40 Products That Every Dog Owner Should Have

Here are the top products every dog owner should have for their pooch. Having these products will help keep you two happy for years.

Are you about to bring home a pup or even better, an older rescue dog? Do you already have one or two at home? If so, we have put together the top products that every dog owner should have for their pup.

Owning a dog can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Dogs can be a lot of work though. These products will help keep you two happy for many years.

1.) Small Dog Bowls

Dog bowls are essential. You should be feeding your dogs twice a day for optimal health. Fresh water should be available to them as well all day. If you have a smaller dog, these Vivaglory Dog Bowls stainless steel bowls are set into a mat that keeps the bowl from moving around and easy clean up for a messy eater.

2.) Large Dog Bowls


Elevated dog bowls will help your larger dog swallow when he is eating. In addition, it can help with gastric upset or help an injured or older dog access its food. The Emfogo Dog Bowls Raised Feeder will help create a safer eating space for your pup.

3.) Slow Feed Bowl

Not all dogs eat like it is their last supper, but some do. If you have a gulper, then we recommend the Neater Pet Brands Slow Feed Bowl. It will decrease the risk of bloating and vomiting In addition, it will allow the food to digest better as well.

4.) Good Quality Dog Food

To keep a dog healthy and allow if to live a long life, you should give him a good quality dog food. There are hundreds of diets that you can choose for your dog on the market. We recommend Blue Buffalo and Natural Balance for your pup.

5.) Food Storage

If you are giving your dog dry food, we recommend that you don’t keep it in the bag that it comes in. To keep the food fresh and protected from pests you should keep it in a storage container. The Vittles Vault Outback 25 lb Airtight Pet Food Storage Container is a great option for this.

6.) Healthy Treats

Dogs LOVE treats! Most treats out on the market are total junk for your dog. It is good to buy a good quality snack for your dog. Blue Buffalo Health Bars are a good crunchy dog treat. Another good treat is from Rachel Ray Nutrish. The real meat dog treats come in different flavors that your pup will love.

7.) Greenies

It seems like all dogs get some kind of dog breath eventually. Greenies help clean your pup’s teeth and keep their gums clean. Greenies have natural ingredients, plus vitamins and nutrients. Not only are they good for your dog, but they help freshen their breath.

8.) Dog Crate

We highly recommend crate training your dog. Dog’s originally are den animals. A crate offers a safe and quiet spot for your pup. It also helps with potty training.  It also keeps the dog out of trouble when you can’t watch him or leave the house. Crates come in all shapes and sizes. You can get a fancy one or a standard metal crate. They all do the trick.

9.) Dog Collar

You are going to want to get a proper fitting dog collar. If your pup somehow gets out of your house, a collar with identification will help get him home safely. We do recommend taking it off and giving your dog a break from it often. Taking a break will also help with skin and hair damage.

10.) Dog Bed

A good dog bed is highly recommended. First off, a place that your dog knows is his is a good idea. It’s especially good if you don’t want him on the couch. Lastly, a good dog bed offers a soft place for your dog to rest his muscles and bones. When dogs get older they may get a little more aches and pains so this helps him get comfortable.

11). Potty Training Pads

Potty Training Pads are a great tool to help potty training. If you will be gone for awhile or have a smaller dog that has a harder time holding his bladder, these will help. Set them down in an area of a kennel or spot where pup seems to keep having accidents. They are easy to clean up and keeps things sanitary.

12.) Training Bells

Training bells are a great tool to help with potty training. Hang them on the door that you will be using to let your dog out to go potty. Every time your dog touches it, open the door and give them a treat. Eventually, he will get the hang of it and ring the bell when he wants to go out.

 13.) Carpet Cleaner

All dogs will eventually have an accident. Wether it is when they are being potty trained, have an upset stomach, couldn’t hold it or is just getting older, it will happen. This stain & odor eliminator by Rocco & Roxie cleans carpet, upholstery, concrete, tile, hardwood, laminate and even laundry.

14.) Pooper Scooper

All dogs poop. A pooper scooper in essential when owning a dog. These allow you to easily scoop up your dogs poop with no more bending. It is easy to wash and wipe down for a quick and easy cleanup.

15.) Dog Leash

Depending on your dogs size determines what kind of leash you should get. A good standard dog leash is the BAAPET dog leash. Walking your dog is a great way to keep your dog safe while getting you both some exercise.

16). Harness

A dog harness is great to use when walking your dog. It makes it easier for you to control and manage your pup. If your dog likes to pull, it prevents him from choking unlike his collar.

17.) Retractable Leash

A retractable leash will make walking your dog more enjoyable. The TUG Leash has an easy-lock button that allows you to adjust your dog’s leash length. It comes in three different sizes depending on your dogs weight.

18.) Poop Bags

When you take your dog to the vet or out on a walk you should always be prepared. Poop bags are a great way to clean up after your dog on the go. Tuff Mutt poop bag holder attaches to the dog leash which makes it very convenient and easy to use.

19). Puppy Shampoo

Burt’s Bee Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner is great to have on hand. Your dog will always seem to find the dirtiest areas to get himself into. This product is 99.7% natural which will be best on your pups skin for a quick wash.

20). Ear Wash

We highly recommend keeping a bottle of Zymox Ear Solution in the house if you have a dog. If you dog has allergies or likes to swim, they may be more susceptible to get ear infections. This product will help keep your dogs ears clean and healthy as can be.

