4 Tips on Pet-Friendly Decorations for Your Home


Whether you’re a seasoned pet parent or a first-timer finalizing the adoption process, it’s important to make sure your home is prepared for a new pet.

Even though pets are part of the family, they can also be messy! From dirty paws to the teething phase, keeping your home in order can be challenging.

If you’re looking for pet-friendly decorations, be sure to keep reading for puppy-approved ways to make your home look amazing without sacrificing the happiness of your pet.

1. Stick to Dark Colors

It’s no secret that pets can be dirty. From muddy puppy paws to kitty-litter marks on the floor, constantly cleaning up can be tiring.

When decorating, opt for dark colors. Unlike white, dark fabrics and furniture are much more forgiving! Though you’ll still want to wipe the surface down, you can keep your furniture looking much fresher and stain-free.

You may also want to match furniture to your pet’s fur color. Though dark fabrics are forgiving in terms of dirt, a black couch with a white furry cat may not be the best match.

2. Use Wall Space

Anyone who has pets knows that accidents happen! Happy tail wags and curious cats can end up knocking over decor. Instead of leaving valuable items and decorations pet level, utilize your wall space!

Adding shelves is a great way to avoid accidents. Be sure to strategically place shelves so cats can’t explore! You can also hang pet portraits of your furry friends on the wall to serve as unique decorations.

3. Choose Functional Decorations

While it may seem like your home is overrun by toys and pet supplies, picking functional furniture that can double as decor is a great way to reduce the overwhelming amount of pet-related items.

Whether you choose furniture for pets that doubles as furniture for you, like a litterbox table, there are plenty of options out there for those looking to keep their home decorated. These options also work great for smaller apartments.

4. Designated Spaces

A great way to prep your home for your pets is to create designated spaces for your pet. Unfortunately, Fido’s food bowl won’t always look integrated with other decors.

Instead, choose specific areas of your home dedicated to your pet. One spot for dinner time, another for toys, and so on. You can even add photos of pets to show them off!

You can even add pet-friendly rugs to make the area warmer and cozy. This will also help your pet establish a routine!

Your Home Will Look Great With Pet-Friendly Decorations

It can be frustrating to handle pet messes. A much as you love your pet, it’s normal to hate the dirt and drool that comes with your furry friend.

However, you don’t have to let that rule your home! There are plenty of easy, affordable, pet decoration ideas to keep your home nicely decorated without worrying about a happy tail knocking over a vase.

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