8 Year Old Girl Is Told She Looks Pregnant in School, Teacher’s Concealed Camera Uncovers Difficult Explanation


A Mountain Of Issues

The Montgomery family was facing some extremely trying times.

The couple was not only being constantly slandered as bad parents, but their eight-year-old daughter Rose was bullied and mocked for being “pregnant.”.

When Gillian found out the reality about Rose, her whole world screeched to an abrupt stop. An eight-year-old child could never experience something so traumatic.



Despite living in the bushy and wild suburbs of Sacramento, California, the Montgomerys seemed to lead a typical life.

Totally unexpected came the birth of their daughter Rose. They had three children.

With two grown children who had already left the house to attend college, Gillian and Rob were surprised to learn that Gillian was expecting another child.

A Gift


The unprecedented event was welcomed as a gift, despite its unexpected nature.

Due to her delicate nature, Rob and Gillian named Rose the moment she was delivered.

Their two other children, Rob Jr. and Maya were equally devoted to Rose and swore to protect her with all their might. All those involved in Rose’s life had no idea that she was going to suffer at the hands of some awful bullies from her school.

A Socialite


It was a seamless beginning for her at Sutterville Elementary School.

Teachers praised Rose’s grades and her many blossoming friendships.

Rose’s popularity began to fade, and some of her classmates sided against her. Seeing that they suddenly disapproved of her, Rose was extremely saddened. The horrible truth wasn’t revealed to her until later.

A Long Face


Immediately, Gillian noticed that her daughter had changed both mentally and physically.

Rose appeared to have gained a bit of weight, which made her very depressed.

Her explanation was that it was simply the last of her baby fat, and it would eventually dissipate.

Kept To Herself


Throughout the weeks, Rose became increasingly withdrawn and quiet, and she always attempted to find a way to avoid going to school.

The situation worried Gillian in particular. The sight of her hurting daughter crushed her completely.

In the end, nothing Gillian tried worked, and Rose continued to be consumed by her despair. After noticing something, Gillian finally made a breakthrough.



The first thing she noticed each morning as she dropped Rose off at school was how tightly she clutched her abdomen.

It didn’t bother her at first, but when Rose asked Gillian to start buying her clothes in a bigger size, she knew something was afoot.

Eight-year-olds make strange requests sometimes, she reasoned with herself.



Seeing Rose’s desperate eyes, she immediately caved.

She wanted her daughter to be happy, and she would stop at nothing to make it her reality.

Happiness wouldn’t last long; anguish would soon return. Upon picking Rose up from school, Gillian knew something was seriously wrong when she noticed her daughter fighting back tears.



After pulling over to the side of the road, Gillian got out of her car. She couldn’t bear to see her daughter in so much pain.

“What’s wrong, Rose? Why are you crying?” Rose simply dropped her head.

The situation was terribly concerning to Gillian. As Rose refused to speak, she had no choice but to get in her car and continue home. Eventually, she would get to the bottom of things.



She made it her goal to figure out what was gnawing at Rose when they eventually returned home. Despite much convincing, Rose eventually let her out of the dark.

“The kids at school are making fun of me. They say… I’m pregnant.” 

As Gillian listened to what was being said, she was lost for words. It’s hard to believe that kids would even think that, let alone say it.

A Horrifying Discovery


But when Gillian grabbed Rose to give her a hug, she felt something strange against her own body.

It felt hard and bulbous.

When she opened the oversized jacket that Rose had been wearing, she gasped in shock. She hadn’t noticed how big Rose’s belly had actually swelled up. Gillian was horrified at the discovery.

A Mistake


With that, Rose burst into tears and ran to her bedroom.

Gillian realized that she had made her daughter feel the same way the other kids were making her feel.

She rushed to her side and apologized. She just couldn’t believe that she hadn’t noticed how big her belly had grown. And it looked like it wasn’t normal at all.



She discussed her concerns with Rob, and they both agreed that Rose’s belly was not normal and she indeed did look pregnant. No wonder the kids were making fun of her.

They decided to make an appointment with their doctor.

This was going to solve the mystery, and they would finally get to the bottom of what was wrong with Rose.

Doctor’s Visit


The Montgomerys made an appointment with Rose’s pediatrician the next day.

They were concerned and didn’t want to waste any time. Rose had been suffering enough, and it was time to give her the care she needed.

After an examination, the doctor ordered a series of tests and scans. The Montgomerys were worried and scared. They didn’t know what was happening to their little girl.



Rose looked terrified, and she knew something was wrong with her.

She couldn’t control the tears that kept falling down her face.

All Gillian could do was console her and promise her that she would be all right after the doctor came back with the results. But both Gillian and Rob looked very worried for their daughter.

Time Was Running Out


But then they received the news that the tests would take some time.

Gillian understood but was concerned that time was running out if it was something serious.

There was nothing they could do at this point. All they could do was wait, and in the meantime, Rose was still battling with the insecurities of her swollen belly.

The Wait


The wait for the results was excruciating. Gillian and Rob were on edge and couldn’t sleep at night.

They just wanted to know what was wrong with their daughter.

