2021 Nectar Mattress Review


The Nectar mattress is one of the most popular mattresses these days so we wanted to check for ourselves if the hype was legitimate.

We’ll go over some of the specs, walk you through our unboxing, cover pricing, shipping, and return policy. We’ll also compare the Nectar mattress to other popular mattress brands. The volume of reviews online can be overwhelming so here is everything you need to know about the Nectar mattress, all in one place. Feel free to skip sections that aren’t relevant to you.

The Nectar Mattress – Product Specs

Nectar Mattress Dimensions

The Nectar mattress is available in 5 standard sizes (from smallest to largest):

  • Twin: 39” x 75” x 11” (45lbs) | 96.5cm x 190.5cm (20kg)
  • Twin XL: 39” x 80” x 11”(48lbs) | 96.5cm x 203.5cm (22kg)
  • Full: 54” x 75” x 11” (68lbs) | 134.5cm x 190.5cm (31kg)
  • Queen: 60” x 80” x 11” (74lbs) | 152.5cm x 203.5cm (34kg)
  • King: 76” x 80” x 11” (89lbs) | 193cm X 203.5cm (40kg)
  • Cal King: 72” x 84” x11” (89lbs) | 183cm X 213.5cm (40kg)

The Nectar Mattress is “bed frame inclusive”, meaning it works on any bed frame. No need to purchase a new one (they do sell bad frames as well if you do decide to replace your entire bed). This includes your traditional frame, box spring, platform and even adjustable base. The standard sizes also mean your favorite bed sheets will be a perfect match (Nectar also offers bed sheets if that’s also on your shopping list)

We got the Queen size, placed in on existing box springs, it worked like a charm.

Nectar Mattress Height

The nectar mattress height varies depending on size choices, ranging from 75” for a Twin or Full size to 84” for a Cali XL. Your typical Queen or King bed size is 80”

Nectar Mattress Thickness

The thickness is the same regardless of size: 11” or 28cm

The Nectar Mattress is constructed with 5 layers of foam, medical grade visco elastic memory foam to be exact. In other words, premium, long lasting materials to ensure comfort for every sleeper. The multiple layers allow for a constant airflow which keeps you cool through the night. It also minimized motion transfer which is great for couples. Lastly, the foams used in the mattress meet CertiPUR-US standards (content, emissions, durability).

Nectar Mattress Firmness & Materials

Nectar feels fairly squishy on top, the support kicks in when you lay down with just the right amount of firmness. I like to fall asleep on my tummy, and then switch back and forth between my back and sides all night. The mattress layers naturally adjust to my position to create the optimal level of comfort.

The science behind the magic: The Nectar Mattress is a subtitle balance between softness, firmness and support making it an ideal match. Their secret weapon is the adaptive memory foam. It is designed to relieve common pressure points throughout the body, like on your hips or shoulders, and contribute to a better spinal alignment. This is true for any body type.

On a scale of 1-10, going from soft to firm, the Nectar Mattress is a 6.5 according to the Nectar website (aka “medium-firm”). The science behind the magic is a subtle balance between softness, firmness and support. Not too soft and not too firm with just the right amount of support to ensure great sleep, and it works (more on that later).

The Nectar Mattress – Unboxing & Testing

Nectar Mattress Unboxing

Mattress shopping used to be a hassle, thankfully things got a lot easier and if simplicity and peace of mind is what you are after, then the Nectar mattress is your answer. You can buy directly from the brand, avoiding high markups that typical mattress stores add, and also avoiding sales people talking your ears off about why you need and deserve the latest and greatest (and overpriced) mattress.

Nectar Mattress Shipping – Mattress in a Box

The Nectar mattress is delivered right to your door in a large blue cardboard box (30” x 40” for queen size). It has been compressed, flattened and rolled which makes it very convenient to bring up to your bedroom. The box itself is fairly heavy (see Nectar Mattress Dimensions section for weight information). The hand holes on each side to make it easy to carry to its desired location.

Shipping is free and standard delivery time is between 2 to 5 business days. The mattress typically ships 1-2 days after the order was placed. Shipping is available anywhere in the US including Hawaii and Alaska (additional $150). Shipping is not available to Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Guam. Where does it come from? It ships from one of Nectar’s distribution centers in the United States.

