5 Questions With Professional Matchmaker May Hui

After working with two popular online dating sites, May Hui is now a professional matchmaker and we've asked her our top dating questions.

After working with two popular online dating sites as well as a video dating company that had less than honest profiles, May Hui, co-founder of Catch Matchmaking, a premier matchmaking company, knew there had to be an easier way of meeting single people in the area.

Basing Catch Matchmaking’s mission statement off of what she would want in a matchmaker and her strong passion for bringing people together, she partnered up with co-founder Katie Chen in 2007 and the two are currently serving more than a hundred paying male clients in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of California. With a 71 percent success rate, Catch Matchmaking hosts singles mixers, speed dating and wine tasting events. Here are five questions with May about matchmaking in L.A.

5.) Challenges as a Matchmaker

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Viridiana: What are some challenges you face as a matchmaker and what are some popular misconceptions about matchmakers?

May: There are some shows on television that are made for television, which are outrageous and great for ratings. Real life matchmakers who want to help people find love are more down to Earth and do it because it’s fulfilling, not for celebrity status. At Catch Matchmaking, we carefully handpick dates for our clients. The men are the paying clients and the women are listed in our database for free. Male clients who sign up with us are not all millionaires but have great careers, have no trouble meeting people, and just want to delegate this very important part of their life to love experts. We select people they need rather than who they think they need. We are their cheerleaders, date coach, therapist and matchmaker. Of course, men are visual so that is challenging, but there are so many women who are beautiful inside and out so that usually works out.


4.) Role of the Matchmaker

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V: What does a matchmaker do and what are some things you look for when pairing people together?

M: Matchmakers at Catch Matchmaking interview each candidate, using our intuition to handpick matches for two people to meet and gives guidance, date coaching and encouragement to our clients. Long term goals, values, interests and attractive-level all play into pairing people together. Other things such as sense of humor, if they want children and geographical area also play into how we match two people together. The matchmakers are basically the client’s go-to person for all things love related. Matchmakers suggest different venues, what to do on a first date and give all kinds of advice throughout their membership.


3.) On the Client’s Mind

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V: What is the number one thing people ask for when looking to be matched up? And why?

M: Attractiveness. Men are visual and they want to be attracted to their dates, otherwise, it will all go downhill from there. Men want women who take care of themselves—in shape and active.


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2.) Getting Comfortable

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V: What would you tell someone that is looking to be matched up but a bit intimidated to do so?

M: We tell them that this is not an arranged marriage. It’s meeting someone new for 60 or 90 minutes in a safe, public environment. Just have fun and be yourself and give people a chance.


1.) Open-Mindedness

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V: What are some tips you would give someone who is entering the dating world?

M: Be as open-minded as you can possibly be. Widen your geographical area, age preferences and give people a chance. If they haven’t been dating in a while, I suggest they update their hairstyle and wardrobe. Taking pride in their dress, grooming and appearance will give them confidence when they get back into the dating world.

5 questions with professional matchmaker may hui