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Internet Prom Dress Fails You Have To Check Out!

Prom night; when young women obsess over getting the perfect dress. Ordering a dress online can lead to devastating consequences. Here is a selection of some of the best internet prom dress fails out there.

Not All Dresses Are Made Equal

Proms are thought to be a right of passage. It’s your chance to step into the spotlight and shine. Months are spent searching for the right shoes and dress, and even the perfect date. Today, the average student spends around $900 on prom expenses. Eek!

Though convenient, choosing a dress solely on photos from the internet can lead to devastating consequences though. And when those purchases land on doorsteps, they might not look anything like original photos! Social media is trending with people that have tweeted horror stories of their internet prom dress fails.

Here is a selection of some of the best internet prom dress fails out there.

49.) It’s Like They Didn’t Even Look At The Photo Before They Sent it

internet prom dress

You order a beautiful fitted, shaped, sequin dress with a flowing skirt.

And what lands on your doorstep is a cheap knockoff that’s just so unflattering.

48.) Too Many Feathers


Is this supposed to be a prom dress or a Halloween costume?

We can’t tell because it’s a disaster.

47.) Curtain Dress

internet prom dress white

Who made this dress and thought it was a good idea?

The bra looks awful and the bottom of the dress reminds us of a curtain. Yuck!

46.) Fake Lace

internet prom dress red

The see-through lace is in right now. That’s not what she got in the mail.

The white lace looks like it’s parchment paper sewn onto cheap red fabric.

45.) The Face Says It All..

internet prom dress 13

When you order a scarlet dress that wouldn’t look out of place on the red carpet.

And you get an awful bootleg version of it. No wonder she’s not best pleased with her internet prom dress delivery.

44.) Sequin Disaster

internet prom dress green

Not only is the color different but there appears to be some sequins missing.

It might look better being worn rather than on the hanger?

43.) Silver Mishap

silver and pink dress fail

If you look at the original picture, the silver looks flawless.

In reality, the silver part looks like cheap sparkles that will fall off at any time.

42.) Mint Madness

internet prom dress

A mint ombre dress with delicate sequin embellishments. An alluring, sophisticated dress that will turn heads and make you beam with confidence.

Then it arrives, the buyer puts it on and gets lost in the excess fabric, lack of shape and style. Oversized fail!

41.) Blue Gone Wrong

internet prom dress blue

The blue material looks poorly made.

Also, the diamonds look like they just went to a craft store and hot glued plastic diamonds onto cheap material.

40.) Fab to Frump Part I

internet prom dress white

When she ordered this dress, she wanted to look like a Disney princess.

After receiving it in the mail, I’m sure she felt like a rejected Disney princess.

39.) Body Hugging?


The original dress looks classy, but sassy. The actual dress that came in the mail makes you want to cover your eyes.

Ouch, this should never be sold.

38.) Where Is The Lace?

internet prom dress blue

Where is the lace on this dress?

The dress is not flattering to her form.

37.) Pink Perfection

internet prom dress

Where to start? The color doesn’t match, the fit is disgraceful and the quality just isn’t up to scratch.

I hope she kept the receipt!

36.) A Big No-No

blush pink dress

Most girls love pink! So it makes sense when they try to wear it as a prom dress.

Unfortunately, the pink dress looks baggy and it deserves to be in the garbage.

35.) Cinda-never

internet prom dress blue

This dress had a lot of potential!

This dress is not flattering. At least the color still looks gorgeous!

34.) Cheap Material

internet prom dress read

It went from fab to flat.

The material looks cheap and it’s not elegant.

33.) Fab to Frump Part II

internet prom dress white

The bottom dress looks like gauze from the nurse’s office.

Also, the beads look like a three-year-old put it together.

32.) It’s Exactly Like The Photo Right?

internet prom dress peach

The fit is terrible but at least they tried to recreate what was promised in the online picture. The quality of the fabrics, however, seem to be of a lower standard.

Overall the internet prom dress doesn’t actually look that bad.

31.) I Hope She’s Got A Backup

internet prom dress

Get out your red lipstick and make an impact with this bold red statement dress.

Or make less on an impact with this bad red imitation internet prom dress.

30.) Lovely Lace

A lacy detailed, fitted dress that would make any young woman feel special on the big night.

Well, it would have if what was ordered turned up. What she got may be lacy but you can see everything!

29.) The Perfect Fit…

internet prom dress

A pretty pastel dress to make you sparkle and feel like a princess. Let’s hope your handsome prince finds your lost glass slipper and you can live happily ever after.

No chance! Not in this ill-fitting cheaply made gown.

28.) Green Goddess

internet prom dress

When you order a dress and expect to look and feel like a green goddess.

