5 Things Never to Say on a First Date

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There are a lot of things you shouldn’t say on a first date. “I farted,” and “I have 23 cats,” are two things you definitely shouldn’t say. Other things you shouldn’t mention are your criminal background, your obsession with children’s beauty pageants and your belief that you’ve been visited by extra-terrestrials. Those are some obvious ones, but what about the other stuff we say on dates? These phrases kill your chances at scoring a second date, so don’t say them.

5 “I’m Rich” or “I’m Poor”

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By mentioning your money, you’re opening yourself up to judgment. Your date is going to feel like you’re overcompensating for something if you mention you’re well off, while stating that you’re poor may come off as desperate. Keep it simple and avoid talking about finances.

4 “I Hate…”

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Don’t tell your date you hate your life, your job, your family or anything else. Popular dating site JDate.com suggests shaking off any negativity before a first date: “Adjust your attitude. Since you hope to spend your life being happy, why not exude the happiness you want in your life while on a date?”

3 “I Assumed You Were Picking Up the Check”

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There are no words to explain how cheap this phrase makes you look. Men and women should plan to pay on a first date, at least for themselves. Ladies and gents: If your date offers to pay, feel free to let him or her, but don’t assume that he should. This single phrase makes your date feel as if you’re just using him for a free meal. It could also make him worried that you’re not in control of your finances.

2 “I’m Still Getting Over My Ex”

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If you’re not over your ex, why are you dating? If you simply must go out when fresh out of a break-up, don’t utter this second date killer. Your date is going to feel like a rebound. Your date isn’t going to take you seriously, but will feel like you brought it up—because you’re not over your ex.

1 “You Look Very Different in Your Profile Photo”

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This statement is insulting, plain and simple. Even if you mean it to be a compliment, you’re going to come off as rude. If you want to compliment your date, say something like, “Your pictures don’t do you justice.” With over 40 million Americans online dating, you’re bound to run into those who use outdated pictures. Be gracious and move on if their real life look isn’t up to your standards.

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