35 Internet Prom Dress Fails You Have To Check Out!

A prom is a gathering, with boys suited up in tuxedos and young women in beautiful dresses with pretty corsages on their wrists. A prom is a big fancy dance party, thrown every year in most US high schools. The prom supposedly is important and special because it’s the ‘Best Night of High School’.

Proms are thought to be a right of passage. It’s your chance to step into the spotlight and shine. It’s almost like a real life Fairy Tale. That’s why young women can obsess over getting the perfect dress, the perfect hairstyle, having the perfect nails. Months are spent searching for the right shoes and dress, and even the perfect date. Today, the average student spends around $900 on prom expenses. Eek!

Though convenient, choosing a dress solely on photos from the internet can lead to devastating consequences though. And when those purchases land on doorsteps, they might not look anything like original photos! Social media is trending with people that have tweeted horror stories of their internet prom dress fails.

Here is a selection of some of the best internet prom dress fails out there.

35.) It’s Like They Didn’t Even Look At The Photo Before They Sent it 

internet prom dress

You order a beautiful fitted, shaped, sequin dress with a flowing skirt.

And what lands on your doorstep is a cheap knockoff that’s just so unflattering.