Have You Seen Any of the 20 Worst Rated Movies on Rotten Tomatoes?

There are a million listicles out there boasting the “best movies of [fill in the blank]” or the “highest rated movies of the year.” While we can’t get enough of ranking the best Marvel films or the best comedies of all time, we wanted to change things up a little. That’s why we check out websites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, whether it’s for recommendations or just for fun. But film lovers know there is something peculiarly fun about watching some of the worst rated movies—films so bad they makes you cringe, and sometimes laugh. It’s why films like The Room become cult classics.

For research purposes, we’ve put together a list of the worst rated films on Rotten Tomatoes. Almost all of these films have received a 0 percent from critics and fans alike.

Do any of these worst rated films ring a bell?

20.) Ballistic Ecks vs. Sever (2002)

antonio banderas and lucy liu in worst rated movies

It seems even the shiny cast couldn’t save this movie from the wrath of Rotten Tomatoes critics. Ballistic is the story of two former government agents, Ecks (Antonio Banderas) and Sever (Lucy Liu), who are on a quest (read: “battle”) trying to find the deadliest weapon there is on the planet.

Let’s just say that from there, things get especially tricky. And yes, we actually mean tricky; most of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes claim they were “lost” and had no idea where the story was going. Many critics deemed the movie a career low for the successful actors. Either way, this movie did not do well, and it earned the title as the worst rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes.