WWDC 2013: Five of the Most Important Announcements from Apple

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So the WWDC 2013 keynote is now behind us and putting your opinions on Apple and its level of innovation aside, no one runs a show quite like Apple. There was a lot going on before and during the event in terms of what Apple was hoping to accomplish, but Schiller pretty much summed it all up when he announced the new Mac Pro and said “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass!” What? He said it, not me!

Now, to say that Apple wowed us the way they did in 2007 would not be 100% accurate on the one hand, but to say they disappointed, could also not be further from the truth. The innovation Apple brought is impressive, but I would have liked to have seen some more. Then again, I am fairly certain that nothing Apple could have announced would have satisfied my appetite for innovation.

So what got me most excited among the many things Apple announced at WWDC 2013? Here are the top 5, and yes, they are in order of importance.

5 Easy and Quick Access to Settings

Yes, really, this gets me excited. Why? Because it is one more thing I can knock off my “I am jealous of Android users because of these features” list. Next up? Widgets. I know, Apple, one thing at a time. A swipe up from the bottom of your iOS 7 device will now reveal a control center in which you can access your wireless settings, and many other things. This is an excellent and long overdue feature.

4 Notifications Will Keep Me Happy

If I had to name one feature in iOS that keeps me away from Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry 10, it is the notification system on iOS. It is by far the best of any platform, in my humble opinion. Apple just made it even better. New iOS notifications are naturally categorized into All, Missed and Today. More organization, better maintenance, happier me.

3 New Photos App: Why Did It Take This Long?

How is it that in 2013, your iPhone’s photo gallery looks the way it looks? I mean, the iPhone knows so much about those pictures, and yet, there is close to zero organization in the gallery. Until now. This is a no brainer and makes me wonder what will happen to many startups like Flayvr that set out to solve this very problem. I sure hope they can pivot but if not, it won’t be the first or last time Apple killed off its developers.

2 It Seems Apple is Finally Paying Attention

For years, Apple ignored the competition and deemed it irrelevant. It did not take direct jabs in keynotes and it did its own thing while ignoring the market. This is a problem and it seems Apple agrees. The new features in iOS including the UI, the new gestures, the email app and more, are all pretty much taken from competitors and I am ok with that. There are many things I love about iOS but there are also many things I love about Windows Phone (the new iOS 7 UI clearly borrows a page from the whole metro book), BlackBerry 10 (ahem, gestures) and Android (new multitasking system in iOS 7 is pretty much an Android rip-off). It’s about time Apple learned how to get off their high horse and pay attention to its competition.

1 A Breath of Fresh Air a.k.a. iOS 7

This could not have come at a more perfect time for me because I started noticing that my iPhone, a device I once loved, has completely bored me to death. I am not talking about the hardware, which is arguably still the best on the market, but specifically iOS and its lack of any significant change since its birth. iOS 7 changed that. You could love it, you could hate it, (from what I have seen, I love it. I’ll be downloading the beta later today) but at least Apple took a risk here and changed things up a bit. It only took them six years.

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