit fits doesn’t mean it’s flattering or making you feel like your most confident self.

If you want to balance out a smaller chest, look for swimsuit tops with embellishments like ruffles, beading and pleating. Embellishments help create the illusion of a larger chest. Stay away from bandeaus and any top that flattens your chest even more. Don’t rule out underwire or padding, either! Underwire and light padding can help create a fuller shape.

Here are three cute suits that will help enhance a small chest: