Leggo My Lego: The Most Amazing Things Ever Made Out of Legos

Legos. They've been part of most of our childhoods, but while we mostly used them as playthings and built basic structures, some people took the time to make far more incredible things out of Legos. Check them out!

The widely recognized plastic blocks commonly referred to as Legos have been integral to the childhood experiences of countless individuals around the globe for several decades now. Since 1949, to be precise, when the Lego company introduced this iconic toy, initially named “Automatic Binding Bricks” – quite an impressive pitch, one would imagine! Subsequently, the blocks were astutely renamed after the company itself, which translates to “play well” in Danish.

Legos have captivated the imagination of millions, resulting in a plethora of magnificent creations that continually push the boundaries of size, scope, and complexity. Interestingly, some of the most awe-inspiring marvels ever constructed with Legos were not the handiwork of the company’s designers, but rather the craftsmanship of indisputable artists who ingeniously utilized the Automatic Binding Brick as their medium. These creations are true masterpieces that even if we were to collaboratively dedicate an entire year, you and I would likely still be unable to replicate.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning the occasional discomfort associated with “Lego foot” – a plight that, if unfamiliar to you, suggests a deprived childhood. To those who have not endured this particular misfortune, I offer my sincerest sympathies.

Overall, Legos have imbued joy and fascination in the hearts of millions, creating a legacy that continues to inspire both young and old alike.

Check out these amazing Lego creations:

Lego Pizza Dispenser

Pizza Hut - Legos


Building things with Legos take an incredible amount of patience and skill, so you can imagine the work it takes to put together a device that dispenses a pizza like a vending machine.

While this little machine doesn’t actually make pizza, it does accept cash and dispense change.

The detail on this thing is crazy, as it won’t even start working until you insert $5, which is a pretty decent price for a pizza, right? After it eats your money, it spits out a box of pizza for your own eating pleasure.

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Working Lego Car

Legos - Working Lego Car


The creators of this amazing Legos invention, Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida, obviously understand the concept of putting Lego to work for you.

They managed to build a car almost entirely out of Legos, and the crazy thing is that it can actually be driven. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the car also runs on compressed air, which powers the engine’s 256 pistons.

The car can reach a maximum of speed of 20 kph (18.6 mph). Sure, that won’t get you very far on any main roads, but who else out there gets to say they’re driving a Legos car?

Legos Typewriter

Legos Typewriter


It almost looks like a museum piece, but this old-school typewriter is made of modern plastic.

Lego artist Matt Armstrong, a.k.a. “Monsterbrick,” does some truly amazing things with Legos, especially with his Steampunk Lego Inventions series. This Lego creation is of an old school typewriter.

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Lego Mount Rushmore

Legos Mount Rushmore


This model is impressive for its scale, its detail and its aesthetic beauty, considering it is entirely made of gray Legos. (Let’s not mention the fact that while Mount Rushmore is incredibly cool, the proud, noble men there rendered? Not exactly fodder for People magazine covers. Sorry, Abe.)

This one has been done by a few artists, all of whom impress me and all of whom apparently have plenty of free time and monotone Legos.

Lego Volvo XC90

Legos Volvo


For those of you who don’t think a “model” of a current SUV is all that interesting, let me point out one detail: This scale model is scaled at precisely 1:1.

That’s right. Some crazy but wonderful people made a full-sized Volvo SUV model entirely out of Legos, and until you are within spitting distance, you really can’t tell that this thing is not ready to load up with gear, kids, groceries or all three. It’s pretty goddamn cool, to put it elegantly.

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The Seattle (Lego) Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle made of Legos

Seattle Monorail

This model is a mere seven feet tall. “Bah!” you may say. “I could build that!” Well, good for you, but I could probably not.

While more than ten feet shorter than our number one entry, this model carries so much of its weight on thin support structures that it required the same kind of engineering mind that built the actual Space Needle (which actually, when you see it in person? Kind of meh, really).

Lego Soccer Stadium

Legos Soccer Stadium


This is a model of the Allianz Arena, to be precise. The field is lovely: It’s to scale, the colors are good, and so on. Moving on: The artists made every step, all the bleachers, hallways where vendors vend and consumers consumer, and more.

The model offers you a cutaway view of both the interior and exterior spaces of the arena in detail that makes your ears smoke a bit.

It’s almost too much detail to take in without going cross-eyed, or else it might even have been our number one entry.

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Lego Burj Khalifa

Legos - Burj Khalifa


That’s right, someone took one of the largest, most iconic buildings ever created in real life and built it out of Legos. And they did it on a scale that still renders the Lego building pretty damn big.

How big, you ask?

Oh, 17.5 feet tall. Standing next to it, you are made to feel small by a model made of small blocks. Dwell on that for a while.

Tissue Box

lego tissue box

You will never misplace your tissues if you have this as a box!

It has so many exposed bumps that it won’t collect dust.

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Quidditch Aquarium

lego quidditch aquarium

This would be a dream for any Harry Potter fan.

It’s so well done!

Mario Fish Tank

fish tank

This looks like an exact replica of a scene of a Super Mario Game.

It makes us want to play!

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Utensil Holder

utensil holder

This is a creative way to hold everything you have in your kitchen.

The kitchen utensils on the right look like they’re scared of the lady on the left.

Now that you know more about some of the great things other folks have made out of Legos, why not challenge yourself to make something great, too? Start small and practice. Click the next button to see the technology now that would blow your mind a decade ago.

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