Days turned into weeks, and the Montgomerys were becoming more and more anxious. They just couldn’t bear the thought of Rose going through something that could potentially harm her.

Mocked And Teased


Rose still faced teasing and bullying at school.

She had put on a brave face until they knew exactly what was wrong with her.

But it was no easy feat. Things were getting worse for her, and other kids were becoming more cruel by the day. They mocked her to no end, and Rose was left feeling like she was an actor in a circus show.

Ready To Confront Them


This time, Gillian wasn’t going to just stand by and watch how they mocked her.

She decided that enough was enough and went to school to talk to Rose’s teacher and principal because it looked like they weren’t doing anything to stop the bullying.

She was ready to confront them all because they weren’t doing a very good job of protecting her daughter.

Talking To The Teacher


But Gillian wasn’t ready for what she encountered at the school.

When she spoke to the teacher, Ms. Hogan, she was very sympathetic to Rose’s issue and promised to do more to curb the bullying.

Rose was her star pupil, and she had noticed a significant change in her behavior and school work. She had spoken to her but just thought she was going through some changes because of her weight gain.

Feeling A Bit Better


Gillian left the classroom feeling a bit better, knowing that Ms. Hogan was willing to look out for Rose. But she never expected what she would encounter next.

As she was leaving the school, there were several other parents who were dropping their children off at school.

It was then that Gillian heard a discussion that made her fists ball.

An Awful Conversation


A few moms were huddled together in deep discussion. At first, Gillian just walked past them, but when she heard the name Rose Montgomery, she quickly made a point to listen in on the conversation. 

What she heard made her furious. “I can’t believe a girl so young can be pregnant,” one parent said.

“Where are her parents in all of this?” “I heard her dad had something to do with it,” another mom said. 

You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About


Gillian immediately stepped in to defend her daughter. “Mind your own business! You have no idea what you are talking about!” And with that, she sped off and left the moms standing there, mouths agape.

Gillian pushed down on the accelerator as she made her way home. It had taken everything within her not to claw those women’s eyes out. Tears flowed down her face.

Why was all this happening to her beautiful family?

Feeling Terrible


But there was nothing she could do. They were still waiting on the test results, and in the meantime, the Montgomery name was being tarnished because people were spreading horrible rumors about them.

But worse was her daughter’s case. Gillian felt terrible and couldn’t imagine what poor Rose was going through. She had to endure so much at such a young age.

But the truth would be even more heartbreaking.

The Test Results


The Montgomerys had to endure a painful three weeks waiting for the doctor’s call. During this time, Gillian would take her daughter to school and camp in the parking lot.

She’d walk into school after every period, and with Ms. Hogan’s help, she’d see Rose for a few minutes. She hated how she and Rob used to joke about their daughter being delicate.

The joke hadn’t aged well at all. Gillian prayed her daughter would overcome all this, not knowing what a terrible hand fate had dealt her.

The Call


The three weeks dragged on slowly. But on a late Friday afternoon, the Montgomerys got the call they’d been waiting for.

Gillian’s stomach bubbled with bile as she waited to hear what was wrong with her little angel. 

On the other hand, Rob seemed in control. Yet Gillian could tell he was just as anxious, if not more. Little did they know that this dark cloud over their household would not let up. 

No Sleep 


The call in question was via Zoom. Gillian and Rob huddled before the house computer, their hearts in their chattering teeth as the doctor greeted them. 

His face was just as pale as theirs, lashed by worry and many sleepless nights.

“Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery,” he started, removing his glasses. One look at him and tears tipped Gillian’s lashes. 

Her Memories Take Over


The news was not good, and Gillian could tell. Her mind had imploded on itself, and although the doctor continued talking before her and her husband, all she could hear was a loud buzz. 

Her mind played memories of her and Rose. She remembered how happy she and Rob had been when they found out they were having another child.

She remembered how jovial Rose had been before all this. Gillian would have given everything to relive those days again. 

Back To Reality


Rob rubbed her arm, and her mind snapped into reality. She didn’t even know she was trembling, tears lining her cheeks. 

“I’m sorry,” she said. She hadn’t even heard what the doctor had to say. Yet her mind had gone to the worst possibility. But as a parent, she’d never lose hope.

“What’s wrong with our daughter, doctor?” she croaked. 

The Diagnosis


The doctor cleared his throat before explaining everything. Rose’s life was in danger. Her body had accumulated fluid in spaces in her abdomen, a condition known as ascites.

The doctor explained that the condition was usually caused by complications in an individual’s heart or liver. He needed the couple to take their child to a cardiologist and gastroenterologist that same evening because Rose didn’t have much time left. 

A Race Against Time 


Gillian couldn’t race to her daughter’s room fast enough. She heard Rob talking to the doctor, expressing concern that the cardiologist and gastroenterologist in their town usually closed early on Fridays.

Additionally, it was almost evening, which doubled the chances of the couple missing the cardiologist and gastroenterologist.

But the doctor said something that gave them hope and shattered it immediately. 

Medical Practitioners 


“The cardiologist and gastroenterologist are expecting you,” the doctor said. The issue was so serious that the two medical practitioners had cleared their evening schedules to see the parents. 

