US Maps That Sum Up The USA


US Maps

Most US citizens have only looked at geographical maps that show state borders. But there are so many other kinds of maps that are eye-opening from showing different perspectives to sheer scale.

Cartographers are people that are responsible for making maps, and there are things you didn’t think could be shown on a map, from educational to just downright funny things.

Native American Territory

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The native people of America before it was colonized were Native Americans. They were tribal people with beliefs deep-rooted in spirituality and nature. Ever wondered how their different tribes were split up?

Most people have only heard of the Apache and Navajo but there were dozens of tribes.

Topographical Map

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This map shows what kind of terrain and territory you can expect from each area. From the southern coastal regions of Florida to the rocky mountains of Utah. Showing how different regions are shows a lot of perspective to how the US had different environments.

But some maps focus on regional culture too.


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It’s no surprise that the US has a very diverse number of cultures. Spanning all the way across the West Coast to the East Coast there are so many areas with their unique “nations” of people.

From Texas bordering the “bible belt” of southern culture to further up north to where you’ll find Upstate New Yorker culture. Both are very different and equally unique.

Speaking Of Culture

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Not all cartographers have to be professionals. Anyone can draw a map and make it unique. Here’s a hilarious take on the United States’ culture and regions. The map designer writes many cringe-worthy and genuinely funny references from how many “cowboy corridors” there are to how hot it is on the west coast.

Their bias shows where they say Oregon is the only good state. We’re sure we now know which is their home state.


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This map shows which giant dominates which area in the states. It’s no surprise to see that Walmart has a huge influence in every state. How far do you have to drive to get to a Walmart? We bet it’s not too far out of your way.

With new stores always opening all the time we don’t think it’s going to change.

Country By Company

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Here’s another humorous map that portrays America with each state’s favorite company. It’s almost like what each state’s “mascot” is. For example, Hooters is portraying Florida and Apple portrays California.

It’s fun to laugh about these things especially when they’re true.


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Here’s a map that tries to put perspective into just the sheer amount of responsibility that falls on the senators of California. While the rest of the US relies on 46 senators only 2 senators are in charge of California.

It just goes to show how weird the political system can be.

Drawing On Maps

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State lines are seemingly random but their boundaries are all laid out from history. Whether it’s due to terrain or just what was agreed upon when the state was first created, they all have their reasons.

But sometimes looking at the lines on the map can bring out a more creative side. As one person did, creating a “chef” on the map. It’s hilarious.


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Where to start on this one. There’s isn’t much to say about this map with the current political climate, we just think someone thought it would be funny to divide a map of the United States into different sections calling them all Ukraine.

The different colors even make up the colors of Ukraine’s flag.

Water Supply

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There are many different companies that provide bottled water for purchase in the United States. But different regions seem to favor different companies. Arrowhead, Ice Mountain, Ozarka, Zephyrhills, and Deer Park are five of the most popular labels you’ll see when looking for Bottled water.

They all claim to be 100% natural water so there probably isn’t much of a difference. It’s still cool to see that where they’re sold entirely depends on the source of the water they bottle.

Geography From Europe

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Now we’ve seen plenty of videos where Americans try to do world geography, but has anyone ever made a European name state? Finally, we get to see what happens when the shoe is on the other foot.

An American got their European girlfriend to try and name as many states as they could. There are lots of humorous comments on the blank map, but they did surprisingly well! Good on you, Girlfriend from Europe!

Different Ways Of Speaking

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This map breaks up the different accents through these regions. From the Southern accent, you’d find in the Bible Belt to the New England Western accent that you’d hear if you moved up north.

It’s interesting to see all of the different dialects, as this next map shows even more of them.

Hoosier Apex

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Not included in the other map is the Hoosier Apex dialect. What surprises people is that this specific region sounds almost like the people are from Alabam. Yet you’d be too far north for that.

It’s also only in the small sliver of both Illinois and Indiana. Quite a few states from Alabama.

Forgotten Railroads

Andrew Grigg – Forgotten Railways, Roads & Places

Railroads started cropping up everywhere across the country as trains became the best method of creating trade routes and moving supplies from one side of the country to the next. But as better routes were created much older ones have since been shut down.

It’s surprising just how many old railroads are out of service today.