Years After Being Teased, Boy Gets Even



Anthony couldn’t believe it. They must be joking, no one would intentionally be like this. How could they embarrass him in front of everyone? Anthony stood frozen, his head swimming.

He could feel himself blush a deep red as he turned tail and ran out of the room. Millions of thoughts were swirling in his head, this couldn’t be real, could it?

Food Addiction

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Anthony was a regular kid, he just loved to eat a bit more than other kids his age. He loved pizza, fries, hotdogs, and burgers and he’d eat them every day.

His family wanted him to live a healthier life but he wasn’t motivated to do that. He just kept eating and growing bigger. The food just tasted too good. But Anthony didn’t know what was coming.

The Teasing

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Anthony was constantly teased by everyone at his school, and it wasn’t just the students. The teachers would also drop subtle insinuations.

Anthony tried to brush it off but he would comfort himself by eating more. He didn’t know that things could get worse, but they did.

All Alone

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Anthony would eat the same food religiously every day. He’d have a submarine sandwich for breakfast, two pizzas during lunch, and some fried chicken for dinner. He just loved all the food and couldn’t stop.

He always tried to laugh the pain off but the remarks sat inside him and remained there. He felt that he was all alone and the only thing that helped with the pain was more junk food.

Prom Was Soon


It was the high school prom and lots of students were nervous about asking someone out or being asked out themselves. Anthony felt that he wouldn’t be caught dead at prom, no one would want him there anyway.

But when the prettiest girl in school, Molly, walked up to him he could never have expected what she wanted to tell him.

Cutest Girl In School


As Molly approached Anthony could feel his pulse quicken. She smiled at him and asked him to prom. Anthony’s eyes widened in disbelief as he nervously said, “Yeah, sure.” She smiled at his reply.

Before he knew it she was already walking away. Anthony couldn’t believe what had just happened, for the first time in a long time he was actually excited about something. But if only Anthony knew what would happen next.



Finally, prom had arrived and Anthony couldn’t wait, he had rented an expensive suit and had even rented a limo to impress Molly. He wanted the night to be perfect since an opportunity like this didn’t come around very often.

Anthony got into the limo and told the driver to drive to Molly’s house. He had no idea that his world would soon be shattered.

Arriving At Molly’s

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The limo had arrived at Molly’s doorstep. Anthony nervously got out and made sure he was still presentable. He checked his breath and knocked on her front door.

Anthony waited at the door for Molly, a few minutes passed and the door opened with Molly on the other side. If only Anthony could have known what would happen next.



Molly was gorgeous in her prom dress. But when she looked at Anthony, she couldn’t help but start laughing at him. Then he heard voices behind her laughing too. What was the matter? Was his suit not good enough?

But it would be more sinister than just a bad suit that had caused the laughter. The incident would have Anthony scarred for years to come.


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Between her laughter, Molly finally managed to say, “you’re just a joke.” This had Anthony reeling, how could she be so cruel? Anthony would remember her laughter echoing in her mind for a long time.

Tears soon started falling onto his expensive suit as he turned and sprinted back to the limo. He told the driver to head back to his house. Anthony had never felt such cruelty at the hands of another human being.

Getting Home


When Anthony arrived home he raided his parent’s fridge — it was fortunate that they were out. He wiped away the tears as he gulped down whatever he could get his hands on.

He knew that people would hear about the terrible prank. He was for sure going to be laughing stock at school on Monday. And he was right.

Even More Embarrassment


When he arrived at school the following Monday, his classmates were laughing and retelling the story of him getting publicly rejected.

Thankfully, Anthony knew that school was about to finish.. for good. He would never see these people again. He would never have to watch Molly, the girl who left him heartbroken and humiliated, laugh at him with her friends. But Anthony was wrong.

Vicious Cycle


With each slice of pizza and chocolate cake he devoured, he showed no signs of slowing down. He would consume two foot-long meatball subs with a large bottle of coke for breakfast, while lunch would consist of a burger meal from KFC and a packet of Magnum ice creams

Then for dinner, Anthony would consume two large pizzas and another two-liter bottle of coke — meaning he was consuming around 10,000 calories per day.

Creeping Up


Caught in a vicious cycle and at his highest weight, Anthony tipped the scales at almost 300 pounds.

He was made the subject of intense bullying and scornful looks wherever he went. And more than just a target for bullying, his weight was having a severe impact on his health.

Health Complications

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Although he was still a teenager, Anthony was putting himself at risk for diseases such as gallstones, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, coronary artery disease (CAD), a stroke, and sleep apnea, among other conditions.

Complications of being overweight also include liver problems, problems with hip development (slipped capital femoral epiphysis) or bone growth in the legs. So why didn’t he try to lose the weight right away?

Spiraling Out Of Control


“I sank into a major depression after that, which lasted years after high school ended. I never thought anyone could love me and that I’d be alone forever,” Anthony confesses.

