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Your Guide To The Top 10 Female Sex Symbols Through The Decades

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Celebrities have always been in the news and have attracted common people through the ages. The presence of female beauties as sex symbols has been an essential part of Hollywood cinema since its inception. Not only females, but male sex symbols have been considered to be a key factor for making movies attractive. They are the most desirable men and women in the world.

They are always in the top news headlines and are often seen on the covers of fashion and movie magazines, as well as random tabloids. Sometimes they are surrounded in controversies and scandals. These stories bring them up more often in the news and contribute to their publicity and popularity among the masses. While men often find themselves in the sex symbol area a lot, women in this field help to sell the most in the end.

Due to the fact that women rank as the most notable sex symbols, we decided to put a list together of ten women through the decades that stand out. You’ll find that you know many of these women, but not just for the career they find themselves in. Enjoy.

Rita Hayworth

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Rita Hayworth is regarded as a classic sex symbol from old school Hollywood movies. Her immense beauty made her one of the hottest actresses of her time, both in terms of looks and employment.  Rita is also regarded as one of the most popular pin-up girls through posters throughout the world. These truly began to surface toward the beginning of the 1900’s. Well before the internet, you could see women in posters in most male bedrooms all over the world. Rita was a common girl to find on one.

Her career was at its peak in the 1940’s and 50’s. She became famous due in part to a large number of blockbuster movies including Gilda, Lady from Shanghai, and Cover Girl, just to name a few. The role she played in the movie Gilda is remembered as the most seductive and sexually empowering character in the history of all cinema by many experts and movie goers. The movie had to face a lot of censorship issues as well.

She was used as a sex symbol through films like Shawshank Redemption starring Tim Robbins where she only acted as a pin-up girl. Truly if Rita was involved, you knew things were going to get hot and heavy.

Marilyn Monroe

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Possibly the most notable sex symbol of all time might be Marilyn Monroe. She was the one who actually changed the whole concept of this sex symbol category. In fact, the definition of it may very well have her face next to it. We think of what she did as a way to determine who is and isn’t a sex symbol in the world today in fact. Her beauty, style, and elegance added a more artistic feel to the sexy outlook.

The famous actress also negated the dumbness trait that is associated with beautiful blondes most of the time. She started her career young, but her childhood was not very pleasant. She lived in foster homes and moved from one to another a lot. At the time of the WWII she had married and was working in factories. This is where a photographer found her true beauty and talent and persuaded her to go for a modeling career.

Although the initial days of her movie career were tough and very difficult, she managed to reach the top with hard work and motivation. She also posed in a number of nude scenes and pictures due to her constant struggle to reach the top. In fact, Monroe was actually the very first Playboy centerfold.

Elizabeth Taylor

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One of the most talented and beautiful actresses of her time, Elizabeth Taylor is known for her sex symbol trait, and could be considered a Hollywood “diva.” She started her career very young and moved up the ladder of success with her hard work and struggles. Her famous role in the artistic wonder, National Velvet, is what actually gained her worldwide fame.

She had a very controversial and famous personal life that saw her featured in the news and tabloids quite often. She married eight times, and most of her marriages were big public affairs. However, they did not seem to ever last long. Despite this, her fame remained quite high most of her active career and even afterward. She is still considered to be one of the greatest sex symbols of the movie industry.

Farrah Fawcett

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Farrah Fawcett was one of the most popular sex symbols and icons of her times. She was popular due to her roles, as well as immensely beautiful. The 70’s saw this sexy beauty appear on screen as the Jill Munroe character in her role as one of Charlie’s Angels.  At that time, her posters and pin-ups were the most popular items in the bedrooms of boys and young men.

Farrah initially started her career as a swimsuit model and then went on to prove her acting skills on television and then on the silver screen. She was the center of attraction in the famous TV series, Charlie’s Angels which was widely considered the most important role of her life. She would also star in the movie Extremities, which got her nominated for a Golden Globe for best actress.

While she was great in her roles and spot as a sex symbol in history, everything must end. The beautiful Fawcett died in 2009, losing her fight with cancer. Her posters and movies/tv shows still live on in the ether however.

Pamela Anderson

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Pamela Anderson is undoubtedly one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. Pam started to appear as a sex symbol on the television screen through the ever-popular series, Baywatch. It is the series that turned boys into men, and helped women find out if they liked other women or not. This super sexy lifeguard running across the beach helped to instantly put as a celebrity sex symbol.

In the 90’s, no one was considered hotter than this sexy beauty with blonde hair. The actress started as a model and was also part of a comedy family. Anderson was a regular part of Playboy in her peak times and has been the cover girl of a large number of magazines. She was even the last nude cover model for the magazine before it decided to not show nudity. They have since gone back to it a bit. Anderson still stands even today in her 50’s as one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood.

Danielle Fishel

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*Gasp*, TOPANGA! Danielle Fishel may not be known for many things she has done for most, but the moment the word Topanga comes up, the world knows who you’re talking about. Starring as the role in the television series Boy Meets World, Fishel was able to get into the hearts of ever boy alive watching in the 90’s. Initially used as a semi-regular the first few seasons, she started to get into every episode the moment middle/high school time came about for the friends from Philadelphia.

