Leggo My Lego: The Most Amazing Things Ever Made Out of Legos

Ah, those ubiquitous plastic blocks popularly known as Legos. They’ve been a part of countless childhoods all around the world for decades now.

Since 1949, to be precise, when the Lego company released the now eponymous toy, then called (drumroll) “Automatic Binding Bricks”! What a great pitch that must have been! Anyway, they shrewdly renamed the blocks after the company name, which means “play well” in Danish.

And play well millions and millions of people have! Aside from the occasional misery of the phenomenon known as Lego foot (if you do not know what Lego foot is, you had a deprived childhood and I’m sorry for you), people have enjoyed their Legos thoroughly, with the brand spawning ever-larger, -grander, and -more-complex creations.

Some of the most amazing wonders ever wrought in Legos were not created by the company’s designers, though; rather they were created by indisputable artists working with the Automatic Binding Brick as their medium. And they are masterworks that, working together full-time, I’ll bet you and I still could not create in a year.

Check out these amazing Lego creations:

1.) Lego Pizza Dispenser

Pizza Hut - Legos


Building things with Legos take an incredible amount of patience and skill, so you can imagine the work it takes to put together a device that dispenses a pizza like a vending machine.

While this little machine doesn’t actually make pizza, it does accept cash and dispense change.

The detail on this thing is crazy, as it won’t even start working until you insert $5, which is a pretty decent price for a pizza, right? After it eats your money, it spits out a box of pizza for your own eating pleasure.