These Nostalgic 25 Pictures Will Speak Directly to ’90s Kids’ Souls

If you are from the golden era of the '90s, then chances are these pics will plunge you down '90s kids photos memory lane.

The 90s is a highly romanticized era, and let’s face it, it totally deserves it. From the amazing television shows to the weird pop culture fads and fashion, we can’t help but love taking a walk down memory lane. ’90s kids are lucky enough to know a world pre-social media and full of peculiar imagination. If you’re lucky enough to be a ’90s kid, these photos will trigger some happy childhood memories.


Take a look at these 25 ’90s kid photos, from snacks to pop culture to trends, and let the nostalgia overtake you.

25.) Tamagotchis




We’re not sure what the toy world’s obsession with fake pets were, but the makers of Tamagotchi started a revolution.


If you could keep your pocket virtual reality pet alive, chances are you are probably a decent, responsible adult today.


24.) Clear Telephone

landline 90s kids


Ahhh, how can we forget the joys of getting home from school, running to the room, and picking up your landline phone in your room.


You were even cooler if you had the clear, colorful telephones to make three-way calls with your best friends


23.) Dial-Up Internet (AOL icon)

aol internet


Today’s kids don’t know how good they have it. Back in our day we had to wait at least seven minutes for our internet to start.


For those who remember, the iconic dial up sound plus this little AOL icon was our gateway into the world wide web.


22.) All That

all that cast photo



All That is not only one of the best sketch comedy shows of all time, and yes, we said all time.


It is also the birthplace of many comedic stars like Kenan and Kel, Amanda Bynes, and other hilarious actors.


21.) Reading Rainbow

reading rainbow 90s



If you were a nerd in the 90s, or if you just really liked books, you know this was one of the best shows out there.


Reading Rainbow was an iconic educational show where LeVar Burton would inspire kids to read, write, and stretch their imagination.


20.) Cheese Sticks for Lunch

90s kids lunches


We’re not sure if this is a good memory or a bad one, but we can’t help but remember how it felt to see these cheese sticks on your tray for lunch.


These fried cheese sticks, if you can even really call them that, were one of the “best” lunches at public school back in the day.


19.) Furbies




Before these furry babies inspired your worst nightmares, Furbies were the adorable talking pets that every 90s kid wanted.


Now, you can  sell your old Furby for thousands of dollars. That is, if you can bear to let go of it.


18.) Nick at Nite

nick at nite



If you were stuck in front of the TV on weeknights long enough for your parents to forget about you, then maybe you remember the exciting moment that Nickelodeon turned into Nick at Nite.


Sneaking and watching the “adult shows” like Full House and The Cosby Show is a memory that most ’90s kids will know.


17.) Glow-in-the-Dark Stars on the Ceiling

glow in the dark stars



There are plenty of interesting decor fads from the ’90s that we can’t wrap our heads around today.


These glow-in-the-dark stars that you probably plastered against your wall (and could never get off) are one of the more unique fads to come out of this era.


16.) Gushers Commercials

fruit gushers


If this ’90s kids photo doesn’t trigger memories of the delicious burst of flavor after biting into a Gushers, then are you a ’90s kid.


If it doesn’t, then look up “weird gushers commercials” on YouTube and watch as kids’ heads turned into large fruits while eating this delectable snack.


15.) Scholastic Book Fairs

scholastic book fair


Calling all nerds and bookworms, it’s book fair day! Before there was Audible, there was a good, old-fashioned book fair day.


If you haven’t spent your entire adult life trying to recreate the joy of book fair week, then we can’t relate.


14.) Chia Pets

chia pet



Ch-ch-chia! So maybe you never got a chia pet, but you may recognize the catchy commercials that aired in the 90s.


We just want to know whose idea it was to make sprouting chia seeds into a pet. We think it’s genius.


13.) Operation Board Game

operation board game

Vintage Playtime


We don’t know about you, but we took the job of saving the man in this board game seriously. So seriously that we considered using our talents to go on saving lives in the real world one day.


We love this educational and kinda creepy board game because it truly embodies the era of fun in the ’90s.


12.) Saturday Morning Cartoons

saturday morning cartoons 90s



You wake up Saturday morning and smell pancakes and bacon coming from the kitchen.


You eagerly run to the living room and turn on the TV to see your favorite cartoons playing all morning long. It’s the start of the perfect ’90s kids Saturday.


11.) Goosebumps Books

90s goosebumps books

Parfait Lingerie


Nothing gave us more suspense than flipping through the chilling pages of these iconic books.


R.L. Stine did a number on us with his spooky stories, especially when it was the “choose your own ending” versions.


10.) Pagers

pagers from the 90s

Totally 90s


Carrying a pager has to be one of the most ’90s things that we’ve seen on this list so far.


Pagers and beepers were all the rage back before we had flip phones and Blackberries take over the telecommunications world.


9.) Zoom!

zoom 90s kids photos


An educational TV show created by kids, for kids? Sign us up!


Zoom! ran from the late 90s to the early 2000s and always brought entertaining fun and taught you something valuable too.


8.) Mickey Mouse Club Days

mickey mouse club days



How could we forget the show that birthed the biggest stars of the ’90s and 2000s?


Real ’90s kids remember seeing baby Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera show off their singing and dancing skills.


7.) Got Milk?

got milk ads


Flipping through any magazine in the ’90s meant you would see your favorite celebrity with an exaggerated milk stain on their lip.


The Got Milk? campaign was so effective that almost every celebrity did it and we drank multiple cartons of milk every single day.


6.) Blockbuster Video

blockbuster video



Cue the major nostalgia. Running up and down the aisles of Blockbuster video has to be one of the happiest moments of ’90s kids childhoods.


Who doesn’t love a good movie? We loved taking a favorite VHS tape home with your family to watch. Remember, don’t be unkind, please rewind!


5.) Flintstones Vitamins

flintstones vitamins 90s


Taking your vitamins was a lot more exciting when it was sweet like candy and was in the shape of our favorite cave men.


Let’s face it, Flintstones vitamins were the best part of breakfast every morning for most ’90s kids!


4.) Inflatable Chairs

inflatable 90s chairs



Yet another peculiar ’90s decor fad that we don’t understand, but it was also kind of cool.


These blow up fluorescent chairs were on your Christmas wishlist. Who wouldn’t want to watch Saturday cartoons while sitting on a plastic balloon chair?


3.) Slime Time Live

slime time live



We’re not talking about that imposter slime that all of the Generation Z kids are making nowadays.


No, we’re talking real green slime from Nickelodeon’s hit TV program. Remember watching all of your celebrities get “slimed” at any moment? Yeah, we do too.


2.) Juice Cartons

juice box 90s


We haven’t seen these in so long that we don’t quite remember the name, but this ’90s kids photo definitely brings back some memories.


These little juice bottles were at every summer barbecue, birthday party, and family reunion possible back in the good ol’ 90s.


1.) Grandma’s Candies

grandmas candy 90s


The strangest human phenomenon is that no matter how different we are, we all seem to have the same childhood memories.


Like how somehow all of us had a Grandparent with these strange-yet-tasty candies lying around their house.


Did you like remembering all these fun things from your childhood? Share this list with other ’90s kids, or go out and eat some of your favorite grandma candies!