When high school time hit, every hormone crazed guy was in love with her. We envied Cory Matthews. By the time college came up and then we could grow with Topanga, it was amazing to see how things went down. She would return to take on the same role, this time as a mom, in the series Girl Meets World. It followed her daughter, Riley, and her friends along the same as the original show did for the former cast members.

This saw her come back as gorgeous as ever, and even landed her on a magazine or two before the show even came on the air for Disney. While she was not the main focus of the show, her use in her made our eyes go toward her. She may not seem like the pop out sex symbol, but in the 90’s, if you asked any guy who the hottest chick on television was, Topanga would make every list. This was for good reason.

Britney Spears

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The first music artist to make the list is Britney Spears, who burst on the scene as a mere teenager in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Her songs like “Oops I did it again” managed to get her a look from fans. From then on various songs like “Toxic” among many others hit the charts in a big way. She became a huge success and was known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Every guy seemed to have a crush on her, and even gay men would go crazy seeing her. Seriously.

It didn’t matter what she did, fans would come out in droves. Even if you didn’t attend her concerts, seeing her was easy as she was always in the news. Whether it was relationships, shaving her head, random pregnancies, etc. She became a sex symbol due to what all she was doing. Spears took this crown in music from Madonna, whom she kissed on stage once just cause, ya know, why not?

Britney is still gorgeous now and performing even to this day. She is still dressing and acting sexy and continues to deliver hit songs. Her sex symbol days are not over, and her status as a cougar has only continued for younger men. It doesn’t matter for Britney, as it seems she can handle whatever comes her way these days.

Jennifer Aniston

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As a star of the TV show Friends that ran from the late 90’s into the early 2000’s, Jennifer Aniston stood out massively due to her beauty early on. Eventually, Jen was managing to steal scenes with her great comedy wit and timing. Despite being on screen with actors who would be known for or had been known for major acting roles in comedy, Jen proved beauty and comedic ability could go hand-in-hand.

Jennifer would become a fashion icon in some ways. Her hair alone became such a huge deal that any time she changed it up, women all over the United States would follow. Eventually her hair from Friends became known “The Rachel” and hair designers would end up making it for multiple women consistently through the run time of the Friends series. She ended up grabbing major Hollywood roles following her television time as well.

Jen mostly took part in comedy films like Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, The Break-Up, and Horrible Bosses. However, all films involving her seemed to do well. It seems she cannot make a bad movie involving comedy. She proved she could be a serious actress, but why change things up if you’re doing well in one genre? Aniston’s looks have only continued to do well for her. Unlike other co-stars of her’s(Courtney Cox) she has not needed much plastic surgery or face-lifts and has stayed a natural beauty into her 40’s.

Mila Kunis

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Mila Kunis is considered to be a promising and upcoming actress in the Hollywood movie industry. She started her career slowly with roles on television shows like That 70’s Show and Days of Our Lives. Through constant struggles and hard work, she has now reached a point where she is considered to be a famous sex symbol in the industry.

Some of her notable films include Ted, Max Payne, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall and they garnered her instant success. Her role in the film Black Swan accompanied by the very beautiful Natalie Portman won her lots of fame and popularity. There’s at least one scene you’ll notice that got her a lot of attention from male fans. She received critical acclaim for her role in the film as it was appreciated by the critics.

Mila has been listed among the hottest stars in most every list involving actresses. Her work in Hollywood is only getting better, and many feel she could be around as a sex symbol for a long time.


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One of the most popular sex icons in current times is none other than Rihanna. She is a famous, talented singer and pop star that has released a large number of top-selling and successful music albums. She has also produced a number of hot music singles that have been highly successful on the charts. Currently, she is a one of the hottest and sexiest singers in the world. Rihanna’s looks and style helped her grab acting roles off and on too. Like other musicians, the step into this direction was going to be rocky but she excelled.

Since the time she was first introduced to the industry, she has changed a lot. Rihanna has brought changes to her style and overall image, which worked and didn’t work. It all depends on who you ask. In the current fashion industry this pop diva is a trend-setting celebrity who has both confidence and intelligence, which continues to be found in sexy women more and more.

She has been on the cover pages of a large number of magazines and newspapers, and has been named the sexiest star in many surveys and listings. Right now, there are few sexier music artists than Rihanna.

Margot Robbie

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Margot Robbie managed to make waves in Hollywood with her role in Wolf of Wall Street. She happened to be nude a great deal of the movie, which normally would get a woman attention but would not guarantee a good career to follow. However, she began to get major offers left and right. She managed to get with Will Smith for the movie Focus, then fans managed to see how perfect she was as an actress.

This led to fans fantasy casting for superheros and super-villains. One being Harley Quinn, who was a comic sex symbol with a bit of a New York accent. This was used by Robbie in Wolf, and she was the perfect size with the perfect look. It was what truly landed her the role, which saw her become the best part of the movie Suicide Squad.

Her role was sexy as one would assume, and in post you can see how DC made her shorts even shorter to show off Margot’s, um, hind-end. She remains amazingly sexy and still one of the top actresses in Hollywood. Margot can pull off literally any role asked of her, and she’ll look great doing it. One would assume her sex symbol time will go on for a long time to come.

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