Gillian had never seen Rob speed through the house as fast as he did that day. One minute he was on the chair speaking to the doctor, and the next in the bedroom picking up Rose.

Five minutes later and they were all on the highway. 

Call When You Get Here


The couple made it to the hospital in a record thirty minutes. Gillian led the way, practically running as she wended between nurses and doctors. Rob was fast behind her, carrying Rose. 

The doctor had given him the cardiologist’s number, and he phoned him immediately, informing him he was on the premises.

He wouldn’t be losing his daughter today or anytime soon. 

At The Hospital 


The cardiologist and gastroenterologist came in at the same time, each running a few quick scans on a drowsy Rose, who couldn’t understand what was happening.

She could vaguely remember her dad taking her out of bed.  

After the preliminary tests, the two went outside for a quick conversation. The cardiologist returned, asking the couple to follow him to the main lab. 

You Did Good


He ran extensive tests on Rose, discovering that her heart was the cause of her discomfort.

Gillian’s eyes warmed with tears again, and she wanted to rip out her own heart and give it to Rose, anything to make everything better. 

“You did well bringing her today,” the doctor said gravely. “A day late, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” But this nightmare was only beginning. 

The Way Forward 


The doctor discussed a few steps of the way forward, each of which was to be done in the next hour if Rose was to make it.

The first was to admit her into the intensive care unit. 

Gillian cried out the moment she heard those three words. To her, ICU had always equated worst case scenario. Was she going to lose her daughter?

Step Two


The second part of the process would be to drain all the fluid in Rose’s abdomen. She’d already endured enough, and alleviating the distress was high on the priority list. 

The parents agreed and signed a few forms. Afterward, they sat in a waiting room as the doctors drained more than five liters of fluid from their daughter’s stomach.

They had never endured such a harrowing nightmare before. But it would only get worse from there. 

A Long Weekend


Rose had to stay in ICU throughout the weekend, barely lucid as the minutes count. Gillian and Rob never left her side. 

Her older siblings, Rob Jr. and Maya wouldn’t go an hour without checking in through video and voice calls. This terrible time demanded a cohesive family.

The Montgomerys had never disappointed on that front. 

It’s Not Over Yet


Monday morning, the cardiologist came to run a few additional tests. Although Rose’s belly had reduced, and she could hold conversations with her signature smile again, she wasn’t out of the darkness yet. 

Gillian and Rob hoped they would get good news now that their daughter looked better.

But the cardiologist had nothing but bad news. 

Six Months


Although Rose looked like she’d recover, the fluids would still accumulate as they once had. Worse than that, her body couldn’t sustain such a condition for more than six months. 

“I’ll be honest with you,” the cardiologist said. “Rose’s heart is failing. She needs a transplant and fast.

Otherwise, she won’t make it.” But he didn’t stop there.  

More Bad News


He explained Rose’s condition, stating that she had a rare type of heart disease called restrictive cardiomyopathy. 

“The chambers of her heart have become stiff over time,” he said. “This has made it harder for the heart to fill with blood.”

Gillian couldn’t even cry this time; she sank to the floor, mouth agape as she began shaking. 

Beyond Heartbroken


“No,” she whispered. “Not my Rose. Not my sweet little Rose.” Rob had to take over. He balanced comforting her while simultaneously talking to the cardiologist.  

“You can take Rose home for now,” the cardiologist said. “She’s stable, but you’ll need to bring her in after every two days for a few checkups.

As for a heart transplant, we have put her on a waiting list.”

The Diagnosis


Gillian and Rob sat patiently as the doctor gave them the news.

Rose had a heart defect that had gone undetected. The doctor explained that her organs had swollen, and that’s why her belly had appeared so large.

The Montgomerys were devastated. How could this happen? Why didn’t anyone notice it before? They were full of questions and didn’t know where to turn.



The doctor explained that Rose would need immediate treatment.

She needed to undergo surgery to correct the defect. Gillian and Rob didn’t hesitate. They wanted to do everything in their power to help their daughter.

They were scared, but they knew that they had to be strong for Rose. They didn’t want to imagine the worst-case scenario.

The Operation


Lucky for the Montgomerys, the call for a new heart came in five days. The operation was scheduled for the following week. The Montgomerys were on pins and needles, but they knew they had to remain strong for Rose.

On the day of the operation, they waited anxiously outside the operating room. The minutes seemed like hours.

Their palms sweated as they held each other’s hands. They just wanted to know that Rose was okay.

The Wait Continues


After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor finally came out to give them an update.

The operation had been successful, but Rose was still in recovery. The Montgomerys breathed a sigh of relief but knew that the wait wasn’t over yet.

They waited by Rose’s bedside for hours until she finally woke up. She was groggy and weak, but she smiled weakly when she saw her parents.

Road to Recovery


Rose’s road to recovery was a long and difficult one.

She had to stay in the hospital for several weeks and undergo intensive therapy. The Montgomerys were by her side every step of the way, and they were determined to see her get better.

Slowly but surely, Rose started to improve. She was getting stronger every day, and the doctors were pleased with her progress. After a month in the hospital, Rose was finally well enough to go home. She was happy to be reunited with her family.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.