you’ll be thankful you weren’t caught up in one of 5 worst days in human history

Human history is filled with tragedy and pain. Sad, but true. From natural disasters to wars to famine, there are periods we have lived through that have been truly terrible. And sometimes, there are single days so gut-wrenchingly awful, that it makes you look around and say “œReally? I went and got born for this place? Really?”
Today, thus to put our days in perspective, let’s take a look at a few of the single worst days anyone has ever seen. We hope this will make the next time the coffee maker overflows after you got stuck in traffic all morning seem like a pretty good day, overall.

5 November 12, 1970 – Bhola Cyclone Hit Bangladesh

The terrible day in last place is ironically likely the most deadly day on our list, but the disparity between the potential and actual loss of life is so great that we’ll never know just how awful it really was. But suffice it to say that, measured in loss of human life metrics, was November 12, 1970. That was the day the Bhola cyclone hit Bangladesh, killing over 500,000 people, and maybe as many as a million. And of course the aftereffects continued for months and months, one of which being the positive result of the first modern “œbenefit concert,”the now famous Concert for Bangladesh.

4 In 1138 Earthquake Devastated the Syrian City of Aleppo

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A close second in death toll to the Indian Ocean tsunami took place in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Ironically Aleppo is not a great place to be right now, just as it was a terrible place to be in the year 1138, when a massive earthquake devastated the area, killing as many as 230,000 people. The world population at the time was around 240 million people, whereas today we are well over 8 billion, so proportionally? Goddamn deadly, is the term, I think.

3 26th of December of 2004 – the Worst Boxing Day

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Sunday, the 26th of December of 2004 was about the worst Boxing Day anyone can remember. That was the day of a massive 9.2 Richter quake and the resulting Indian Ocean tsunami. This seismic event left more than a quarter of a million people dead, ravaging fifteen countries, and causing waves up to a hundred feet tall. Little wonder that the earthquake that triggered the mess was one of the three largest quakes ever recorded. Deadlier than those other two days, yes, but at least we didn’t do this one to ourselves, thus its position at #3.

2 August 6th, 1945

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Our Number 2 Worst Day was August 6th, 1945, the day the first (and thankfully the penultimate) nuclear weapon was used in aggression. 80,000 people in and around the city of Hiroshima were killed “œdirectly,”meaning by the blast wave, shrapnel, or immediate damage (toppled buildings, etc.) of the blast, with the number of dead eventually almost doubling, when long term effects of trauma and radiation are factored in.

1 July 1st, 1916, the Day the Battle of the Somme Commenced

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We’ll lead off with July 1st, 1916, the day the Battle of the Somme commenced. What made this day so atrocious? Well, ask any of the 58,000 British casualties that day! Yes, in one day, some 20,000 British troops were killed and 40,000 Brits wounded in this ill-fated offensive that achieved”¦ nothing! And keep in mind, those figures come only from the British troops. Add the French and the Germans and the body count only rises. This “œbattle”would last well into the fall of 1916, ultimately resulting in more than a million casualties. Maybe the brass should have taken a clue from day 1 and tried another front, hmm?

So how is your day going? Had a little fight with the spouse, or maybe had some dog urine issues, did we? Yeah, your day is going just fine, buddy.

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