Nectar Mattress Installation

The unboxing part is quick and easy. Pull the mattress out of the box, place it on your bed, cut the plastic off (Nectar-branded letter opener included), and roll it out.

The mattress fluffs up very quickly, the second you start cutting the restrictive plastic cover, the mattress immediately expands significantly. I was expecting a much flatter version and was pleasantly surprised.

How long does the Nectar mattress take to expand? A couple seconds! However, it is recommended to wait 24 to 48 hours to let it fully expand. It’s hard to see a difference but you can certainly feel it as the mattress gradually gets firmer. Despite the excitement, we decided to wait a little over 24 hours before sleeping on my new Nectar mattress.

Nectar Mattress White Glove Service

Nectar also offers white glove service, meaning they hand deliver your new Nectar mattress, bring it up to your room (or wherever you want), set it up for you and get rid of your old mattress. Pretty cool and very convenient, especially for them to take care of your old mattress. This is also neat if you order more than a mattress and have things that require assembly. White glove service fee is on a per item basis, the 1st eligible item, for example your mattress, will incur a $149 fee. Each additional item is an additional $45. So let’s say you order a mattress and a bed frame, white glove service would cost you $194 ($149 + $45).

Nectar specializes in mattresses but they also offer a variety of other things including bedding (mattress protector, sheet set, weighted blanket, pillows) and bed frames (foundation, headboard, and a variety of different frames).

Nectar Mattress Test Sleep

Nectar Mattress

The 1st night sleeping on a new mattress is always an experience. This is the moment you finally get to know for yourself if the hype is real and if it was worth the wait. My previous mattress was also memory foam, so I already knew this was the right fit for me and I slept like a baby.

I had been experiencing lower back pain which is what triggered the need for a new mattress. I would typically wake up in so much pain that it was impossible to fall back asleep. The pain would then dissipate throughout the day and kick back in the next morning. This time, I woke up rested and ready to tackle the day, forgetting all about my back pain.

One thing I was concerned about after reading various mattress reviews was the smell. I had read that some mattresses and pillows have an unpleasant smell. The Nectar mattress does smell “new”, kind of like a new car would, but the smell isn’t strong or unpleasant. It didn’t bother me at all.

The Nectar Mattress – Buying information

Nectar Mattress – Where to Buy

The Nectar mattress is available online and in stores. Nectar partners with about 1,500 retailers throughout the United States (including a handful in Alaska).

You can buy it online directly from Nectar (www.nectarseelp.com).

Nectar Mattress – Price

The Nectar mattress is reasonably priced compared to its competitors, starting at $449 for Twin. A traditional Queen size goes for $799. Here are the prices for all sizes (smallest to largest):

  • Twin: $449
  • Twin XL: $569
  • Full: $699
  • Queen: $799
  • King: $999
  • Cal King: $999

Nectar also runs limited offers, adding any or all of the following at no additional cost (up to $399 value): pillows ($150 value for 2), mattress protector ($99 value), and/or sheet sets ($150 value). They also have seasonal discounts on headboard and bed frames. US Shipping is always free (except for Alaska and Hawaii).

Nectar also offers two financing options through Affirm and Splitit.
Affirm: as low as 0% APR financing, monthly payment from 3-24 months, options based on your credit ratings.
Splitit: 0% interest, no applications, no credit check, 3 6 or 12 monthly installments, works with Visa and Mastercard (collect your usual points, miles or cashback benefits)

Nectar Mattress – 365-Night Home Trial

Still not convinced? It’s ok, choosing a new mattress is a big deal and with all the options out there it is difficult to make a decision. Nectar is so confident that you will love their mattress that they offer a 365-night risk free home trial. Think about it as putting down a refundable deposit and then taking up to a year to make a commitment. This gives you the opportunity to test the mattress in different weathers and seasons.

If you decide that it’s not right (for any reason), you’ll get your money back. Also, just like shipping, returns are free. No hidden cost or agenda. Since this is the most comfortable mattress you’ll sleep on, this is a safe bet. Other mattress companies typically offer a 100-night sleep trial, Nectar gives you 3x more time to fully commit.

Nectar Mattress – Warranty

The Nectar Mattress has a forever warranty, meaning your mattress is guaranteed for as long as you own it. This is the best possible kind of warranty.

This means that if your mattress breaks from normal use, you will be taken care of. If the mattress is less than 10 years old, you’ll get a new one (free of charge of course – you don’t even have to pay for shipping). If it is more than 10 years old, they’ll fix it for you.

A little bit of backstory on why Nectar went above and beyond industry standards with a 365-night trial and a forever warranty. According to Nectar’s website, just in the US, an estimated 9 million mattresses and boxsprings end up in landfills every single year. That’s a lot of mattresses, over 600 miles of lined up trucks filled with mattresses to be exact. To prevent that from happening, Nectar decided to put together the technology and materials to ensure your mattress lasts. When you know that the average mattress doesn’t make it past 5 years, you understand how quickly it adds up. Nectar is taking a stand, they want to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Nectar Mattress – Returns

So Nectar offers a risk free trial and ensures that if you’re not 100% satisfied you can return your mattress free of charge, but how easy would that be? It could not be easier. Here are the 3 simple steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Contact customer service within 365 days. You can do so via email ([email protected]), call 1-888-425-4854 and use the chat on their website (only available during regular business hours)
  2. Nectar will help you find a local donation center for your mattress
  3. Nectar will send you a refund (original form of payment)
  4. That’s it.

If there is an issue during the lifetime warranty, you can contact the customer service and they will guide you through the steps based on your specific situation. Once again here is their contact info:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Call 1-888-425-4854
  3. Chat on nectarsleep.com (only available during regular business hours)

The same logic applies to any other product you might have purchased from their website (trail duration and warranty length may vary).

The Nectar Mattress – FAQ

Where is Nectar mattress made?

  • China

Where does nectar mattress ship from?

  • One of Their distribution centers with the United States

Nectar mattress phone number

  • 1-888-425-4854

Nectar mattress weight limit

  • 650 pounds

Nectar mattress dimensions

5 standard sizes (from smallest to largest):

  • Twin: 39” x 75” x 11” (45lbs) | 96.5cm x 190.5cm x 28cm
  • Twin XL: 39” x 80” x 11”(48lbs) | 96.5cm x 203.5cm x 28cm
  • Full: 54” x 75” x 11” (68lbs) | 134.5cm x 190.5cm x 28cm
  • Queen: 60” x 80” x 11” (74lbs) | 152.5cm x 203.5cm x 28cm
  • King: 76” x 80” x 11” (89lbs) | 193cm X 203.5cm x 28cm
  • Cal King: 72” x 84” x11” (89lbs) | 183cm X 213.5cm x 28cm

Nectar mattress firmness

  • Medium-firm. 6.5/10 (from soft to firm, 10 being firm)

Nectar mattress customer service

  • Email: [email protected] | Call 1-888-425-4854 | Chat on nectarsleep.com (only available during regular business hours)

Nectar mattress warranty

  • Forever warranty (for normal use only). If your mattress is less than 10 years old, you’ll get a new one. If it is more than 10 years old, they’ll fix it for you.

Nectar mattress shipping and shipping time

  • Free shipping in the US except for Alaska and Hawaii ($150). Not available to Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Guam. Standard delivery time is between 2 to 5 business days. The mattress typically ships 1-2 days after the order was placed.

Nectar mattress thickness

  • The thickness is the same regardless mattress size: 11” or 28cm (5 foam layers)

Nectar mattress height

Height varies depending on size:

  • Twin: 75” (190.5cm)
  • Twin XL: 80” (203.5cm)
  • Full: 75” (190.5cm)
  • Queen: 80” (203.5cm)
  • King: 80” (203.5cm)
  • Cal King: 84” (213.5cm)

How to return nectar mattress?

  • Email: [email protected] | Call 1-888-425-4854 | Chat on nectarsleep.com (only available during regular business hours)

Why Nectar / what makes it different

Nectar not only offers contoured comfort at a fantastic price, but it also provides peace-of-mind with our industry-leading 365-Night risk-free sleep trial and Forever Warranty®. Plus, every Nectar mattress is shipped fast and free to your front door. And if it’s not a perfect fit, we’ll refund your purchase and have the mattress donated or recycled. No hard feelings.