5 Things Never to Say on a First Date

Dating can be hard sometimes. Check out these phrases never to say on a first date that will kill your chances at scoring a second date!

First dates come with a mixture of emotions, and you will be filled with anticipation leading up to it. You’ll be excited that you are going to get to know someone new and nervous about what they are going to think about you and awkward that you are going to have a conversation with a stranger.

There are many things you shouldn’t say on a first date. For instance, “you remind me of my dad,” and “I have 23 cats,” are two things you shouldn’t say. Other things you shouldn’t mention are your criminal background, your obsession with children’s beauty pageants and your belief that extra-terrestrials have visited you.

Those are some obvious ones, but what about the other stuff we say on dates? These five phrases should never be said on a first date because they will kill your chances at scoring a second one.

5.) How Much Do You Earn?

couple at a bar on a first date

Forget About Finances

This question is rude, and by mentioning money, you’re opening yourself up to judgment. It’s a question that you should never ask whether it’s your first date or your 50th date. Keep it simple and avoid talking about finances.

What to Say Instead

“What do you do for work?”

Take an interest in your date and their life. Ask them if they enjoy their job and how they got into it. Before you know it, the conversation will begin to flow, and that awkward first date feeling will have vanished.


4.) I Hate It When…

couple having an awkward first date conversation

Avoid Negativity

Never bring any negativity to a first date. While this covers many things never to say on a first date, don’t tell your partner that you hate your life, your job, your family or anything else. If you turn up in a bad mood and with a frown on your face, it’s going to impact your date’s mood and your chances of a second date. Shake off any negativity before you meet and turn up with a smile and a positive attitude.

What to Say Instead

“I’m passionate about…”

Talk about the things you care about and love. If you love to cook, talk about that. If you love your job or a particular TV show, don’t be afraid to share that with your date. Show your date that you’re passionate about the things in your life. Leave the negativity at home, and bring positivity and romance.


3.) I Assumed You Were Picking Up the Check

things never to say on a first date, i thought you were picking up the check

The Matter of the Bill

You’ve had a wonderful dinner, you’ve both laughed and enjoyed great food, and the conversation has been flowing. Then the bill comes. It is placed in the center of the table, causing the first awkward moment of the evening — and bringing in one of the things never to say on a first date. Never assume that your companion is going to pay the bill, and don’t say anything about assuming they will. This single phrase may make your date feel as if you’re using them for a free meal.

What to Say Instead

“Should we split the bill?”

There are many things men and women worry about on a first date. Who pays the check is one of them. You should always plan to pay on a first date, at least for yourself. It’s polite to offer and make an attempt to pay. However, if your partner offers to pay, feel free to let them if you are comfortable to do so.


2.) I’m Still Getting Over My Ex

woman not happy with the first date conversation

Leave Your Ex in the Past

If you’re not over your ex, why are you even dating? Going on a date isn’t how to heal a broken heart. Instead, you should be taking some time out to get to know yourself again and move on from your past relationship. However, if you do feel the need to go straight back into the dating game fresh after a break-up, talking about the ex is another thing never to say on a first date.

Admitting outright that you are not over your ex is going to make your date feel awkward and that they are wasting their time. It will make them feel like a rebound, and they won’t be able to take you seriously. It’s not fair on them, and you won’t be giving them a fair chance if you’re meeting them knowing you’re still in love with your ex.

What to Say Instead

“Tell me about your closest friends.”

Conversations about past relationships should be kept for later on in the relationship. Instead, spend this time getting to know each other better. Talking about friends is a great way to find out who they spend their with and what they enjoy doing.


1.) You Look Different in Your Profile Photo

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Don’t Criticize Their Appearance

This is one of the huge things never to say on the first date. This statement can come across as rude, even if you mean it to be a compliment. With over 49 million Americans online dating, you’re bound to run into those who use outdated pictures, even on the best online dating sites. Online dating is a popular and effective way for people to make a connection and even find your future life partner. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest in their online profile.

Although the profile picture is an important aspect when finding your perfect match, it isn’t the most important thing. A picture doesn’t determine if two people are going to get along romantically. If you don’t fancy them, be gracious and move on if their real-life look isn’t up to your standards.

What to Say Instead

“Your profile picture doesn’t do you justice.”

Compliment them and make it authentic. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it because it needs to come from the right place. If you like their outfit, tell them. Or, if they have a beautiful smile, let them know. It will put your date at ease and make them feel more comfortable around you.


Things Never to Say on the First Date

Although there are many things you should avoid, one of the best things you can do is think about what might make you feel awkward. Avoid those topics and you won’t have to worry quite so much about saying the wrong thing.

Do you want to master the art of first dates, raise your conversation game and impress the lady in your life? Click on our next article to find out what women like to hear on the first date.

5 things never to say on a first date