5 Ways to Improve Your Posture

Having poor posture can destroy your health. Use these five tips to make little changes throughout the day to improve your posture.

Sit up straight! Don’t slouch! We all heard those words as children — and maybe even more recently if you need to improve your posture.

Many people get into a slumping position at their desk. And at home on the couch? Forget about sitting correctly. But good posture has benefits — less lower back pain, fewer headaches, and improved breathing are just a few benefits. Don’t worry; improving how you sit and stand doesn’t need to include walking down the stairs with a phone book on your head.

Improve your posture by following these five tips.

5. Brace Yourself

back brace

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When you need additional support, look into a posture brace. An orthopedic device can help reduce strain and guide your muscles into proper alignment. Posture Brace Headquarters explains that posture braces pull your shoulders back, forcing you to stand and sit straighter.

Braces, which are usually worn over the shoulders and around the rib cage, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price points. You can get them over the counter.

Back braces have become popular recently because more people are struggling with their posture. People used these tools for a variety of back ailments in the past.

Anyone can use a back brace, even people who have slouched for years. Braces can retrain the muscles in your back so you can maintain an upright position. You will begin to build muscle in a way that will help you sit in the correct posture.

Shoulder braces can help improve your posture too!

If you round your shoulders or slouch them, shoulder braces will lightly correct your bad habit. Shoulder braces are designed to adjust your entire spine to give you better alignment. This correction will alleviate the pressure your back can be feeling. Some shoulder braces have a strap that you can adjust so they can fit everyone.

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4. Sleep

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Make healthy daily habits to get a comfortable night’s sleep. If you wake up stiff and achy, your posture may suffer during your waking hours. A firmer mattress and a pillow can aid in proper head and neck support.

Pillows designed for the side, back, and stomach sleepers can help you sleep. Some experts say sleeping on your back without a pillow improves posture. Try sleeping with and without to see what works for you.

Sleeping in a position that will help maintain a curve in your lower back every night will help improve your posture. Here are some positions to try:

  • Lie on your back with a pillow under your knees.
  • Lie on your side with your knees slightly bent.
  • Roll a sheet or tie a towel around your waist to help you sleep correctly

Some people say that sleeping in the fetal position will ruin your posture progress. But some professionals say that this is the preferred way to sleep if you have certain back conditions.

Also, make sure you are comfortable when you are sleeping! Your mattress can make a big difference in your posture. Get a mattress that supports your spine and the correct pressure points. If it doesn’t, it may cause an unnatural curve when you are sleeping. Many people with old mattresses find that their posture is worse because of odd lumps and bumps.

If you have a mattress that is too firm, this can negatively impact your spine! A too-firm mattress cannot adequately support your back or posture.

The best type of mattress is to buy a high-quality foam mattress. It will adjust to the natural curves of your body, and it will allow you to sink into the bed without messing up the progress of improving your posture!

Are you confused on what mattress to get? Check out our mattresses reviews! You can find the perfect mattress to improve your posture and your sleep.

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3. Ergonomics

improving posture at work

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When you’re at work, it’s the perfect time to improve your back. You can passively but effectively incorporate healthy habits to improve your posture.

Ensure that you correctly position your arms, legs, back, and feet when seated or performing tasks. Follow these steps for improved posture:

  • Keep your shoulders straight and your back aligned against the back of the chair.
  • Put your buttocks on the back of the chair.
  • Rest your feet on the floor. If your feet cannot comfortably reach the ground, get a footrest.
  • Flex your arms at the elbow at about 75 to 90 degrees. If your arms are unable to remain at a proper angle, consider upgrading to a chair that allows custom adjustments.

If you find yourself leaning in to see what’s on your screen, get an eye exam to see if you need something to help you view your computer better.

Use the “X” Method

If you want a simple reminder of your posture, have someone tape an X on your back to help correct your posture. This X should go from your shoulders to your hips. When you slouch, the tape will remind you to change to a better position.

This technique works well if you can hold your shoulders back before you go tape. Choose a tape that is used for skin, like medical tape. This strategy is a way to improve posture at work without doing anything!

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2. Exercise

doing yoga to improve posture


Exercise can help you improve your posture. Perform exercises, such as crunches, curl-ups, and crossover sit-ups that strengthen the core muscle groups responsible for keeping your spine straight.

Exercise also helps relax your muscles. Tense muscles can throw you out of whack. The other benefit to exercise is that it’s easier to have good posture when you are at a healthy weight, according to personal trainer Susan Buonovi.

Some exercises that will help your posture are yoga and Pilates. The first way is to focus on strengthening your core. Your core is the abdominal and lower back muscles that connect your spine and pelvis. You can build these muscles by flexing your torso and extending and rotating your spine.

A lot of yoga and Pilates classes help you to engage your core when you are moving your body.

Some of the best moves in yoga to improve your posture are:

  • Cat Cow
  • Child’s Pose
  • Downward Dog
  • Forward Pose
  • High Plank
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Side Plank
  • Standing Cat Wow

These moves give slow and controlled movements. The core engagement will help improve your posture. Take up a yoga and pilates class in your local area to take advantage of these benefits.

Not all exercises are designed to help you lose weight. Sometimes the point is to help your spine and muscles get stronger.

Your back has lots of muscles. If you have poor posture, you have an unhealthy habit of sitting the wrong way. Building muscles in your back and shoulders will help correct your position in no time.

Upper body workouts will not only improve your arms, but it will also build muscles in your shoulders. Effective back exercises assist your core muscle group and straighten out your spine. This will provide you with the right amount of flexibility and momentum that will improve your posture in no time. Stretching your back will also get rid of any kinks that will ruin your progress!

Exercise will not fix your posture overnight, but you will notice a difference over time. If you have a strong back and shoulders, your muscles will fall into a naturally healthy position.

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1.) Sit and Stand Correctly

sit down to improve posture

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Examine your current posture and be aware of how you sit and stand. Tensing up during the day, slumping over your desk, or leaning more to one side when carrying something may be signs of poor posture.

Elegant Woman, a manners site, recommends “drawing” a straight line from your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. This test will allow you to see where your problem areas are. You can do this on your own, but often chiropractors offer free screenings.

Improve posture while you are standing with this method:

  • Stand your back up against a door or wall.
  • Barely touch the wall with the back of your beach, shoulders, and butt.
  • Put your heels 2-4 inches away from the wall and slide your hand behind your back to make sure there is space for you to bend down.
  • Hold this position while you slowly move away from the wall.

It is hard to improve your posture when you do not know where to start. Use these tips to start improving your posture today.

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5 ways to improve your posture