And the more depressed he became, the more he looked for solace in food. “I didn’t know how to eat properly and didn’t care. I was addicted to fast food.”

Embarrassed And Ashamed

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Anthony was too embarrassed to go to the gym when he was at such a high weight. Given the fact he was subject to such scorn and hurtful comments when just walking around in public, going to a gym full of fit people he assumed would react the same way was the last thing that he wanted to do.

It’s such a contradiction — making fun of someone who is overweight for going to the gym is like making fun of someone who is hungry for going to a restaurant. But a trip to the doctor was about to change all that.

Visiting The Doctor

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What Anthony originally thought was going to be a check-up doctor visit ended up being a complete wake-up call. His doctor conducted tests and the results showed that Anthony was about to get diabetes.

The words hit Anthony like a ton of bricks. He knew he had to do something about it and make some drastic changes… but was it too late?

Had To Make A Change

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Anthony’s trip to the doctor made him realize he had to quickly change his lifestyle and eating habits. It was quite literally a case of life or death. For the first time in his life, Anthony went to the gym, and he started to eat healthy too.

It was hard at first, but eventually, Anthony got into it. He started to educate himself on nutrition and foods and carefully watched what he ate. He knew it was going to be a long and tedious journey, but it would be worth it. He wasn’t going to give up. No way.

Lifestyle Change

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The key to a healthy transformation is including a variety of foods in your diet — everything in moderation — heavy on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates. And the importance of eating plenty of protein cannot be overstated.

This has been shown to boost metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day. High-protein diets can also reduce cravings and obsessive thoughts about food and reduce the desire for late-night snacking by half. But for Anthony, cutting out sugar was key.



“When I was fat, I hated myself and never thought anyone could love me. All I wanted was to have a partner and family, so that really motivated me to lose weight,” Anthony confessed.

After a few weeks, he began seeing a difference in his body and feeling healthier than he had in years. Now, he was unstoppable.

New Lease On Life

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Anthony was working out pretty much every day and was eating healthy. He swapped pizzas for brown rice, chocolate for fruit – he was determined to prove everyone wrong.

Finally, his weight started to drop off. It was a long and tiring transformation but the results were worth it. He was oozing with confidence. Finally, he felt happy. But he had no idea a visitor from his past was about to come back into his life.

Completely Different

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Five years passed and Anthony looked completely different from the 17-year-old he once was. He had started a YouTube channel, in order to motivate people, using his words of wisdom to help change people’s lives.

He also gained a lot of female attention. Using the numerous dating apps out there, he received over 1000 matches! It was crazy. But Anthony had no idea what was about to happen.

A Message

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It was late in the afternoon and Anthony had just finished a workout at his local gym. With endorphins pumping around his body, he headed home ready for an early night.

As he pulled into his driveway, his phone beeped – he had received a message. When he saw who the message was from he felt sick to his stomach.

It Was Molly


It was from Molly, the girl who humiliated him back at prom. How did she get his number? What did she want?

As he read the message he had flashbacks to that humiliating night five years ago. The night where Antony’s world fell apart. She had some nerve to message him.

Lost For Words

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In the message, Molly apologized for what she did back in high school. But the message didn’t end there.

You see, she followed up her apology with an invitation for Anthony to go on a date with her! Anthony was lost for words. He wasn’t going to stand for this. No way.

Had To Make Her Feel The Same

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Anthony could remember how mortified he felt when Molly embarrassed him. He had never felt humiliation like it. He had no sympathy or time for her, he didn’t want to give her a second thought.

And what he did next left Molly just as humiliated as she made him, five years ago. She had it coming to her.

Forgive But Never Forget

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You see, Anthony completely ignored the text. He will forgive but he will never forget.

This incredible man can now carry on living his life full of rightly-deserved happiness. The bully who made his life a living hell will never hear from Anthony again. And Anthony was more than happy with that.


Daily Mail

“I never thought about my health until my doctor said I was about to get diabetes. I broke down in tears and realized I needed to change my life,” Anthony revealed in an interview.

“I stopped eating fast food and began cooking for myself. I also stepped foot into a gym for the first time back in 2014 and haven’t looked back.” But Anthony isn’t the only one who has made such an unbelievable transformation…

Big Girls Don’t Cry

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Obesity is a crisis in the US. Many people struggle with their weight. Some Americans are even at the point of dangerous numbers. Their weight will literally kill them if they don’t act fast.

Most people struggle to find the will to get up and get rid of their weight. But for one couple, enough was enough. They decided to take ownership of their weight problem. And the results are truly inspiring!

Introducing Power Couple Lexi And Danny Reed

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The Reeds certainly did not look like much two years ago. Both were overweight, and both were complacent. But both were happy as well.