Instead, she got a frumpy mock-up with an added cut up the leg.

27.) Work Out Dress

internet prom dress black

The dress she received looks like she can go to the gym.

It does not fit well, and we hope she returned it.

26.) Bra Cup Fail

internet prom dress silver

The crystals on this dress look amazing.

The bra cover on this dress looks tacky! What were the makers thinking?!

25.) At Least She’s Still Smiling

internet prom dress

An elegant gown with style and flare that would look great when busting some moves on the dance floor.

This girl looks like she got 2 free frosted buns when she ordered this dress!

24.) Emerald Envy

internet prom dress

A dress fit for the Emerald City, a dress to wow!

However, when it arrived the neckline isn’t even the same. Did they even reference the online photo when they made it?

23.) A Bit Big Perhaps?

internet prom dress

The perfect backless, slender sophisticated dress that would make any prom date proud.

But what she got is a dress that makes it look like you’re a child playing ‘dress-up’ wearing mom’s oversized dress.

22.) You Can See A Bit Too Much

internet prom dress

A perfect white classy dress, gorgeous and fitted. The dress that you want to be seen in.

Although, turning up to prom wearing this could cause a bit of a stir. Apart from the translucent fabric top this dress isn’t the worst on the list.

21.) Mermaid Dress No More

internet prom dress burgundy

A burgundy gorgeous mermaid that went wrong.

The hourglass fit failed in this design!

20.) Cindernever

internet prom dress gold and red

The dress on the left is an elegant winter dress that looks like Cinderella would wear.

What this girl received looks cheap, and the material looks quickly thrown together. Poor girl!

19.) Wowza to NO

internet prom dress teal

Well, we don’t think any girl would want to go to prom when her dress looks like a dress that cost a cent.

The dress looks like it is a long tank top. This looks terrible.

18.) Disney Princess Fail

internet prom dress light blue

When you first go to prom, you want to look like a Disney princess.

Unfortunately, you cannot feel like a Disney princess when you look like this.

17.) An Elegant Mess

internet prom dress red

Embracing your curves is the real fashion trend.

It’s not a fashion trend when the prom dress looks like it was quickly made and it’s super wrinkly.

16.) Bad Material

internet prom dress

It’s not flattering when there is extra fabric everywhere.

This went from a hero to a zero.

15.) A Purple Mess

internet prom dress

When the dress is supposed to fit around your curves, it’s attractive.

The dress she received looks like it is stretched out and a big no.

14.) A Two Piece?

internet prom dress pink two piece

This dress is confusing.

Is this supposed to be a two piece or one piece?

13.) A Patch of Sad Flowers

internet prom dress blue

The flowers look terrible and the blue looks awkward.

The neckline looks like a complete disaster.

12.) Elegant-NOPE

internet prom dress

Cheap material is never the way to go when you are making a dress.

This company didn’t get the memo.

11.) The Half Leg

purple lace dress fail

Even though the half leg is in style, this dress does not do it justice.

It looks like a short dress with long sheer fabric going down to their ankles.

10.) White Dress Confusion

white dress fail

This dress is see-through?!

AND it cost that much? Not worth the price.

9.) Cheap and Not Flattering

black dress fail

Imagine finding an elegant black dress online, and it came out looking like this.

Be careful!

8.) Probably Worth $1

purple dress fail

The dress online looks beautiful!

But in real life, it looks cheap and wrinkly. It can not be saved!

7.) Red Disaster

red off the shoulder dress fail

The least flattering part of this dress is the top part.

It’s bunched up!

6.) A Painting Gone Wrong

rainbow pink dress fail

This prom dress fail looks like it is an abstract painting that failed!

Maybe the artist tried to make money off of it by selling it as a dress online!

5.) Pink Misery

pink lace dress fail

The girl’s face on the right looks disappointed.

Rightfully so because this dress looks cheap!

4.) A Colorful Accident

blue green dress fail

The best part of the original dress is that it is fluffy and flattering in all of the right places!

The real dress looks messy and deflated.

3.) Night Gown Dress

night gown

The dress on the left looks gorgeous, but what she was received looks terrible.

She can probably use it as a night gown instead of going to prom!

2.) Super PromGirl

super prom girl

Superheros are extremely popular right now, but most girls do not want to dress up as one for their prom dress.


1.) Is That Kim?

is that kim

This picture of Kim K broke the internet a few years back.

Well now, this girl is trying to replicate it and to be honest, it’s a fail.

When ordering online always check the returns policy and always have a backup! Most importantly when the night finally arrives remember to live in the moment, dance and go with the flow. Enjoy the whole experience of prom, and make beautiful memories to cherish for years to come. Click the next button to see cats that will make you LOL.