Avoid At All Costs! 5 Most Harmful Ingredients In Your Cosmetics

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Cosmetics are something that women will never give up – well most won’t anyway, and fortunately, we don’t actually have to as long as we make sure our cosmetics are as natural as possible, meaning that they contain as few toxic ingredients as possible. Most of the drug store cosmetics that we are used to have amazing marketing, with beautiful, flawless models staring at us, just imploring us to buy the brand they are touting, though ironically, they are all Photoshopped to be flawless, not even honestly showing the make-up they are supposed to be wearing. Beautiful skin and hair will come from being healthy on the inside, so as long as you eat well and exercise, your skin should be okay with at most very minimal make-up. If you do choose to wear make-up, here are a few ingredients you most definitely don’t want to see on the list – they will toxify your body while ruining your skin in the long term.

5 Talc

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How many of us know Talc from Talcum powder, the baby product? Very sadly for babies and uninformed mothers, talc, the main ingredient contains an ingredient that is similar to asbestos and increases the risk for ovarian cancer. Obviously, this is not something we want to use on our clean-celled and sensitive babies.

4 Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

Also indicated here are imidazolidinyl urea, hydantoin and diazolidinyl urea. These has been seen as toxic enough for the Environmental Protection Agency to wear protective clothing when dealing with them. Easily penetrating your skin, theycan cause kidney, brain and liver damage.

3 Pthalates

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You may recognize this one as it is in most cosmetics that have fragrances to them, as they are indicated in a sneaky way under the term ‘fragrance’. You may also be surprised that these synthetic, hormone-mimicking chemicals cause birth defects and lifelong reproductive impairment, and some have even been banned in the European Union, but as is the case with many things, not in the United States. They disrupt hormone balance and some believe they may be tied to breast cancer. Steer clear of these at all costs.

2 Mineral Oils/Petroleum/Liquid Paraffin

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Mineral oils coat the skin so it can’t breathe. They can cause premature aging as they don’t allow for the skin to function properly, and have been known to be carcinogenic. They are found in many cosmetics, including mascara which is alarming considering these substances can easily get in the eyes this way, a very sensitive and necessary area of the body. Petroleum jelly is a carcinogen – it won’t add health to any aspect of your skin or lips as once believed.

1 Cocamide DEA

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Cocamide DEA is processed from the fats of a coconut, but have none of the health benefits whatsoever. It allows for the formation of carcinogenic chemicals called nitrosamines. Please look through your cosmetics to make it is nowhere to be found in the ingredients list. It is generally found in soaps and shampoos as a foaming ingredient and in cosmetics as an emulsifier.

Sometimes finding the most natural choices for cosmetics at our local health stores doesn’t work out so smoothly. The concealer is chalky, the lipstick pasty, and the conditioner seems to dry our hair out even more. Just keep your mind open, read reviews online, and keep trying until you find your perfect match – the extra effort is most definitely worth not slathering your body with disease causing chemicals!

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