Boy Goes Fishing With Dad And Nabs Catch Of A Lifetime



Colin and his father got home and washed the metal objects under the faucet. But once the grime came off, Colin couldn’t believe what he saw. They were covered in shrink wrap, but he could see exactly what they were once they carefully removed them.

Colin felt his pulse start to race. These definitely weren’t legal and to make matters even worse, within an hour the police would be knocking on his door.

Colin Anderson

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Colin Anderson was just like any other regular 10-year-old boy. He loved playing video games and playing in his backyard, but he had one hobby most 10-year-olds don’t. Little Colin’s father taught him how to fish at a young age, but it wasn’t the kind of fishing that most people did.

But neither Colin nor his father knew what they would find on one of their “fishing” trips.

Strange Fishing

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Colin grew up in Florida with his parents. The youngster would bond with his father over quite a peculiar way of fishing. The two of them wouldn’t use traditional fishing poles but rather magnets.

But the boys never tried to catch fish, they were looking for something more valuable. But if his father knew what his son would catch that day he would never have taken him fishing.


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The hobby started out as something his father did in his own time. Glen Anderson always watched people find amazing things under the ground with metal detectors, but in his mind surely there were similar treasures under the surface as well?

So Glen, Colin’s father, decided to start the peculiar hobby that he called “magnet fishing”. But he had no idea that his son would soon find something astonishing.

Their Usual Fishing Spot

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Glen would take Colin out to a few canals around their neighborhood, but of all their spots, they had a favorite. Glen always had a good feeling about fishing on a particular bridge over a canal, and now he had his son with him enjoying their time together.

It was their usual spot, and even though Glen had never found anything before, his son was about to.

Saturday Morning

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On a crisp Saturday morning, Colin had made Glen promise to take him “fishing”. So they both woke up, got dressed, and ate breakfast before heading out. But they couldn’t leave without their specialized equipment.

This equipment would turn plenty of heads, but they had no idea that they would get the attention of the police with what they were about to find.

Setting Up

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The two of them headed out to their favorite spot. They had to walk three blocks so they got some exercise out of the trip too. Once they arrived at the bridge, Colin opened his backpack and got to work setting up.

He had a 5-pound magnet attached to a thick red cord. This was his fishing pole.

A “Bite”

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Colin threw his magnet over the bridge and started trawling it below the surface. He had done this numerous times with his father before but the usual things that they would find would be old soda cans, spare change, and sometimes screws or bolts.

But Colin suddenly felt something “bite”, and it felt heavier than his normal hauls. What had he found?

Something Metal

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Colin heaved his catch out of the water and examined it. It was a lump of old metal but he couldn’t tell what it was without cleaning it up first. He put it to the side while he kept fishing but couldn’t believe his luck when he found another object within 10 minutes of finding the first.

He couldn’t tell what either was but had no idea that the find would have the police knocking on their door.

Finishing Up

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Colin and his father spent another hour fishing but couldn’t find anything else. The next part was Colin’s favorite, they would head home and wash the grime off of the metal objects. After enough elbow grease, they would know what they found.

Colin recalled once finding a number plate, but he had no idea that what he had found was much greater than that.

The Reveal

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Glen and Colin returned home with their haul and ran the items under the faucet. They were normally already rusty so more water didn’t make a difference. But once he peeled back the shrink wrap they were covered in, Glen knew what he was looking at.

He couldn’t believe what his son had stumbled upon, was it even legal? He knew they were in too deep.

Not Even Legal

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The two objects were clearly thrown in the river on purpose now that Glen recognized them. They were two shiny rifle parts. It didn’t look like they had rusted much due to the shrink wrap that they were covered in.

Colin had stumbled upon a startling discovery, but Glen knew he had to protect his child by reporting their find immediately.

Turning Them In

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Soon the Miami-Dade police arrived at their house and Glen gladly handed the weapons over. He wanted nothing to do with them, especially since they didn’t have any serial numbers.

Thankfully, the police believed his story and took the artifacts from the canal with them as evidence. Glen knew they were most likely linked to a crime and intentionally thrown in the water.

Good Riddance

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Colin was understanding even for a 10-year-old. He was just happy to have found evidence that would hopefully aid the police in an investigation and link the rifles back to someone.

Glen was proud of his son for his discovery. He told him he’d get him a special treat for his good work and that they could fish again the next weekend.


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Despite keeping the evidence for a few months, Colin still couldn’t forget about them. He asked his father to contact the police and ask them what had happened to the items and the case they were linked to.

They haven’t been linked to anything, but Colin is hopeful that they will bring someone to justice once they find something.