Relieve Stress with Yoga During the Quarantine

Yoga to relieve stress can help during this quarantine. Yoga is no longer reserved for “free spirits.” Since we are confined to our home, it is important to keep moving and focus on our mental health. Anxiety is real people! During this stressful time, it is also important to breathe. The steady breathing during yoga can help bring you stress relief. When trying yoga for the first time, go slow with simple poses that any beginner can do.
Below are five of the best stress relief poses.  We recommend you grab a Yoga Card that gives you a quick guide to all poses.

5.) Relieve Stress with Tree Pose

To relieve stress, you can also try the Tree Pose. While standing straight, bring your hands together as if you are praying. Keep your hands in this position, lift them above your head. With your arms in the air, balance on your left leg by resting your right foot on the inside of your left thigh. Your right knee should point toward the side. Try to hold this yoga pose for 30 seconds before switching sides. If you find yourself falling over after 2 seconds, bring your right foot to the inside of your left ankle, but keep your toes on the ground. As you get stronger, and your fitness improves, move your foot up to your calf and then to your thigh.

4.) Back Stress Relief – Twist Pose

The seated twist pose works your abs and gives you a deep stretch in your hips, thighs and back. As you sit on the floor with your legs out, bend your right leg. Place your right foot on the outside of your left thigh so it’s just behind the left knee. If you like, bend your left leg as it rests on the floor so your foot is next to your right thigh. Otherwise, keep your left leg straight. To do the twist, put your left elbow on the outside of your right knee. Keep your balance by placing your right hand on the floor. Twist to the right as far as you can, and hold the pose for a minute. Relieve stress on both sides by switching and repeat.

3.) Yoga Warrior Pose

To relieve the stress in your arms, abs, bum and thighs would be the warrior pose. Stand in a normal position and then turn your right foot out at a 90-degree angle. While keeping your shoulders relaxed, place your hands on your hips. Extend your arms out to your sides and the palms of your hands face down. Your arms should be parallel to the floor. Bend your right knee at a 90-degree angle and slide your left foot back 3 or 4 feet, depending on your flexibility. Your right thigh should be parallel with the floor and your knee over your ankle. Line your chin up with your right shoulder so you look past your fingertips. Hold this pose for a minute before switching sides.

2.) Stress Relief with Cobra Pose

Stress relief with the cobra pose is like no other. It stretches your lower back, improves flexibility and works your arms. Start by lying face down on the floor with the tops of your feet flat on the floor. Put your hands near your shoulders, as if you were going to do a pushup. Use your arms to push your torso, abdomen and even hips off the floor. Keep your legs flat on the ground. Hold the yoga pose for 30 seconds, return to the starting position and repeat the sequence.

1.) Relieving Mountains of Stress

It doesn’t get any simpler than the yoga mountain pose. To do it, stand up straight and plant your feet firmly on the floor. Bring your shoulders back as if you were trying to stand up super straight, but keep your arms relaxed. In one variation of this pose, you leave your arms at your side and feel the energy shoot through your back and legs (in a good way). In another variation, you take a deep breath as you lift your arms above your head with the palms of your hands facing each other. Reach for the stars with your fingertips and feel the stretch in your back. This will work on your mental fitness which is much needed during this time.