Man Finds Old Bag In Chimney, Opens It Up To Find Relic Untouched After 400 Years


A Significant Find

Danny Owen and his men, now full of dust and enraged, wished they hadn’t come. Every noxious smell and drab aspect seemed to spring to life at this point. Between gasping coughs, the men swore.

When the dust settled, they were taken aback by what they saw. Danny could tell this was a big deal. They’d stumbled upon something significant.

New Business

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Daniel Owen was laughed at by his close friends when he shared that he was interested in starting a renovation business. Danny was born and raised in a village just outside of Norwich, and he was prone to bar antics and got away with it due to his babylike face.

He always had a new business concept under his sleeve, but none of them worked out. Danny, on the other hand, was certain that this time was different.

The Beginning

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Danny, who was short on cash, begged his father for a small loan and then contacted his friends. They were quite skilled with the equipment and, to Danny’s surprise, agreed to help.

It became apparent all of a sudden. The men each had their own set of skills, but when they worked together, they were capable of tackling greater jobs. There was one more difficult problem to solve, however.

Their First Job

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The men gathered what money they had and tools they had, and when everything was ready, they were well-pleased. They could finally look for jobs after they registered their small business.

It was difficult to establish a name in the face of larger competitors because the company was new to the market. They were delighted, however, when they received a call a day after placing an advertisement.

It Was Clear

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Initially, it seemed like an ideal job. Their job involved refurbishing a newly acquired estate in the English countryside.

Finishing such a large project would provide considerable financial compensation to aid their company’s growth. When they arrived at the massive property, though, it was clear why no one else had applied for the job.

She Made Them A Deal

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Mrs. Norris, the aged but vivacious owner, told the lads that she had bought the home as an investment. The property, which belonged to a previous Duke, had a centuries-old history but was also deteriorating quickly.

Mrs. Norris knew the men saw the deteriorating structure as a safety hazard and made an offer the men couldn’t refuse.

Down To Business

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Mrs. Norris agreed to cover the cost of their services. If they were able to successfully fix the property so she could resell it for a profit, she also offered a two-percent commission on its sale.

At the very least, they had to attempt to salvage the property.  The men wasted no time in getting down to business. ( And soon after, they realized that they had made a big mistake.

It Was Getting Dangerous

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There were several halls, a ballroom, and numerous enormous rooms on the property. It was a magnificent testament of the grandeur and opulence of its day, with its remains of pre-Victorian décor.

Having melted away into nothingness, it was left with broken structures and safety hazards. The men lost all confidence in their ability to protect themselves.

Making Progress

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Faced with the constant threat of roof collapses but unwilling to give up, the guys devised a safety plan. Each room was worked on individually, which caused them to make progress.

Scaffolding supported the structures, while safety masks kept them protected from the deadly mold. When the workers arrived at the main parlor, they were presented with their toughest challenge yet: clearing out a chimney that had been around for centuries.

Cleaning The Chimney

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Although it was beautiful, the lounge had become brittle with age. Insects and bad smells plagued the lounge as well. But the cleaning process began successfully.

That was until it unleashed a deluge of soot, which made them furious. The men were irate and filthy, and they were about to pack up and leave when they discovered something in the muck.

The Mystery Deepened

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Wrapped in filthy old rags, the men carefully unfolded these. With so much history in this old property, something told them this wasn’t just old junk.

Meticulously, they peeled back each layer of the rags. Inside, they found pieces of parchment with weird lettering and designs on them. At first glance, it looked to be a map.

Their Instincts Were Right

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Calling Mrs. Norris, she seemed weirdly excited. When she arrived, the men carefully spread out the parchment pieces. Examining these, a huge smile spread across her wrinkled face.

She finally confessed. She had actually inherited the house and was, in fact, the descendant of the original Duke. The ancient parchment was what she had been after all along.

The Restoration

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It seems one of the previous owners of the family manor had squandered its wealth, and the property fell into ruins decades ago.

When her last-surviving uncle was on his deathbed, he confided in her that a priceless parchment was hidden on the property centuries ago but never found. Now, the only question remained, could it be restored?

It Was Worth It

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Experts determined that it had been lodged in a secret compartment within the chimney’s walls.
Over time, the compartment had come loose.

Working closely with a Scottish museum, the map was painstakingly restored. After an immense effort, the parchment fragments were put together and discovered to be a massive ancient map.

Never The Same

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Mrs. Norris handsomely rewarded Danny Owen and his team for their role in finding it. As a result, they raised enough capital, and their company phone never stopped ringing.

Their reputation as “treasure finders” now preceded them. As a bonus, now, whenever Danny has a wild idea, no one doubts him anymore.