21.) Dog Hair Remover

The Zoom Groom attracts your dog’s hair like a magnet. It’s a rubber brush that you can use for shampooing and brushing. It also promotes healthy dog skin and coat if brushed in a circular motion. Your dog will love the massage!

22.) Dog Brush

Brushing your dogs hair daily helps remove dead hair and helps with a clean coat. If your dog has long hair, a good brush will help control it. There are also brushes that help if your dog has short hair and is a shedder.

23.) Vacuum

Most dogs shed. Also, dogs like to carry in dirt and other debris from outside. To help keep you sane, you will be needing a good vacuum. The Shark is a great one to battle the dog hair an other messes. It has a powerful ability to pick up the pet hair, dirt and has an anti-allergen seal.

24.) Dog Hair Remover

Wether you like it or not, dog hair ends up everywhere. To help keep your dogs hair off of the couch, bed or blankets the ChomChom Roller works best. It’s reusable and no batteries are needed.

25.) Outdoor Kennel

If you have to leave your dog outside and don’t have a secured area, these outdoor kennels are great! Houseables’ Welded Wire Kennel allows your dog to have a safe, covered area all to himself.

26.) Dog House

When outside, your dog will be needing a shelter. A sturdy and roomie shelter that will protect your dog from sun and rain is important. This Indigo, Igloo dog house is all of those things and is easy to wash to keep your dog clean.

27.) Dog Stake Tie Out Cable


If you ever want your dog to enjoy the outdoor with you while you do yard work or possibly wash the car, a dog stake tie out cable is a necessity. These are very easy to use. Simply screw the stake into the ground and attach the other end to your dogs harness or collar. This is a perfect sized stake and tie out for small to medium sized dogs. You will need a larger one like this for bigger dogs.

28.) Kong Toy

Dogs love to play. A Kong toy is a standard toy for all dogs. It can be used to play fetch, or as a chew toy. You can even fill the inside with Kong snacks. Check out all of their great products.

29.) Furbo

Your dog gets lonely when you leave him alone. Wether it’s for work or another reason, it is good to keep an eye on him and keep him distracted. The Furbo is a camera that can monitor your pup. It also has a barking sensor that will alert you if he is barking. Using the app allows you to  talk to him to help calm him down. For extra fun, you can toss a treat to your dog when they obey a command or just for fun.

30.) Chuck It

Is your dog a ball lover? You need a Chuck It if he is. It helps you throw the ball faster and longer challenging your ball lover. You can use it in your yard, the park anywhere you can throw the ball to your dog.

31.) Durable Ball

Watch what balls you give your dog. Make sure to give him durable ones. If he likes to chew them up, he can even possibly choke on them. These Chew King Balls are durable fun. You can even put a treat inside for extra fun.

32.) Dog Travel Pack

If you want to hike with your dog, a dog backpack is a great idea. The Hoppy Camper dog pack is comfortable and you can load it with all of the essentials that you will need for a day hike. You can hook your leash to the harness and head on out. If you have an overactive dog, put some kind of weight in the pouch and take him for a long walk.

33.) Dog Jacket

Dog jackets and sweaters come in all sizes and styles. If you are going out into the cold, your dog can use some extra warmth. The EMUST dog cold weather coat is a good choice. It keeps dogs of all sizes warm and dry in cold and wet conditions.

34.) Collapsible Dog Bowl

Whenever you take your dog out of the house, it is a good idea to bring a bowl for him to give him water. SLSON offers a collapsible dog bowl is great for traveling and dishwasher safe. These bowls are light and easy to carry made for easy access for all outdoor activity.

35.) Seatbelt Tether

Dogs  love to go on car rides. Having a dog seatbelt harness will assure you both safety. It reduces any distracted driving from your dog if he is free to move anywhere in the car. If you happen to have to stop quickly, your dog is secured to the seat as well.

36.) Car Sear Cover

Your dog will most likely go inside of your car at one time or another. It is inevitable that it will drop hair from being excited or nervous and may even scratch your seats. Having a seat cover that is easy to wash is a great idea. Active Pets Bench Dog Car Seat Covers are waterproof, scratch proof and washable.

37.) Dog Life Vest

Some dogs like the Bulldog, Pug, Dachshund, Pekingese and Basset Hound are known for not being able to swim. Some dogs have extra thick coats and could use some extra help to stay afloat. If you go to the pool, lake, beach or a boat you should invest in a dog life vest.

38.) Calming Chews

Thunder, earthquake, fireworks or construction, some dogs don’t like these things very much. It’s good to have calming chews on hand for any incident that may upset your dog. PetHonesty’s Calming Hemp+ is gentle and safe for your dog.

39.) Bitter Apple

Bitter Apple is a great product to use when you have a puppy that is in the chewing phase. You can also use it as a deterrent for fur biting, hair chewing and hot spots on your dog. Just spray it on what you want to keep your pups mouth away from, easy as that.

40. Nose and Paw Moisturizer

Some dogs gets dry nose, paws or elbows. It is good to keep their skin healthy. DerMagic Cell Restoration Creme protects and heals your dogs skin. It also gives relief to hot spots, and other itchy skin.

We hope these products allow you to enjoy your time with your dog. Dogs are a lot of work, but are totally worth it. There is no better animal then man’s best friend. Go out and rescue another one today!