Danny fell in love with Lexi for who she was. After ten years of being together, Danny popped the question and wanted to make Lexi his wife. She was thrilled by the idea! But sadly, a wedding at 485 pounds isn’t the easiest thing to manage. And the complications were only beginning.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

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Although the couple was happy, their weight had always been a challenge. They were unable to enjoy doing usual things together. No romantic bike rides or strolls on the beach. They even battled going out for a meal and movie.

Size really can set someone back. Danny and Lexi were becoming aware of this. Thanks to their weight, the couple sank into a dangerous complacency. And the medical complications were terrifying.

Wedding Blues

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Even though they had an astounding amount of love for each other, something was weighing on Lexi. Organizing a wedding at such a massive size really put a strain on her. She found herself battling to do everyday things.

Seeing venues and suppliers became an enormous chore. Instead of enjoying her planning, Lexi felt like a prisoner. And then came the wedding dress, which sent Lexi into a bad depression.

Finding A Wedding Dress At 485 Pounds

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Weighing in at a staggering 485 pounds, this bride had her work cut out for her. She needed to find a wedding dress not only that fit her size, but that she loved.

Every bride dreams of being married in her fairy tale dress. Unfortunately for Lexi, this wasn’t so easy. Her sheer enormity began to depress her. But she knew in her heart, the wedding must go on. Even if it wasn’t a dream come true.

Wedding Bells In The Air

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The couple got married without a hitch. They enjoyed a beautiful ceremony together and made the most of their day. But her weight was forever playing in the back of Lexi’s mind. Even though she had her dream guy, how long would it last?

A year later, she and her husband found themselves in a dangerous rut. Fast food, television, and nothing more put her risk in serious jeopardy. And the incredible seed was planted.

The Future Looked Dim For Lexi


Even though she loved her husband, Lexi wanted more. She had always dreamed of traveling. But due to her size, she could not fit into a plane seat.

Lexi wanted to visit Orlando. She wished to see the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. But thanks to her weight, there was no way of getting there. Things seemed hopeless for Lexi. Until she decided to make a dramatic change.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Even though her dreams were slowly slipping away from her, Lexi had one thing. She had unconditional love from her husband Danny.

He was a great means of support to the overweight woman. He cared for her and loved her no matter what. But is caring became the root of the problem. Danny began to care too much for his bride. So much so, he began to kill her.

The Complacency Is Killing Me

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Even though Danny meat no harm, his support was not the right kind. He would sit idly with his wife while binge-watching series and overindulging on snacks. He never once thought their dietary habits were an issue.

But the more processed foods they ate, the worse Lexi became. She indulged in takeout food daily. And with no one to stop her, she was on a downward spiral. And then the couple received devastating news.

The Health Scare That Shook The Couple

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Lexi received a devastating blow. She had always dreamed of being a mom. But due to her weight, her likelihood of conceiving was low.

This sent her spiraling into depression. All Lexi ever wanted was to be a mom! But her weight was a risk to both her and her child. She knew something had to be done. And then, she made a change so remarkable, it inspired the world

Lexi Beats Obesity

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Suddenly, Lexi had an overwhelming urge to get healthy. She found it in herself to get up and go. And boy, did the hard work pay off!

Eighteen months later, a person would not even recognize her and her husband Danny. The pair put themselves into high gear. And the results were staggering. They now lead a healthy, lighter life. And their story inspires millions! But it wasn’t always so easy. A massive problem almost derailed their progress.

Danny Is Weary About The Workouts

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Initially, husband Danny posed a threat to Lexi’s weight loss. He wasn’t keen on the idea of working out as intensely as she wanted. But, thanks to his pure love and devotion, he pushed through.

His wife inspired him to get off the sofa and join her. And with his help, the couple began to soar. Their progress was astounding. Some of their friends even hedged an interesting bet on the two.

All Or Nothing

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Friends of the couple decided to hedge a bet on the couple. They wagered that the pair wouldn’t make it through a month. So Lexi raised the stakes!

She proclaimed they would train for half an hour five times a week. She also pledged to not order take-outs or drink alcohol. And as a result, her weight loss took off like a wildfire. All thanks to a friendly bet.

Danny And Lexi Are A Phenomenon

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This power couple has managed to inspire millions. All through a little bit of determination. Thanks to Lexi’s pregnancy scare, the couple now lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Their story was so inspiring, they became a viral internet sensation. Lexi was honored by the Loreal Paris and TNT Drama. They invited her to attend the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards. She was deemed an inspirational woman by the group. And she continues to inspire all to this day.

Lexi Changed Her Life In Eighteen Months

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This powerhouse lady changed her life dramatically in only eighteen months. This just goes to show how much a little determination can do!

The couple still continues to train together. They lead a healthy life style and indulge in great healthy foods. They are a true inspiration to many and should be revered by all. If one couple has the capacity to do it, so do we all!